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  1. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Honey Festival Submitter: Durance (13) Date & Time: Jun 23, 2018 at 08:00 Game Time Participants: Cindria and Rosalind Description: Merchants and Artisans, funded by themselves or their noble counterparts, gather for a spring festival in Bakers Square themed around honey. (OOC note: Public scene to be held. Will run for most of the morning through the afternoon, and in such a way that can be joined at your convenience. Any players wishing to subject themselves to my honey scheming should +read plots 8 and +mail me asap) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Dalt-Wyl Wedding Submitter: Jeona (631) Date & Time: Jun 23, 2018 at 13:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston and Josella Description: The wedding of Selara Dalt, the heir to Lemonwood, and Ser Abelard Wyl, will take place at the Sept in Lemonwood. A feast to celebrate the union will follow. All who have made the journey to Lemonwood are invited. (OOC: The journey to Lemonwood will ICly take two days, and will begin on the 21st of June. If you are travelling then you will probably not be available for roleplay in Sunspear on that day.) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Dalt-Wyl Wedding Tourney Submitter: Jeona (631) Date & Time: Jun 24, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston and Josella Description: A tourney will be held to celebrate the marriage of Selara Dalt, the heir to Lemonwood, and Ser Abelard Wyl. (OOC: Date and Time are subject to change depending on real-life availability. Let Selara know if you'd like to join or puppet a character. Also, characters can make the return journey on this day to be back on the 26th of June). Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 3! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Journey to Dorne Submitter: Nymeria Date & Time: Jun 27, 2018 at 14:00 Game Time Participants: Balon, Cindria, and Maia Description: The royal wedding party departs by ship for Dorne. The trip will take about 2.5 weeks. This event is mainly intended as a placeholder to show the date of the departure, though if there is interest we may try to create an event around it. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 4! ==============================================================================
  2. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Martell-Toland Marriage Feast Submitter: Rhodry (1784) Date & Time: Jun 08, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston and Josella Description: The marriage feast for Prince Rhodry Martell and Tanyth Toland, following after the marriage ceremony in the sept at Sunspear! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Martell-Toland Tourney Submitter: Rhodry (1784) Date & Time: Jun 09, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston and Josella Description: Tourney to celebrate the previous day's wedding! Players running puppets for the event quite welcome! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================
  3. Vaith

    How do I join the MUSH?

    Hopefully there will be Greeters online to help you if you check us out, but we do have extensive helpfiles on the game and the website detailing how to pick out a character and so forth.
  4. Vaith

    How do I join the MUSH?

    Hello @Sand-Dragon The forums over here are a little bit underused as most of the activity happens on the game itself. So sorry for the late response! We have a guest client at http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Client/index.html where you can visit the game. The most reliable options for long-term players, though, is to download a client such as Gammon MUSHClient, Potato Client, SimpleMU (the former three are good for PC, I believe) and Atlantis (good for Mac) and input the address bod.westeros.org and the port number 3000.
  5. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Manwoody-Yronwood Wedding Submitter: Cyrissa (1441) Date & Time: Feb 03, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston Description: The wedding of Lord Aryard Manwoody to Lady Cyrissa Yronwood will take place in Sunspear's Sept. A feast will follow in the Sandship where the nuptials will be celebrated with food and music. All noble men and women in Sunspear are welcome to join. (OOC Date and Time are subject to change depending on RL availability). Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Manwoody-Yronwood Wedding Tourney Submitter: Cyrissa (1441) Date & Time: Feb 04, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston Description: A tourney will be held on this day to celebrate the marriage of Lord Aryard Manwoody and Lady Cyrissa Yronwood. (OOC: Date and Time are subject to change depending on RL availability. Also let Cyrissa know if you'd like to join or puppet a character.) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================
  6. Belaria Buckwell is not the daughter to a house of particular wealth and station -- she is not even the daughter of a lord -- but for quite some time, she has become a lady of note by way of her father Beron's place on the Small Council as Master of Coin. In addition, her aging grandmother, Lady Taria Buckwell, once of House Piper, is an extremely shrewd and influential figure, so beautiful she was once called "the Fair Maid of Pinkmaiden" -- one can only suppose as to how much Belaria has inherited from her. This gives Belaria a position to be a rather interesting character with a station higher than her birth would have her -- has her father procured a great dowry so she might marry high, or is she simply spoiled off some great personal wealth? Is she excellent in stewardship, as the Master of Coin's daughter ought to be -- or does she have another skillset? And, with her father opposing some of pious King Baelor's admittedly less than sensible policies -- how long will her increased station last, and how much will she have to hold her tongue under the regime? Belaria brings a unique power and influence to the table, but one does not have to be MU* experienced to play her. She hasn't been played before, so a prospective player would have to have just read at least one "A Song of Ice and Fire Book", OR have played a MU* before -- but both are advised (but not necessary) for going through the character generation process. Come visit us on the webclient http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Client/index.html -- or download a MUSH client and visit us via bod.westeros.org 3000
  7. Vaith

    Recruiting: Myles Hightower

    Hey -- I'm really embarrassed to be responding this much later, but Myles has been PCed. I know I should be spending a lot more time on the forums, but generally, the best way to contact us is to log on to the game itself.
  8. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: An Announcement Submitter: Syrax Date & Time: Oct 25, 2017 at 11:00 Game Time Participants: Gwyn, Balon, and Rylla Description: A representative of the Faith makes an announcement regarding the alleged existence of Septa Brida's motherhouse in the Kingswood from the porch of the Royal Sept. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: A Pilgrimage Submitter: Syrax Date & Time: Nov 13, 2017 at 10:00 Game Time Participants: Durance, Gwenda, and Balon Description: There will be one, and it will probably depart King's Landing today. Stay tuned for more information! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Setting Off Submitter: Missandei Date & Time: Nov 28, 2017 at 08:00 Game Time Participants: Balon and Rylla Description: Placeholder for plot. Look for more details later! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 3! ==============================================================================
  9. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>===================================Title: Kingswood SortieSubmitter: Missandei Date & Time: Sep 17, 2017 at 06:00 Game TimeParticipants: Barion and BalonDescription:Ser JAN Marbrand, Warden of the Kingswood Company, is collecting members of the Company(as well as some knights who have otherwise volunteered interest) to do more in-depthscouting of the Kingswood. Initial scouting forays have given sign of where the banditsmight be camped, and several groups are making an extended venture to pursue thesesites with greater force.OOC: This will not be the only related +event, so please keep an eye out for other+events at different times. Please +mail Missandei if you would like to puppet/NPC forthis (or other) +events, and please do RSVP to the +events so we can have a goodbalance of puppeteers to PCs. Please also remember the Kingswood is not a day trip, andPCs who attend this will be unavailable for King's Landing scenes for the day prior tothe +event, but can certainly grab one of the pieces of the grid in the Kingswood for RP amongst yourselves. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1!==============================================================================
  10. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: A Gathering of Veils Submitter: Reyna (637) Date & Time: Aug 21, 2017 at 10:00 Game Time Participants: Gwyn and Rylla Description: Mistress of Keys to Princess Naerys has called a gathering of the Veiled Ladies. All current Veiled Ladies are invited to the Solar in the Kitchen Keep--and even some who are not yet honored by Her Grace's friendship have been asked to attend. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ==============================================================================
  11. Vaith

    New MUSH'er. Squire looking for rp

    Hi Eddyn! I'm so glad to have you on board!
  12. Ser Myles Hightower is well-respected among the court as a companion of Prince Aegon Targaryen. Born a bastard as Myles Flowers, he was legitimised upon the wedding of his parents, Lord Lyonel Hightower and Lady Samantha Tarly. Though he is the youngest of their three sons, he is his the favourite, and has been granted lands with his own income, a lucrative court position, and a splendid betrothal to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister: Lady Rylla Tyrell. Myles has been a character in play before, and has a well-established history that is easy to jump into. Additionally, roleplay is very easy to find as he is to wed Rylla Tyrell within the month, and many events are being held beforehand. He also has quite a few active PCs as relatives, including his betrothed Rylla Tyrell, his sister Melarra Connington, his nephew Malwyn Hightower, and his good-brother Victor Reyne. If you want guaranteed roleplay and a character that is easy to step in to, you should definitely pick Myles.
  13. Vaith

    INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 12, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Ashera, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, and Irena Description: On the seventh day of the tenth month in the one-hundred-and-sixty-eighth year since the coronation of Aegon the Dragon, the wedding of Ser Myles Hightower to Lady Rylla Tyrell shall be held in King's Landing, as a display of the wealth of Highgarden and Oldtown. Lords and ladies from not just the Reach, but all the Seven Kingdoms, are invited to see the thirdborn son of the Lord of Oldtown be wedded to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister in the Royal Sept. Sweet wines and hippocras shall flow in a grand feast in the Great Hall of the Red Keep, followed by a grand tourney the following day. Come one, come all! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Tourney Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 13, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Lena, Durance, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, Irena, and Bryon Description: A grand tourney shall be held in King's Landing -- funded by House Tyrell -- for the occasion of Lady Rylla Tyrell's wedding to Ser Myles Hightower. Great and powerful knights from all the realm are invited to prove their mettle in the tourney grounds. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================
  14. Vaith

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yeah, the "Women on Top" message somehow becomes more poignant (in regard to how anti-feminist it actually is) when, weirdly, all the canon ruling ladies seem to be gone. Since the DVD bonus material seems to be written by booksnobs (or semi-booksnobs, apparently there was a weird video where they claimed that the Starks were sworn to the Ryswells at one point), and, like, nobody watches them except people who are quite into the series, a casual viewer can watch the Sand Fakes' coup and come away with the impression that the only way women *can* get power in Dorne is to commit regicide/kinslaying and stage a coup (I wonder what "Lord Blackmont" thinks of Princess Faullaria though). We can't have an elderly, widowed Lady Oakheart in Renly's retinue (though, budget, whatever,) or a little Lady Alysanne Bulwer in Margaery's retinue. The only way Reach ladies can gain power is through sex (/statutory rape), except if you're an old lady, in which case, you gain control of Highgarden through sassiness.. or maybe Olenna has such a good reputation as a rude negotiator they chose to have her over her daughters or Garth the Gross? In the north, we can't have a Lady Flint casually mentioned, and let's just scrap the Cerwyns, the Manderly granddaughters, and Alys (though according to the leaks Alys may exist)? Like, sure, maybe you could cut down some plots and characters, but as you often say Chebs, it's the pattern that matters, and these microcosms matter. Otherwise you have Lyanna who exists so her age and gender can be comedic. I can't even figure out what the weird implications are of her pretending Sansa of the many personalities exist (though I'm looking forward to your meta about that in a few months). In regard to the season 7 leaks, it's really confusing what the message will be. So Yara and Ellaria are "bad" women and will get punished? Seems strange if they acknowledge the implications of Yara in Volantis, but IIRC only Ellaria and Tyene get sexually humiliated. So... D&D are reading the Walk as superficially as possible? Like, we felt for Carol, but... she's Carol. I seriously think we'll be supposed to revel in the humiliation of these murderers, and that we won't feel that no matter how bad someone's crimes are, they shouldn't be punished in a specifically gendered way... or maybe it'll show how EVHUL Euron is because he's worse than the fakes? (Though anyone who believes in Euron being as sinister as he appears to be in the books is kidding themselves). And then there's the weird Cersei/Dany rivalry... I guess it's supposed to be an empowering battle where the two leaders are both women, but the Madonna/Whore imagery is just too apparent.
  15. I think from a character perspective, it makes much more sense for Sansa to be the one to be directly complicit in Littlefinger's downfall. Littlefinger isn't even on Arya's list - in fact, I don't even think she knows about his role in the AGOT coup. Sansa, on the other hand, is tied to LF from the start of the novels - right from AGOT she notices that his eyes and smile do not match. And then he continues to be instrumental in her story: helping her flee King's Landing, and essentially taking him on as his protegee who doubles as a substitute for his desire for Catelyn. She's going to be geographically closest to him in the next novels, she's the one who's been the most dependent on him the whole time - it just makes the most sense. Even if Arya learned of all that LF did, IMO the payoff still wouldn't be as great because she wouldn't have forged an important connection to him across the novels. Now, of course, ASOIAF is great in building up prophecies that can be subverted and changed. But "later I dreamt that maid again" ... again is simply too explicit in my opinion, it just has to be the same woman, who is clearly Sansa because of the purple serpents. To be honest I'm not 100% about that prophecy line, but the two questions to me have always been who the giant is (Petyr or Gregor) and where the castle is (Harrenhal or Winterfell). To me the maid is Sansa, no question. And while she does see Arya's true nature (and/or what will become of her) she could definitely see that separately. Also I don't think there's the same opportunity for narrative irony like the YMBQ prophecy because Arya had no idea who the maid with purple serpents in her hair was, and never thinks on the prophecy.