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  1. Not Latin, it's a conlang. It's just him exploring how cross vs parallel cousins are differentiated in some languages. And how sometimes words for different types of relatives in different languages. Was mostly joking about High Valyrian rules in response to that question as to whether valonqar is plural. I don't believe that Martin ever intended that valonqar could mean younger male parallel cousin when he wrote AFFC.
  2. Vaith

    The lack of care for the Iron Islands

    Sure, and the same amount of time had passed since Daeron II before Aerys II was on the throne, someone who disliked his own granddaughter "smelling Dornish." Dorne got some TLC from being a new part of the Iron Throne. The Iron Islands couldn't get that as their integration was concurrent to the other realms north of Dorne making up a united Westeros. So I suppose after Aegon and his siblings, it was easy to neglect the isles.
  3. She's a fortuneteller. It's her job to be a bit mysterious Well, if you take David Peterson's High Valyrian rules, then there are plurals, e.g. "valar" (men) is the plural of "vala." (man) And according to Peterson, there actually is a feminine form of valonqar, "hāedar." And valonqar can also mean your father's brother's son who's younger than you, or your mother's sister's son who is younger than you. So thanks Peterson, now the word can mean Tyrek and his zombie can come and strangle Cersei for his death in the riot in ACOK (though I seriously doubt it's any Lannister other than Jaime or Tyrion).
  4. Vaith

    The lack of care for the Iron Islands

    There is that one instance of Rhaenys arranging a Tarth daughter to marry a Harlaw way back when. The problem might have come from the ironborn. Quellon's third wife was a Piper but when Aeron thinks of her, she's a little looked down upon for her "greenlander" ways. Dorne is mindful of keeping its own ways, but there's not really as much aminosity towards Myrcella and Arys in Dorne as the contempt the ironborn seem to have for mainlanders. The neglect compared to Dorne also comes from the fact that Dorne took a long time to join the Seven Kingdoms, never being conquered. As it was absorbed 2 centuries into the Iron Throne's history and through marriage, a lot more effort would be put into its integration than a backwater like the ironborn, who were notorious and despised by the other kingdoms but had more or less remained under the Targaryens' rule for such a long time.
  5. Vaith

    Communications Poll

    I think D) would be the most convenient for me. Possibly opt-in?
  6. Vaith

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Should Loras be removed from Category:Lords Commander of the Kingsguard, then?
  7. Vaith

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I am going through categories at the moment, and I am wondering if the members of the Rainbow Guard should have Category:Members of the Kingsguard. Loras is already in Category:Lords Commander of the Kingsguard, so the wiki already sees the Rainbow Guard as an equivalent to the Kingsguard, and members of claimant Kingsguard such as Glendon Goode and Rolly Duckfield are in Category:Members of the Kingsguard. So it would be right to add Brienne, Robar Royce, Parmen Crane, etc. to Category:Members of the Kingsguard? Just asking here before I do add it to their pages.
  8. Hot Pie told Arya she blew up the sept. If one cook in the Inn at the Crossroads knows, then everyone knows, or at least it's heavily rumoured. I mean, it's going to look the teensiest bit suspicious if the queen is on trial for heinous crimes, and then next thing you know the sept is blown up and she becomes queen regnant of the Iron Throne. Considering how the Sparrow movement was only popular because of its providing relief to the poor, you have to wonder why there wouldn't be a massive revolt in King's Landing, considering the people rioted when they were food insecure in Season 2. This is the problem with Cersei. She's dragged out as a threat for two seasons while we have no idea what her small council and court looks like, and what her people and lords actually think about her. She'd have been run out of King's Landing in five minutes, and if not, Dany could have easily taken her out at the beginning of Season 7.
  9. Vaith

    What happened to Ellaria??

    The last shot of the show is going to be Septa Spoonella climbing out of the rubble, and being declared the new High Septa
  10. Everyone seems to have collective amnesia about her blowing up the Westerosi equivalent of the Vatican. So maybe they'll just forget about Dany's burninating soon enough.
  11. Vaith

    Is the quality of this season low?

    When it comes to directing and production, I can't help but think that people like Sapochnik are being shafted by Benioff & Weiss. I have heard that there have been some horror stories in the production department at this point, such as D&D demanding 2 weeks to train horse actors for a stunt that was physically impossible for them to learn in less than 6 weeks. I don't think it's being disrespectful of their work to say that I kind of think that good music, production, and direction (when they're not doing shot-reverse-shot non-conversations) is superb, but that makes the quality of the show all the worse. Lena Headey is great, but there is only so much she can do when they wrote her to drink wine and stand at a window, mostly. Writing is the key to anything, and Game of Thrones would be a far better show if it stayed at Season 1 quality writing -- even if it stayed at Season 1 quality production.
  12. Vaith

    [Spoiler]The Next Great Threat

    Astapor is where they are bred and trained, so they’d have to buy them back from other cities, and really have no natural resources other than slaves... so getting the money is going to be hard. And the training program is a rather intense ordeal lasting from childhood to adolescence, so would take time.
  13. Their inside the episode interview about on Arya on the ground was phrased as “You care about a scene when there’s a character you care about... so you care about it.”
  14. Vaith

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Her acting and Alfie's have been the only thing keeping the season vaguely alive... if she dies tonight, the show will really be over.