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  1. Well in S7 Dany didn't want to siege the city because D&D didn't want Dany to curbstomp Cersei's army in 2 episodes because ... sieges lead to people starving or something? So who knows
  2. Well, they did a pretty good job of pretending there were stakes while only killing off 5 or 6 characters. Can't wait for the True Big Bad, Cersei, to get some screen time next week!
  3. I am not sure if there is a TWOIAF mistake thread still going, but I am going to raise a possible error here: I was going to add Munkun healing Baelor after he collapsed in 171 AC, but then I realised that there was another Grand Maester in 153 - Alford, who told Naerys that childbirth would be dangerous after the birth of the future Daeron II. Is either Munkun or Alford (or both) a mistake? I highly doubt that a Grand Maester could be removed and then re-installed. Plus, 171 does seem a little late for Munkun unless he was rather young during the Dance or lived to a rather old age.
  4. They could actually make this really comedic if they want to. Like, have a small council session where it's Qyburn talking to himself and changing a hat every time he adopts the position of Hand of the Queen, Master of Whisperers, High Septon, Grand Maester, Master of Laws, Master of Coin, and Master of Ships. With UnGregor just like, sulking in a corner or something. Maybe Euron is Master of Ships though? I mean they could have at least mentioned it offhandedly if he is going to be running her navy and popping back to KL every now and then. Also, Dany making Sansa Master of Coin or something could have been a really good move if they wanted to show them getting along, and parallel S1E1 where the monarch arrives to invite the ruler of Winterfell on the small council.
  5. I still can't get over that it's not ice he breathes... apparently undead dragons turn into Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender and just breathe blue fire. And Bran, like... if you're willing to risk your lives, why not go, oh, a reasonable existence outside the castle rather than luring the WW into the walls of Winterfell?
  6. Sansa doesn't really have a relationship with the Iron Islands, though? That's more of Bran's thing, seeing as he's the one who had to flee Winterfell when Theon took over. They have a close relationship, sure, but that's mostly because of the Sansa Marriage Strike plot. And I don't really know how much importance the Isles are going to have at this point. Besides, Dany already let the Isles have semi-independence in Season 6, so she's not as bothered with what they're doing as with the Northerners, apparently. But that still makes her a secondary villain -- she prolonged the fight, but it was giving way for the NK to cause more death. The effects of her choices cause more death, but it isn't death itself. Surely it'd be quite... underwhelming? If it was truly a race for the throne at the very end of the show rather than life vs death, humanity vs its destruction.
  7. Cersei being the True Villain of the entire series seems a very strange move even for them. The entire plot has been moving to the true threat being the dead rather than mortal men. I don't quite see them going the extremely simplistic route of defeating the White Walkers for good next episode and it all being Cersei v Dany again.... but it certainly is possible.
  8. Brienne being knighted was actually the most moving thing the show has done in years, even if the buildup was clunky. I do love Brienne and can turn my brain off and pretend it was a more genuinely honourable version than the version without her naivety and softheartedness that's been on the show. Plus, with the title "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" and the Jenny stuff, perhaps there was an intern who had actually read Dunk & Egg behind that! But it seems that the showrunners were avoiding genuine discussions of things. E.g. Sansa and Dany's talk is cut off by Theon, Dany and Jon's cut off by the arrival. Some actual resolutions would be nice instead of just being the Reunion Episode Part 2. I think there's the possibility they lose Ep 3 and are sandwiched between Cersei and the Walkers, so maybe there'll be Moat Cailin, but I wouldn't be surprised if Meera is gone for good.
  9. "They remember what happened last time Targaryens brought dragons north." So they remember when Good Queen Alysanne visited the Night's Watch 250 years ago, or when Jacaerys Velaryon got them to fight for the Blacks 170 years ago? Or do they think that Aerys burned Rickard and Brandon at Winterfell with dragons? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the latter is true, given that I believe Coggers said it was Dany herself who burned Brandon and Rickard at one point....
  10. Anyone else wondering when Melisandre will show up again? I forgot about her showing up at Dragonstone, but she said she'd have to come back to Westeros to die...
  11. Yes, he was the first person she revealed the pregnancy to. I think it was "not helping against the White Walkers" rather than conspiring against Euron.
  12. I mean they were pretty unprofessional in gossiping about Ed Sheeran getting his face burned off when they had a client there.
  13. I mean, Hot Pie knows that Cersei was responsible and he's at the Inn at the Crossroads. It's not hard to guess that most people know that she is behind it, and there is sufficient evidence to think everyone in KL knew she was. Jaime is definitely a hypocrite by not becoming the King-and-Queenslayer the moment he got back to KL, saw the smouldering sept and Cersei on the throne.
  14. I think Jaime's defense of killing Aerys because of potential wildfire is actually less coherent when... he supported Cersei for an entire season after she ACTUALLY used wildfire to kill the High Septon, queen, and Lord of Highgarden, as well as her own uncle and cousin and many other courtiers.
  15. Also if Dany is pregnant (and even if she's not) why is she not marrying Jon pronto? I mean this is a world where being obviously romantic and unmarried would be more taboo than marriage after 2 days. The reason she broke up with Daario was to make political alliances in Westeros. Marrying Jon would solve her issue of apparently not being respected enough by the North as she'd have a northerner as her husband. And it would change Jon's position from being "nothing" (per Lyanna) to the monarch's consort. And aside from Tyrion or Robert Arryn, Jon's really the only option she has... and since he's not a head of house any more, any kids would likely take the Targaryen name.
  16. It's fine, Baby Sam stayed a 1 year old for 4 years before suddenly turning into a large toddler; Dany can be 9 months pregnant at the end of Ep2 and nobody will bat an eyelid.
  17. It's not even as ambiguous as the infamous Season 6 Sansa promo, tbh. #TeamAwkwardDress here, but no guarantee that Dany won't be pregnant either, I guess.
  18. I mean, there'd be no necessity to question the show if it rained cotton candy in King's Landing or Arya sprouted wings. But if you want to analyse the show in any form, you kind of have to
  19. I mean if there's an episode called "The Death of Daenerys" the audience are going to see it pop on their screen before it happens anyway. Unless they want to do a cold opening when the title's revealed at the end.
  20. Unless the next episode is titled something like "Brienne Dies" I'm not sure the point of withholding it. For episode 3+ I can see them being withheld until after next week in case something "shocking" happens like Team Dany losing against the Walkers in WF.
  21. Considering that feminism was conceived as the "liberation" of women at a time when none enjoyed equal rights, no. It's seeking equality for all genders and it happens that women have structurally been on the receiving end of sexism for the last several millennia of European history, and thus it makes sense to name such a movement over them. Machism or masculism is essentially endorsing sexism. I don't see them tackling instances of men being sexually harassed, nor do I see any proposals to tackle male mental health or, for example, change the perception of gay men in society. To equate the two is really naive. I'm just going to leave it here, because R&R is supposed to be about show criticism rather than lengthy debates about this sort of stuff, but just putting it out there.
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