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  1. Each point of view chapter will be deeper and really explore the inner turmoil within. More depth in place of breadth. So we can expect the number of unique points of views to decrease. Martin will be killing off a lot of point of views characters. We should also expect for some of the story lines to remain unresolved. For example, Sweetrobin can wake up one morning and realize who his enemies are. He orders Petyr and Sansa thrown from the moon door. Thus ends the story in the eyrie in a very neat and tidy way.
  2. That sounds like something Jon would do. Bran has a responsibility to stay in that cave but Jon will ignore that and worry more about Bran's happiness. Once again allowing his devotion to the Starks keep him from doing what is right.
  3. What is the heart of Winter? Hell. Cold, dark, and death.
  4. very tough lady She handled the Arryns with finesse.
  5. Reason tames the emotion. Jon was already a vindictive hot head. He will be a menace without reason holding back his feelings.
  6. R + L = J might be true but I still find Jon to be very dull. His story and his mind. Death will have more significance in the story if he dies from his stab wounds.
  7. She is average at best. She's not good in math.
  8. I don't want to but I may have to. @Ran What happened to my beautiful avatar? It's gone and such a cute pic too.
  9. Physical and emotional abuse. I doubt it's anywhere at the level of Ramsay's depravity though.
  10. Character. What they're made of inside. Heart.
  11. Elissa Farman She stole dragon eggs to finance a custom built boat. She sailed westward and was never seen again. Corlys saw Sun Chaser docked in Asshai years later.
  12. The clue to the source of the three dragon eggs. I should say possible source because it has not been confirmed. This is also the hint to Quaithe's identity.
  13. Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and Sarella Sand. I believe Alleras = Sarella. I admire a lot of the qualities of these girls. They have not crumbled under pressure. Cersei, Mellissandre, Val, and Cat are strong too but I am not so much interested in them. Daenerys and Sansa are very good at coping. Sansa gets criticized often for spending too much time in daydream. Too much time away from reality is not helpful when trying to solve a problem. It doesn't get any work done. But it saved Sansa's life. We should not forget, she is a prisoner and the Lannisters can take her ilfe at any moment. This coping mechanism, escaping in her fantasy world, saved her life. It allows her to endure captivity. She has a little of George Martin's childhood trapped in New Jersey watching the ships coming and leaving port. Daenerys does it even better. Khaleesi looks for a way out of the predicament because she has very good problem-solving skills. Daenerys took an awful situation and turned it into a step ladder to power. She decides her own course. Dothraki customs be damned, she is not going to Vaes Dothrak! I love Daenerys because her strength and intelligence are at the top. I don't think Sansa is smart but she's not dumb either. She is what you might call the average girl. She makes the best of the situation and escapes back in her make believe world of songs and romance to survive. I also don't think everybody has to change the world and make a big splash. Sansa will survive Petyr Baelish and find her own independence. I believe independence is the end game of Sansa's story. Becoming stronger and learning how to live without a man is power for a woman. Perhaps she finds herself entering the order of the Septas. Sarella is the best at disguise. I am saying she betters Varys and Mance. She doesn't accept the traditional woman's place and I love that about her. She better be really good because Sam Tarly will need a protector. Capable fighter in addition to being a scholar. Twice what Sam is. She has to possess a lot of discipline in order to maintain her deception. I am glad this girl is on the same side with Marwyn. Meera Reed is also strong. I want to see how she copes with Jojen's death and Bran's future advances. Galazza Galare is very strong and the likely Harpy. I do not think Tyrion can out smart her.
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