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  1. Land's End

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Yeah that was pretty epic, wish Martin did that more often.
  2. Land's End

    Least favourite POV character per book

    But Aemon dies in Sams POV. I could never list his POV in Crows as least favorite even though I totally understand how Sam and Gilly could be perceived as annoying. "Egg? I dreamed that I was old" *quietly wipes single tear away*
  3. Excellent point (even though it was made two years ago). I don't get why people think Ramsay is worse than Roose or Tywin. The fascination with Tywin and how he does everything for "the family" goes beyond my understanding. He commanded a mass rape for fucks sake. Having "reasons" only makes it worse. I think Roose tolerating Ramsay is just like Tywin tolerating The Mountain. I'm also signed up for the theory that Roose was just as bad as Ramsay until he got into leeches. It's kind of funny that people think this is so far off from what happens in the real world. I'm a researcher in the field of genocide studies so Ramsay's antics don't shock me the tiniest bit. What bothers me about Ramsay in the books is that he isn't just violent and monstrous but also ugly which makes him a very stereotypic villain. Though maybe Martin only went down that road because Joffrey was already the good-looking villain. Even though I never watched the show I'd give it credit for casting Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton. However, I will never watch it for exactly that reason - I just like Rheon too much.
  4. Land's End

    Least favourite POV character per book

    GoT Sansa. for the same reasons aCoK Cat.mäh. aSoS Sam, again for the same reasons. Glad Jon forbade him to call himself a coward later on aFfC Arys and Aero. Both completely unnecessary imo aDwD Quentin and Tyrion
  5. I guess I got confused because recorded fragments of the second part exist. Fragments are what we’ll get for the end of ASoIaF too, I’d wager. I’d cut Martin some slack if he goes as far as to burn all his notes because he got so infuriated at his fans for predicting his death and writing bad fan fiction. What bothers me is that it seems like the story starts where the books end. In the first three books we got some build up, shit went down, then there was some sort of closure after which even more shit went down so there was a reason to be excited for the next book. In the last two books however we get build-up-build-up-build-up and just when things get interesting (Brienne meets Lady SH, Jaime follows Brienne, Jon gets stabbed, Theon resurfaces with Jeyne, whatever Stannis does, Sam FINALLY arrives in Oldtown, Davos goes on a mission to find Rickon, Bran FINALLY meets Bloodraven, Dany FINALLY gets out of Meereen… and is lost in the Dothraki Sea AGAIN) we’re told „sorry, book’s over, have fun waiting estimated 3-30 years“. In envy your optimism. I wholeheartedly agree. Even in a series a book should be a somewhat closed entity. Martin proved it's possible with the first three books. But now he's putting too much effort into details while forgetting the bigger picture. Or he just doesn't care anymore. Or both. To me people who claim books don't need closure are like people raving about abstract art. Glad you found the meaning of life in a painting of a black square on a white black background. I'll keep enjoying mainstream paintings of kittens and flowers, thank you very much.
  6. You must be my spirit animal, this is exactly how I feel about the books. Seriously, when I finished ADwD I wanted to scream "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? JAMES JOYCE? WE DON'T NEED A FANTASY VERSION OF ULYSSES" at the book Though I'd argue Tolstoi has a lot more closure than Martin. Gogol hasn't, but Gogol died of religious fasting before he could finish Dead Souls so he's excused.