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  1. Wrl6199

    Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    Wait what show do you watch for self aware shark jumping fun? oh into the badlands DUH. But yeah that was an interesting show cant say i got into it to much tho.
  2. Wrl6199

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Yeah its great.
  3. Wrl6199


    Yeah Sherlock is a great show.I just finished the first season or i guess it would be considered the first series.
  4. Yeah it was definitely because of it being a kids show. If it was in one of the movies it would definitely worked out better. Well i still dint know if as good. Still though i think it could have made it so he split from the alliance then. It would have been pretty cool to see. Still i understand why they did it.
  5. Wrl6199

    Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    I haven't even heard of the raven king before. In fact i haven't even heard of Maggie Stievater before. Was she famous for anything before she wrote it? I hadn't heard of crooked kingdom before either. To be honest I haven't read many young adult books. Maybe im in the wrong thread then XD. Was the call so bad that you dint like it or was it a dark story. Interesting that a young adult book could provoke such a strong reaction.
  6. Wrl6199

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Yep tats true. season 6 seemed to get ridiculous especially to me. I mean I will admit the battle of the bastards was a great fight but i still dont think that the winds of winter is the best episode of game of thrones. But a song of ice and fire is more then that but i guess thats why the shows different from the book.
  7. Wrl6199

    Ranking Tarantino

    Yeah you definitely cant compare the hateful 8 and true romance. In fact those two ardent even considered two of Tarantino's best films. I mean I like them.
  8. Wrl6199

    Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Do you mean accepting that people have feminine features? cause if so i feel like tats true that most people dint wont to have a feminine side. Not sure why you would. But yeah inst cisgender pretty much all people. I hadn't heard of that term at this point. I mean i guess i had but not in a while. Did you say that men need to embrace the changes? Cause it says that you are a man. Im not sure if you are talking in the third person. Yeah i agree i haven't seen many writers writing about femininity in men either. To be honest though i haven't looked for it. Its not too common.
  9. I feel like he sacrificed himself but created a host version.
  10. yeah black mirror really is a great show. Its crazy that the show only has 13 episodes. I mean their are really strong but still it would be cool to have more. Yeah their have been a couple shows that have done stuff like releasing a really small amount of episodes. Like the British office for example. But you really think the first episode was the worst? cause i feel like they had worse episodes then that. I thought that it was enjoyable. But yeah white bears twist was pretty awesome. But yeah whats cool is that season 3 has six episodes compared to the only three the.
  11. Wrl6199

    Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Its happening.
  12. Wrl6199

    Careerchat II

  13. Wrl6199

    Small Questions v. 10105

  14. Wrl6199

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It is what they say.
  15. Wrl6199

    The Drunk Thread: Kraken Open a Bottle O' Rum

    Hows that city?