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  1. Ashbolt


    That's true, I didn't think of it in that way. Similar to how Jon's would have rested on Stannis' claim if he accepted Stannis' offer. Still, I personally don't think that legitimising a bastard of the previous line would ever be a smart decision especially when considering how unstable the realm is with people like Varys constantly shifting support. An alternative option would have been giving Storm's End to Davos. He's served well and has a family down in the Stormlands and it would probably assure loyalty in the same way as with Gendry.
  2. Ashbolt


    In Daenerys' eyes yes but to the rest of the realm he's just another claimant. Also, the current ruling house is Lannister or, in other words, House Baratheon continued, so his claim could actually be seen as more legitimate since it comes from the current ruling faction. My point is that Gendry and Jon are practically in the same shoes in terms of their claims now yet Daenerys is made to act completely differently towards the two situations.
  3. Ashbolt


    So Daenerys legitimised Gendry as Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End... Does that not also grant him a claim to the Iron Throne as the last living heir of Robert Baratheon? Okay yeah he obviously doesn't want the Iron Throne but neither does Jon yet she is paranoid about Jon but not Gendry. Even worse, the showrunners even make it out like it was a really smart decision with both Tyrion and her saying so. Also, why did Gendry call himself Gendry Rivers? He has nothing to do with the riverlands, he would either have been Gendry Waters because of King's Landing or Gendry Storm because of the Stormlands.
  4. I think Bran definitely can, in some form, see the future. That's what green dreams are: prophetic dreams. In his burst of visions in season 6 he sees the wildfire explosion in King's Landing 4 episodes before it even happens so clearly he has some knowledge of future events. They might not be precise but I feel like he has some idea of what will happen and knows what has to occur in order to achieve the best possible outcome.