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  1. Vaith

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Implemented all of these, thanks. I haven't added the battles yet though, as I'm relatively new and do not really want to add a battle without a proper name in the text. I made the section "Casualties of the Shivers"because characters killed by the Great Spring Sickness are "Casualties of the Great Spring Sickness." I have fixed this; he is now the eldest son. The The World of Ice and Fire trees do contradict stuff in F&B and the main novels, for instance, Rhaella being called Rhalla, Daenerys daughter of Jaehaerys being a son called Aeryn, Rhaena's marriage to Androw Farman, Rhae and Daella's marriages and children mentioned by Aemon, and Cersei not being listed as a ruling lady of Casterly Rock (in my version at least)
  2. Vaith

    New Wiki Editors

    Hey all I am Vaith, someone who's had a lot of time on their hands to go through F&B and create pages for the new characters, locations, houses, etc. That will probably be my main focus, though I have already began to make little edits to pages concerning the main novels too, and have made some new categories etc. I have some experience in wiki-editing (mostly over at the Doctor Who wiki) and am already fairly confident about how stuff works. Nice to meet all of you
  3. I remember that when TPATQ first came out, a lot of the Greens had dolldivine images. If those are accepted, I am sure I could make a lot of fan art of the new F&B characters
  4. I would definitely second an effort to try and re-open some of the closed characters, as well as trying to schedule more regular +events in a little while: I have mostly seen that be used for big events rather than anything else and would certainly do my best to submit more "slice-of-life"/networking events: a dance in the queen's ballroom, an open salon, giving patronage to a famous weaver or musician (about how wonderful our characters are), and maybe some player run tournaments as that's always a pull for activity. Plus some rather run of the mill events like bowls or a darts contest in the Three Hills Inn, even though I know casual stuff can be boring to some. Have no objections with Durance's proposals either and they certainly seem rather fun to get involved in. That Greenblood plot sounds very fun too and could work when Rayne and I hammer out something to do with trade with Vaith. In terms of another suggestion, I suppose this would be a little more ambitious, but I was going through I think an in-game AMA log for TWOIAF, and Bal mentioned a plot about a "reverse Marco Polo" at some point i.e. a YiTish scholar coming to court to chronicle the tales of the barbarians out west. Could be a fun element while kickstarting the social scene at court, so that people could explore their prejudices, interests in lands afar, and trying to put on a good show for this envoy who might tell his people of the barbarous westerners with their zealous king, royal incest and some likely hilarious interpretations of our characters.
  5. Another idea for a rather big martial plot could be having a private war take place. The most obvious candidate is Meadows, as Lord Robett still does not have an heir named in the family tree, and there's Elyse and Rymella as PCs from that house. It could be a pretty fun event, similar to the Blackwood/Bracken private war in Riverrun that went down some years ago. The situation is quite complicated with several possible candidates who might be backed depending on who the crown/Highgarden supports, what was in Robett's will, familial connections, and succession law. Of course there'd be an onus on those from that house, so it's only one suggestion I hear there are rumours that the Masseys could have something similar on their hands one day, if the population dares go back to Stonedance... As for recruiting, perhaps it would be possible for players to submit chargens for NPCs? Having a quick DB search, there are only 12 available pre-made men in KL between the most popular ages of 15-25; 5 for women, and most are leaning towards the older end. It could also help if a house has a certain idea in mind for one of their members; instead of impinging on a potential CGer, they could go ahead and submit a sheet for the character in question, and would perhaps increase the chances of that character getting recruited to the house.
  6. In King's Landing proper On the Baelor events that haven't happened yet (that could be fodder for roleplay), there's Baelor donating a loaf of bread to every man and woman for a year: perhaps that's just about to be announced? It could be a fun hook for some to head down to Flea Bottom to show piety genuine or feigned, and perhaps start some fashionable charity: there could be visits to orphanages, or funding erudite institutions like grammar schools if they exist in the setting (as a PC who's just about to marry into the Hightowers that would be particularly appealing). There's also the book burnings which I did have a plot for but never really took off. A lot of PCs have an erudite side to them so that could lead to drama in some capacity. Miscellaneous things could be the outrage of having old Lord Belgrave wash the feet of a leper and earning the contempt of a lot of the PCs, and the rumours of Baelor praying over a dragon egg for half a year. In the crownlands One idea I had in mind was gathering more of the raw material for Baelor's sept, especially timber, from the Kingswood. The loggers would naturally fall under attack from bandits and the wild at some point, though maybe they manage to actually bring a livelihood to the forest for a bit, with its people having some source of employment other than banditry to turn to: everyone loves drama but the smallfolk did love Baelor, so there could be a bit of a nice plot of building up the region in some capacity (so it can come under attack at a later date)! The second idea isn't based out of anything much other than the issue of witches in the Kingswood and the growing hostility to those of other religions at the end of Baelor's reign. It's a little crackpot to an extent, but would rely on Crackclaw Point starting to believe some of their more eldritch faiths such as the "squishers." I believe it's implied that the regions like the Point and the Sisters remember the pre-First Men religion more than others, and so a resurgence of some crazed heathens that need to be put down would be nice -- but this of course is a little more outlandish than others. Of course there are also the other resident eldritch heathens, the Ironborn. Maybe their embassy is "politely" asked to leave in light of the Dornish embassy going home and Baelor's increasing fervor, and they start brewing trouble across the realm. I have some ideas for Dorne too, but I'll get the ideas together and submit them for public discussion some other time :) And hopefully more KL ideas will come to me too!
  7. Vaith

    How do I join the MUSH?

    Hopefully there will be Greeters online to help you if you check us out, but we do have extensive helpfiles on the game and the website detailing how to pick out a character and so forth.
  8. Vaith

    How do I join the MUSH?

    Hello @Sand-Dragon The forums over here are a little bit underused as most of the activity happens on the game itself. So sorry for the late response! We have a guest client at http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Client/index.html where you can visit the game. The most reliable options for long-term players, though, is to download a client such as Gammon MUSHClient, Potato Client, SimpleMU (the former three are good for PC, I believe) and Atlantis (good for Mac) and input the address bod.westeros.org and the port number 3000.
  9. Vaith

    New MUSH'er. Squire looking for rp

    Hi Eddyn! I'm so glad to have you on board!
  10. Vaith

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yeah, the "Women on Top" message somehow becomes more poignant (in regard to how anti-feminist it actually is) when, weirdly, all the canon ruling ladies seem to be gone. Since the DVD bonus material seems to be written by booksnobs (or semi-booksnobs, apparently there was a weird video where they claimed that the Starks were sworn to the Ryswells at one point), and, like, nobody watches them except people who are quite into the series, a casual viewer can watch the Sand Fakes' coup and come away with the impression that the only way women *can* get power in Dorne is to commit regicide/kinslaying and stage a coup (I wonder what "Lord Blackmont" thinks of Princess Faullaria though). We can't have an elderly, widowed Lady Oakheart in Renly's retinue (though, budget, whatever,) or a little Lady Alysanne Bulwer in Margaery's retinue. The only way Reach ladies can gain power is through sex (/statutory rape), except if you're an old lady, in which case, you gain control of Highgarden through sassiness.. or maybe Olenna has such a good reputation as a rude negotiator they chose to have her over her daughters or Garth the Gross? In the north, we can't have a Lady Flint casually mentioned, and let's just scrap the Cerwyns, the Manderly granddaughters, and Alys (though according to the leaks Alys may exist)? Like, sure, maybe you could cut down some plots and characters, but as you often say Chebs, it's the pattern that matters, and these microcosms matter. Otherwise you have Lyanna who exists so her age and gender can be comedic. I can't even figure out what the weird implications are of her pretending Sansa of the many personalities exist (though I'm looking forward to your meta about that in a few months). In regard to the season 7 leaks, it's really confusing what the message will be. So Yara and Ellaria are "bad" women and will get punished? Seems strange if they acknowledge the implications of Yara in Volantis, but IIRC only Ellaria and Tyene get sexually humiliated. So... D&D are reading the Walk as superficially as possible? Like, we felt for Carol, but... she's Carol. I seriously think we'll be supposed to revel in the humiliation of these murderers, and that we won't feel that no matter how bad someone's crimes are, they shouldn't be punished in a specifically gendered way... or maybe it'll show how EVHUL Euron is because he's worse than the fakes? (Though anyone who believes in Euron being as sinister as he appears to be in the books is kidding themselves). And then there's the weird Cersei/Dany rivalry... I guess it's supposed to be an empowering battle where the two leaders are both women, but the Madonna/Whore imagery is just too apparent.
  11. I think from a character perspective, it makes much more sense for Sansa to be the one to be directly complicit in Littlefinger's downfall. Littlefinger isn't even on Arya's list - in fact, I don't even think she knows about his role in the AGOT coup. Sansa, on the other hand, is tied to LF from the start of the novels - right from AGOT she notices that his eyes and smile do not match. And then he continues to be instrumental in her story: helping her flee King's Landing, and essentially taking him on as his protegee who doubles as a substitute for his desire for Catelyn. She's going to be geographically closest to him in the next novels, she's the one who's been the most dependent on him the whole time - it just makes the most sense. Even if Arya learned of all that LF did, IMO the payoff still wouldn't be as great because she wouldn't have forged an important connection to him across the novels. Now, of course, ASOIAF is great in building up prophecies that can be subverted and changed. But "later I dreamt that maid again" ... again is simply too explicit in my opinion, it just has to be the same woman, who is clearly Sansa because of the purple serpents. To be honest I'm not 100% about that prophecy line, but the two questions to me have always been who the giant is (Petyr or Gregor) and where the castle is (Harrenhal or Winterfell). To me the maid is Sansa, no question. And while she does see Arya's true nature (and/or what will become of her) she could definitely see that separately. Also I don't think there's the same opportunity for narrative irony like the YMBQ prophecy because Arya had no idea who the maid with purple serpents in her hair was, and never thinks on the prophecy.