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  1. WyldFyre

    Can the dragons on the show swim?

    That is definitely what I am hoping. D&D have to have come up with a way for Dany and Drogon to counter the scorpions.
  2. I am having trouble finding the clip that I think I remember. It was Daenerys and company sailing to Westeros at the beginning of season 7 (I think) and the dragons were flying and diving into the sea and coming back up with fish. So, my question is have I manufactured this scene in my over-active imagination? Or was this a real scene? Any help is welcome and if I missed a previous post, I apologize for repeating.
  3. WyldFyre

    What happened to Morning? F&B spoilers

    I am pretty sure that this Rhaena married a Corbray from the Vale
  4. The Gifts were populated and valuable, a long, long time ago. Most of the people that lived in these areas moved off to other, more fortified areas of the North. The rest were killed or carried off by Wildlings in any number of raids that have occurred throughout the history of the Wall and the Watch. As to the current lack of volunteers, this has not always been the case. At one time, the Night's Watch had more than enough to man each and every castle on the Wall. Further, they had enough lords and knights to warrant separate eating halls (see the Shield Hall at Castle Black description). All of your points are valid, but I see all of this as GRRM's "stark black-and-white photo" of tragic irony. This group that was originally formed to be last defense against some horrible threat but no one remembers, except the North (and those that still follow the Old Gods) and no one respects the institution of the Watch any longer. They dont send their fine sons to the Wall - they send their criminals.
  5. WyldFyre

    For the record... and posterity!

    Mind blown!!!!!!! Sorry, completely wordless! Never even thought of that but, I can see where it could definitely be.
  6. WyldFyre

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    I think that Aerea and Dany both climbed onto their beasts and thought "Home." And their inexperience with dragonriding mixed with a sleepy, hazy dragon or a dragon all hyped up on blood and violence led to miscommunications to their dragons. Balerion did not know anything about the child that had climbed upon him so he went to the only "home" he knew - Valyria of old. Unfortunately for them both, that home did not exist any longer. I think she brought them back to KL, eventually. When Dany climbed onto Drogon and thought home meaning the pyramid or even the house with the Red Door (which sounds like "Red Dorne" or the red mountains of dorne??? I digress), Drogon went home to the Dothraki sea, taking Dany back before going forward and starting her on the path Mirri Maz Dur laid out for her. She will, as she always does, find her way and learn to control him in the process, just as Aerea did.
  7. WyldFyre

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    I just re-read the chapter. I vote yes.