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  1. Grover Bluejoy

    Duncan saved Rhaegar despite Aegon V?

    So I know this is a little off topic here, is probably not totally relevant (I do like the idea, but I'm ultimately all ) and I'm sure the post can be found somewhere, but I remember reading a pretty in-depth speculation that volcanoes/volcanic activity are ultimately tied to hatching dragons, and that it may be one of the missing 'pieces' needed. I don't recall if it's in the chapter right before her eggs hatch or the chapter itself, but there is a line about one of Dany's handmaidens filling her bathtub with 'sulfuric' smelling water. From what I understand, Summerhall is not anywhere near a volcano nor volcanic activity that we know of. Anyways that's all I got and this post reminded me of that idea, so continue on and ignore me, lol.
  2. Grover Bluejoy

    Necromancy and Khal Drogo

    Interesting take away. I made a thread along a similar vein last June where I posited that there was a connection to what MMD did do Drogo and what Qyburn did to The Mountain, and the curious connection of Marwyn between Qyburn and MMD. You may find it interesting. Or not. I'm not nearly as well read on the series as many of the posters on this forum.
  3. Grover Bluejoy

    Valyrian and First Men Connections

    Funny I'm seeing this pop up now. I've recently had some of my own speculation about the First Men, but not that they were 'proto-valyrians' necessarily. Rather, my own (crackpotish) supposition has to do with the cyclical nature of magic induced cataclysms in-universe, and that their leaving of Essos is connected to whatever happened in Asshai. It could be that they were the perpetrators of the event (unwitting or not) and were maybe even kicked out of Essos because of it. The other possibility with this, is that maybe they were the targets or unintended victims of the cataclysm. On a side note, the description of the oily black stone, found all over Asshai, seemingly drinking sunlight reminds me of The Others and how they only come out at night or bring the night with them. My other, even more crackpot idea is that the proto-First Men had a war or several wars with the Ifequevron and either fled or were ejected from Essos because of this. My only basis for this would be this is why the First Men went after the CotF so much, was because of the similarity between these two 'elder races'. I do like the ideas presented here that they may not have been an actual singular group but rather a group of various tribes leaving Essos for (insert reason here). On another side note, I'm sure I've read an interview with Martin that much of what we've read from the in-universe history will never get an explanation, which of course includes the origin on the First Men. Do you think Martin is being 'Lynchian' with us and actually has the answer, but won't give it up?
  4. Grover Bluejoy

    How different was the wait between AFFC and ADWD?

    I understand that. I was just using the FB thing as an example; maybe I should've clarified that and taken out the repeated questions. However, there were still message board forums, so my question still stands: How was the general fan reaction to the prior delays?
  5. Grover Bluejoy

    How different was the wait between AFFC and ADWD?

    I did not get into the books until after the first few seasons of the show aired, so I have to ask: How was the typical fan reaction to these prior delays? If you read any of the comment sections on any post he makes on Facebook, (I don't know if he's on other Social Media platforms; FB is the only one I use) even the one he made a couple of weeks back about one of his cats dying, people are generally very nasty and downright disrespectful towards him about Winds not being finished. Was it like that for Feast or Dance?
  6. Grover Bluejoy

    Was Drogo Turned into a Fire Wight?

    True, and maybe that's where the flaw in my line of thinking is. However, if Qyburn's process was less magic and spells, and more medicine, that may explain where there were not the shadows in the black cells. But I could be wrong.
  7. Grover Bluejoy

    Was Drogo Turned into a Fire Wight?

    I made a post about a month or so ago bringing up a similar topic. I posited that there is a connection between what MMD did to Drogo and what Qyburn did to The Mountain, and that Drogo was only a step or two from being turned into, or something similar, to whatever is it is that Gregor Clegane became, AKA Ser Robert Strong. Remember, both MMD and Qyburn learned from Archmaester Marwyn. What, exactly either learned is not entirely clear at this point so we can only make (hopefully) educated guesses. Did MMD teach Marwyn something about spells, resurrecting or sustaining life? Or did MMD learn some type of life sustaining secrets from Marwyn? Which ever one is true, Qyburn had that knowledge passed to him and used it on The Mountain. I believe Marwyn may have discovered some connection "behind the scenes" (so to speak) between their (Maesters) science and medicine knowledge and the magic concerning life force, and the ability to resurrect or suspend their natural death. What happens afterwards to turn them more into a mindless wight, who knows. Is Ser Robert Strong more like an ice wight or something else entirely? To piggyback off that, I'm wondering if the magic is not quite as elemental as we're led to believe; that it exists as it's own entity or force, and humans have attributed the earth elements to it. It could even be that you have to use those elemental attributes to tap into it, so it might be that magic abilities are not necessarily genetic as we thought.
  8. Grover Bluejoy

    How does one actually hatch a dragon's egg?

    I believe volcanoes play an active part. There is what appears to be a throwaway line from GoT in Dany's second to last chapter before the dragons hatch. One of her handmaids (don't remember which) was filling up the basin to prepare a bath and the water is described as smelling like sulfur. There have been a few threads on the topic, and this was the first one that popped up when I typed "volcanoes" in the search box. This may help. Or not.
  9. Grover Bluejoy

    What does the Night King REALLY want?

    Ghost grass: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ghost_grass
  10. Grover Bluejoy

    Will We Meet Howland Reed Through Arya?

    I don't think he will either. I think, like others on this thread are saying, that it would be revealed by Bran but Howland will corroborate. I think Bran is going to have his own issues with people accepting that it is in fact him, since he's been presumed dead for some time now.
  11. Nothing to crazy here but I had thought watching the most recent trailer: If Arya is in The Riverlands and making her way north, she more than likely will travel through The Neck to get there. Since the Bolton's no longer rule in The North (and presumably no longer hold Moat Cailin) then it would be reasonably safe to assume the Reeds will be back in their castle. If Arya reunites with Nymeria before she reaches The Neck, she will be traveling through with the direwolf as her companion. I predict that either Reed himself or his scouts will find her with Nymeria in tow, and that's how we'll meet* Howland Reed. Howland appears to be one of the only people privy to Jon's parentage; do you think he'll tell Arya? That is assuming this ever happens. *excluding The Tower of Joy flashback.
  12. Grover Bluejoy

    Theory about Dunk

    GRRM did reveal that Brienne is a descendant of Dunk. https://io9.gizmodo.com/george-r-r-martin-has-revealed-briennes-amazing-secret-1779826779
  13. Nice, thanks! I will definitely be checking these out.
  14. I have no idea, honestly. It's been a bit since I read AFfC, and I recently started my re-read of the series and I'm only about 100 pages into ASoS. I'll get back to you in a monthish on that one, lol. Based on that line you quoted though, I wonder if Gregor was given something similar by Qyburn. AFfC was my least favorite of the five so far, and thusly I didn't retain nearly as much about that book as I did with the others. Just lurking on these forums has greatly heightened my curiosity concerning AFfC though, so I'm looking forward to get more in-depth with my second read.
  15. I feel like Drogo, with the right magic/medicine, was no more than a few steps away from being turned into whatever it was Gregor became. Coldhands, who I honestly forgot about while making this post, is another interesting case. He's more like Catelyn/Lady Stoneheart and Beric, but more than likely was brought back with a different method. I do like the idea of two polar extremes of magic, with the other elements (water, earth, air) being "shades", so to speak, of those two main types. It seems that despite the different forms of magic, all of them can be utilized in similar ways, to achieve similar goals. This leads back to my original question of is the magic elemental, or does the magic exist on it's own, with humans attributing the elements to the practice of magic.