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  1. Vaith

    New Sigils

    So, @Paxter Redwyne pointed out to me that a lot of the houses on the wiki have new sigils: for example, Arryn, Martell, Mooton, Osgrey, Mallister, Ryswell, Umber, Mooton, Rowan, Peake, etc. While he had some doubts about the quality of some of these sigils in comparison tot he old ones (Umber, for example), the main issue seems to be they do not look entirely consistent with other sigils, being a little too "3D" in comparison to some of the others. Also, character pages have not been updated, so there is an inconsistency where Rowan characters have a different sigil than the one on the Rowan page. They seem to be made by one user, @Abjiklam.
  2. Vaith

    New Prequel Casting Announced

    Was confusing the Watts announcement with Naomi Ackie. Too many damn Naomis.
  3. Vaith

    The Fall of the Great Houses

    It's mentioned that Beren Tallhart would probably adopt the Hornwood name were he to be acknowledged as the Hornwood heir. Considering that Tallhart and Hornwood are probably of the same influence and standing in the north, Harry's almost certain to become an Arryn -- the lords of the Vale are going to look much more favourably on someone who takes the name of the house ruling them since the Andal Invasion than some minor knightly house. He doesn't even have much of a Hardyng upbringing, I imagine, being Anya Waynwood's ward for so long.
  4. Vaith

    New Prequel Casting Announced

    The character could be Ghiscari. Meereenese characters have been represented by black actors in Game of Thrones before, and if this aligns with Old Ghis's zenith, it's not too hard to believe that she could be from this civilisation. Or indeed, the Rhoyne. Dornish characters on the show (even talking about this pains me) have been represented through Latin American, Arab, and Indian actors. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch if they got represented as black before they intermarried with the Dornish that were already there. Or of course, a character from the Summer Isles isn't impossible. We know they started being avid explorers after they were discovered by the Ghiscari. However, the prospect of having a black main character in the ASOIAF universe really doesn't bother me, but some of these descriptions do. A "socialite" in the Bronze Age, for instance?
  5. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    I mean, Viserys could have also have made the lords swear the oaths to Rhaenyra again after Aegon was born, call a great council and bribe the lords, and not promote anyone close to her and her ambitions. He would have to have been pretty thick not to suspect anything at all from Alicent.
  6. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    If you’re going to make a controversial succession move, then letting your second wife have influence and have a faction of courtiers is not a great move. The war was not really an inevitability and was in large part due to Viserys seemingly disregarding the factions or thinking he could placate both of them somehow.
  7. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    Yeah. It does only work when divorced of context. Again I can’t really help but condemn Viserys I for setting up pretty much everything in the Dance in the first place.
  8. Vaith

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    Interestingly there is a reference to “infected” wounds before germ theory. It does not really strike me as jarring, but I would say that “inflamed” might have been a better choice.
  9. Vaith

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    And Aegon IV also executed one of his mistresses when she was unfaithful to him. I don't really think they are viewed as having much agency. If a mistress is married, her husband is probably so low ranking he cannot really say no to a powerful lord or king choosing to bed his wife, or indeed it could be a path to influence for him...
  10. Vaith

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    The term "boyfriend/girlfriend" definitely seems way too out-of-place for a setting like Westeros. I am not sure if it would even feel appropriate for anything beyond a mid-20th century setting, even. "Mistress" is the simpler term for a woman who is the illicit lover of a man she is not married too. Pretty simple and describes a lot of relationships in Westeros. "Concubine" can be used interchangeably with "mistress" (Shae is Tyrion's concubine), but it also has other connotations. I tend to think of the word in the context of the Chinese Emperors, for example. These are women who are not the wives of a man, but not exactly unmarried to them. The man will usually have a primary wife, but the children are not going to be illegitimate, probably. This context probably applies for pirates/Lys where such an arrangement is not going to be extraordinary compared to the more monogamous Seven-worshippers. "Paramour" seems to refer to a more typically Dornish institution where the relationship is not really viewed as illicit, unlike mistress, but they are still long-term unmarried partners. A paramour can also be male in Dorne. It can also apply outside of Dorne in some instances, e.g. to Samantha Tarly and Lyonel Hightower, who were intending to wed. Though the relationship was still illicit, it was a much more serious arrangement than a mistress, and that's perhaps the subtle distinction that can matter in Westeros. I would not bat an eyelid if someone used the other two as interchangeable for "mistress," though.
  11. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    I'd buy that this is a weak argument if we got an indication that Rhaenyra was intending to permanently set the law of the Iron Throne to be that sons and daughters inherited equally -- after all, Nymeria managed it. But instead, there is an indication that this could have been a one-off thing. She buys Corlys's justification that this was a special case and doesn't apply to the rest of a realm. Well, couldn't it also not apply in the future to the Iron Throne too? Rhaenyra's claim seems to be based on her being declared heir by her father, and does not seem to have intended to enshrine it in law. If Jacaerys had become king and had a daughter and then a son, would the daughter automatically follow him? Under what we know, he would probably have to explicitly name her his heir, and if not, yes, this is probably going to open the door to more civil wars, as opposed to the probability of a more clear-cut succession. Again, I am no Green fan, I just am inclined to buy this argument about long-term stability. Considering Renly declares himself king on the grounds of being more popular than Stannis, and that the younger bastard Daemon Blackfyre was "the King Who Bore the Sword," I really don't think it's unlikely that the precedent of naming a daughter over a son could be appropriated to justify a king naming a strong, popular, second son over a less popular firstborn son if there is more of a precedent that "who the king names is heir" versus the supposedly "iron precedent" of a Great Council. I just don't think that the succession law of the Iron Throne can be entirely divorced from the lordships under it. Naming a daughter over an uncle in this situation seems fine, because Rhaenyra was declared heir and had oaths sworn to her at a time when she had no living brothers. Things get murky when he does not name Aegon II heir instead when he is born. Viserys really could not do much more to ensure a succession war by naming Rhaenyra his heir but letting Alicent have influence and letting Greens be on his small council. I think it's a bit unrealistic to think that Maegor's going to be used as a common precedent for succession, considering everyone knows he was a tyrant and that he was close to being struck from the records as a legitimate king. Viserys was corrupt, but not so much that someone would look at his rule and Maegor's on the same level.
  12. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    Not really what I am arguing. If Viserys can choose not to follow the typical Westerosi laws of succession, then that can also set a precedent for a monarch further down the line choosing to name a second son, for instance, because succession becomes the monarch’s decision rather than a more established law. While what the Greens did is shitty, the argument in their favour is that it more clearly follows the laws accepted in Westeros. Aside from the legitimisation of Aegon IV’s kids as an intentional act of instability, the second Great Council (where it was the lords’ decision rather than just the king’s) and the War of the Five kings (where Renly is a dick) it seems that this law tends to be followed somewhat smoothly in the three centuries of the Iron Throne’s existebce.
  13. Vaith

    Favorite Bastards

    Sarella Sand! I can’t believe she’s not been mentioned. A genius, a bit of a hit with the ladies, and someone with a rather forward-looking outlook (the day you hit the apple is the day you stop improving). She’s got Oberyn’s wits alright.
  14. Vaith

    The Blacks or the Greens?

    Both would be pretty terrible at ruling Westeros, but the Blacks have a lot more interesting characters. Not really pro-Green myself, but many point to the fact that there would not be a feminist outcome where the Iron Throne and Westeros would adopt Dornish-style succession, rather that it allowed a “special case” of a king being able to name his heir. Rhaenyra decreed that Rosby and Stokeworth would be succeeded by their sons, not their first-born daughters. So the argument is you leave the door open to future succession disputes.
  15. Vaith

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    And where is Sam headed?