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  1. I haven't even heard of the raven king before. In fact i haven't even heard of Maggie Stievater before. Was she famous for anything before she wrote it? I hadn't heard of crooked kingdom before either. To be honest I haven't read many young adult books. Maybe im in the wrong thread then XD. Was the call so bad that you dint like it or was it a dark story. Interesting that a young adult book could provoke such a strong reaction.
  2. Yeah tats true. theirs a lot of elements from Essos that seem to be inspired by a lot of different cultures especially. its interesting how the Valyrian's were so white.
  3. what the hell is the Urdrbrunnr. when you say Walhalla are you referring to Valhalla from Norse mythology. What does WF refer too. But yeah i'm sure that the northern elements of a song of ice and fire are inspired by elements of Norse mythology. Just like the southern elements are inspired by medieval England. In fact the entire country of westeros is latterly the same exact look as the UK. Then Essos looks just like the rest of Europe.
  4. Man how long did it take you to write that post. Usually i just forget what i'm saying after ice typed the entire message. Well run out of things to say.
  5. Wrl6199


    Hey ice already been posting around a bit but I just found this introduction thread and figured that I would post it. So I'm wrl6199 and have read the books.
  6. So basically that was saying that no new users have been able to join the wiki since august? Has anyone been trying to fix this since then or did they give up.
  7. Hey i wast sure if i should post this here but ice tried signing in to a wiki of ice and fire and it says my account doe-sent exist even though i used the same username and password.
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