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  1. Let's not forget that Littlefinger is more of a hero than Dany at this point! Littlefinger gave the Valyrian steel dagger back to the Starks and Arya killed the Night King. Meanwhile, the Wall would still be intact if Dany hadn't got Viserion killed beyond the Wall.
  2. Tbh I think they're going for the "all the Dothraki in the entire world are following Dany" depiction since in Season 6, they were apparently having a massive meeting at Vaes Dothrak to decide which village each khalasar should pillage (not like they are uncoordinated and constantly wage war on one another in canon) The Great Grass Sea is just... empty I guess? Yara had a LOT of ships to transport them, it'd seem.
  3. Not about Season 8, but a good vid. I don't know why I didn't watch this video before, but I think it's pretty good. However I'm still going to say that I don't know what people were smoking if they thought Season 5 and 6 were passable and that Season 7 was particularly egregious.
  4. Ah yes, I am sure a 1.5x as big wolf is clearly comparable to a 100x as big spider in terms of animation difficulty, and the viewers would find something off about them not being as realistic as real life giant spiders
  5. Choosing her own death does kind of fit with book Mel, at least a little. "One day, Melisandre prayed, she would not sleep at all. One day she would be free of dreams." She seems like she does want to die after she fulfils her purpose.
  6. Killing Eve's a great series. I watched it this morning after getting over GoT, and I was stunned at how they use things like... oh, basic cinematography and symbolism to build these great stories and characters.
  7. Well, you could say the NK wouldn't have had a Viserion if Dany hadn't come to Westeros! Dany's dragonfire was certainly very helpful at only burning the dead, and nobody among the living. Also, I wonder... if red fire is bad for wights, is blue fire (which I assume is just really hot fire like Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender) somehow good for wights? Otherwise the NK's attempted blue fire attack would have killed a lot of his own forces down there.
  8. I mean considering how things turned out, Sansa was right... they didn't need Dany and her dragons, just Littlefinger to give the Valyrian steel dagger back to the Starks
  9. It's not just "magic," it's that Arya's only known about the existence of the White Walkers for... 4 or 5 months? Just before Cersei learned that she was pregnant, and she still isn't showing now (that's the only timeline metric relevant to the last 2 seasons, I guess). Jon's story's been tied to the Walkers since Season 1, and Brienne and Sansa have even been tied to the Northern threat longer than Arya has. Twists are fine. Just make sure that your twists have buildup and are not twists for the sake of twists. That's why the Red Wedding works, unlike Arya killing the NK.
  10. Melisandre supported Stannis as Azor Ahai in Season 2-5, Jon in Season 6, and Dany in Season 7.... but now... Arya is Azor Ahai because of something Mel saw in Season 3?
  11. Well, 85% of Westeros's population was completely unaffected by the Others, it seems. Cersei can literally sit back and wait for them to finish it off. The Others seem to do literally nothing to threaten the balance of power or make the high lords reconsider their games, it's just a pause before Cersei and Dany can start fighting each other again.
  12. Yes, but people are saying that this will happen to show Euron, who thus far has been depicted as just a rather lewd pirate.
  13. I'm not sure if they were in the previews (I think some might have been) but if they were going to give that much time to Edd and Beric's deaths, they would've done the same for Brienne or Jaime. They were fine, even if they were overrun with 6 wights they have plot armour to protect them!
  14. Actually, that theory has morphed into "Euron is Bloodraven's failed protegé because of his eldritch stuff from the TWOW sample chapters, Euron and Cersei will be the new Night King and Queen."
  15. Apparently she was in the Godswood with Bran at the beginning of the ep, and vanished by the end when it was only him and the NK, so... who knows. Yeah. It's 6 deaths in total, maximum, and Melisandre's was kind of a voluntary death once she had fulfilled her great purpose in life (at least in my reading). So very few characters, mostly tertiary, some secondary, and although Alfie Allen and Carice Van Houten appear in the opening credits... I wouldn't really call them "major characters."
  16. This is the problem with Benioff & Weiss's scripting. The other writers have done some awful shit to her character, but at least has made her appear reasonable in appearing concerned about provisions, but D&D themselves? They can't even have her protect her people, comforting them as their liege lady, handing out food and stuff like that. Nope. If a character isn't martial they're pointless, I guess. I still want to say that Sansa has been pretty reasonable and intelligent the past few episodes, though. Mel, Theon, and possibly Alys Karstark from when she disappeared from the Godswood. Well, this is probably the ADOS "ending" in the loosest sense that humanity wins. We'll probably get the TWOW political ending the next 3 weeks, in the loosest sense of "who, if anyone, has their ass on that throne."
  17. I mean, we never got a reason why they shouldn't have put her to death after she used a brazier to kill all the khals. And hey, even the khals followed precedent by just offering to make her Dosh Khaleen... that is, before she threatened to kill them all.
  18. The Dothraki also seem to have... regular weapons, unless Daenerys somehow got like several hundred Valyrian steel arakhs. So if Melisandre didn't show up at the eleventh hour... well, the Dothraki would have been even more fucked. Basically, their first line of defence can immediately be killed and risen as undead, cool, cool. And according to Benioff, the Dothraki as a people are dead now... were the women and children of the Dothraki also killed in that assault, because I couldn't see any!
  19. According to the wiki she is ... "Unknown." So the death tally is: Beric, Edd, Lyanna, Jorah, Theon, Melisandre, and possibly Alys. Wow, really shocking deaths that everyone should care about in an episode where people thought that a good chunk of primary characters were at stake.
  20. Considering they gave Edd and Beric long death scenes, I really doubt it unless it’s some tertiary character like Alys Karstark in the crypts.
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