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  1. Should Loras be removed from Category:Lords Commander of the Kingsguard, then?
  2. I am going through categories at the moment, and I am wondering if the members of the Rainbow Guard should have Category:Members of the Kingsguard. Loras is already in Category:Lords Commander of the Kingsguard, so the wiki already sees the Rainbow Guard as an equivalent to the Kingsguard, and members of claimant Kingsguard such as Glendon Goode and Rolly Duckfield are in Category:Members of the Kingsguard. So it would be right to add Brienne, Robar Royce, Parmen Crane, etc. to Category:Members of the Kingsguard? Just asking here before I do add it to their pages.
  3. While all your examples are true -- there's no coffee, tea, chocolate, tomatoes, potatoes, etc., there's not a blanket absence of "New World" crops. Pumpkins, for example, definitely exist, and I am pretty sure maize does as well. From examples in the history of Westeros, it varies. Rhaenyra Targaryen claimed the title of "Lady of the Seven Kingdoms," but according to the ADWD Appendix, Dany's full title is: So it really varies. I am guessing it could be seen as a feudal title similar to how a female ruler of Ironoaks is "Lady of Ironoaks," not "Lord of Ironoaks," but there are also some offices that have gender neutral lords -- e.g. Alyse Ladybright, who is Lord Treasurer of Sunspear, not Lady Treasurer of Sunspear.
  4. Euron has better aim than the Night King now -- well, only when Rhaegal is concerned. All his fleet can strike Rhaegal with fatal blows, but none of them hit the only dragon that has to be plot relevant! Oh, and despite Dany's side being the only force in Westeros to have any sort of aerial advantage, the dragons and the Targaryen fleet are caught off guard by the Greyjoys at the same time. What a hot mess.
  5. I want to know why Dany didn't wait to get the Stormlords on her forces after naming a new Lord of Storm's End. She could join up with Prince Manfrey Martell, too. ...And... since Cersei apparently has no moral qualms, why doesn't she just get her archers to shoot Dany, Jon, Tyrion, and the Unsullied? I know they have plot armour, but come on. She has a chance to kill two riders of superweapons and leave Drogon useless (and two claimants to the Seven Kingdoms. She doesn't know about Jon but why not kill the leader of the Northern forces). Them walking away at the end seems so... ridiculous. Cersei's own plot armour could have been vanquished if Missandei chose to push her off. But oh well. We'll never know why only Missandei was the one who captured, same as the offscreen Septa Unella Extraction Mission.
  6. Littlefinger's jet pack has been mass reproduced by the messengers of Westeros. Jaime and Sansa knew about Rhaegal dying 5 minutes after he got shot down! And I highly doubt it will take Jaime, a lone rider, an entire month to get to King's Landing from Winterfell next episode...
  7. Apparently the Valyria prequel has a lot of potential. I have been watching some videos by the Dragon Demands and it seems like whoever's working on it has a good grasp of the setting, as well as coming up with interesting, original ideas. However, who knows if HBO will consider that something its main audience wants to watch.
  8. My favourite false prediction though is the concept of an Ellaria and Septa Unella rescue mission where Varys breaks them out of their cells
  9. I think the tide is turning critically with how the entire Northern mysticism aspect was just... nothing. A lot of people are hoping that the finale will somehow "fix it", but if it doesn't... yeah, it could be that everyone thinks it's crap after the finale, like LOST. Also, since we're making predictions, going to reiterate the popular leaks that come from filming under the spoiler:
  10. Or Jon. Brought back from death in S6 only for us to find out that Melisandre has apparently known that Arya would kill the Night King since Season 3 yet thought he was Azor Ahai. Elected King in the North and promptly abandons Winterfell to bow to Daenerys. Spends his entire series arc warning about the threat of the undead, who apparently posed a far less terrible threat to the people of e.g. Barrowton than the Boltons or Greyjoys since they all explode when their leader gets stabbed with Littlefinger's dagger.
  11. You mean the time when she was just a pregnant teenager riding a horse to Vaes Dothrak and then to Lhazar, doing little other than be Drogo's wife? The notion that Dany "subliminally" picks up sword skills from observing Jorah and Grey Worm while Sansa doesn't "subliminally" learn anything from Brienne, the Kingsguard, or the various battles she also observed is... odd? I do agree that comforting people would be the best choice to make, and to show she's not "useless" because there are things a ruler can do other than fight during this situation. I just think that you can't say it's unrealistic for her to take her dagger and stab a skeleton during a moment of desperation, whereas Dany is allowed to fend of hordes of wights with no prior training.
  12. Not really. She's a tactician and a dragonrider, which isn't really a transferable skill to wielding a weapon. Not sure why it makes more sense for Dany than Sansa, especially when Arya gave Sansa a weapon at the beginning.
  13. Dany also wielded a sword passably enough to kill wights. I don't know why Sansa sneaking up on a wight with a dagger would be that unrealistic, epecially with Arya saying "stick em with the pointy end" at the beginning of the episode. Besides, those wights have to be comparatively weaker. The most recent are years or decades old, some centuries or millennia old. More likely to be brittle than the wights outside (which begs the question of how near skeletons can simultaneously all break out of stone coffins and statues, too, but oh well)
  14. And they were also fine with Emilia Clarke's improv to have Dany wield a sword herself. So it ends up that Sansa is comparatively the more "useless" one despite her filmed scenes of killing wights vs. the original intention of Dany being more of a damsel defended by Jorah.
  15. Character development ... seems to be when a character varies from one episode to a next. I will say again that the Sansa that Benioff & Weiss write is a lot less competent than Hill or Cogman's Sansa. That Sansa is fairly consistent about keeping her political concerns private and being concerned about food, though this Sansa complains about Dany in front of all her people and does nothing to help them. I don't know... I'm a pretty big book Sansa fan myself, and yet I just can't fathom how anyone who liked Sansa cut her storyline in the Vale to become Ramsay's wife. That completely detracts from the "character development" argument. She goes to a hostage victim in KL, to Littlefinger's protegee in the Vale, to hostage victim in WF, to Littlefinger's protegee in the North. Seems like a choice to keep Harry and sideline WF would be the more fitting for an ardent Sansa fan. Hell, she doesn't even get credit for that huge Vale army at the end -- nobody discusses how Sansa is the last known legitimate child of Eddard Stark when they're crowning Jon. Sansa as Queen in the North would have been a more fitting decision from Sansa "fans." I have heard that Benioff's fave, or at least the one he says he "identifies most with" ... is Tyrion. Tyrion who is so witty and funny he can get offered free sex from a sex slave who doesn't consider what her master would think, because St. Tyrion is here. A Tyrion who makes mistakes every episode, yet is constantly showered in praise by Varys or Dany every episode for no apparent reason. Hell, Sansa's own storyline is affected by Tyrion -- she doesn't refuse to kneel as an act of defiance on her wedding, because that might have upset Tyrion. Before getting raped at her wedding, she tells Ramsay how kind Tyrion was to her... by not raping her? And during this episode by D&D, telling Tyrion that he was a great husband (better than Ramsay, and that's an achievement now?) instead of being with her people in the crypts. If you want to look for a character that's done absolutely nothing and gets unduly rewarded by the narrative, he's your guy.
  16. Let's not forget that the Dothraki had completely normal, i.e. pointless weapons, before Melisandre lit them on fire. Dany's first line of defense literally could not have worked without a Red Priestess showing up.
  17. Since the looming eternal winter has now been defeated, are we ever going to see anything more than sleet in King's Landing? KL looked particularly pleasant in the preview. Cheryl's even changed out her black furs for warmer colours again! Good job that the personification of winter + death touched nobody south of the Neck after a pretty short, mild winter.
  18. I have yet to see how D&D supposedly love Sansa. It was other writers who had Arya praise her... this episode she did nothing but needlessly praise Tyrion instead of comforting her own people in the crypts... like she did during the Blackwater when they were her enemies instead of her subjects. Plus, you can't like Sansa Stark and simultaneously make the Marriage Strike of Season 5 happen.
  19. I wouldn't count that out actually, in spite of all the threads they've dropped. It's probably going to be something for Jon and Dany to discuss next episode. Maybe he'll actually tell Sansa and Arya too, aka people more important than his life than Dany.
  20. For all they hate Jon, they could have at least not bent over backwards to make him legitimate, as well as giving him the name Aegon. Why even make him ""the legitimate heir"" at all if he bores them so much.
  21. There are already a lot of Twitter takes about it being sexist to question Arya's power level. Like, no, this just doesn't make sense for her arc since she has only known about the Walkers for 4 months, and she had a hard time not being detected by wights -- then rushes past the Walkers who don't stop her when she stabs the Night King. Oh, and people are using her assassin training to explain why she is so great... the assassin training that she failed, after she got stabbed 6 times, backflipped into muddy water and was fine. There are some who are even saying that being Tywin's cupbearer and Sandor's hostage was part of her "training to face off the NK"
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