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  1. The size of the 5 forts is a clue to the size of the population. Asshai was the Ivy League of magic schools.
  2. Nan's story is pretty clear about what happened during the last long night. The distinction between lords and commoners disappeared as soon as the sun went away. People with noble blood died in their castles as easily as the poor did in their huts. Winter is death. And death is an equalizer. The commoners are mentally better prepared to migrate to other locations. The lords and their families will be very reluctant to leave their castles. The Tyrells are the most likely of the great houses in Westeros to survive because they are many. The Starks will live as direwolves but they will lose their human lives. A few Tyrells might make it through. The ones who do will travel to Essos to find the Dragon Queen.
  3. Jorah too is slowly getting redeemed and paying for his sin. He sold poachers into slavery and now he supports the liberator. They will begin to see Daenerys Targaryen as an ally. Dany will have to clear the rubble and bring down the sadistic ruling powers in Essos in order to begin building a new empire built on freedom. More drama, more action will be coming. Barristan, Arya, Jorah, and Tyrion are all in Essos. The center of the story has shifted. I'm loving it. I have never been thrilled with the north and the river lands. The east is far more interesting to me.
  4. Each point of view chapter will be deeper and really explore the inner turmoil within. More depth in place of breadth. So we can expect the number of unique points of views to decrease. Martin will be killing off a lot of point of views characters. We should also expect for some of the story lines to remain unresolved. For example, Sweetrobin can wake up one morning and realize who his enemies are. He orders Petyr and Sansa thrown from the moon door. Thus ends the story in the eyrie in a very neat and tidy way.
  5. That sounds like something Jon would do. Bran has a responsibility to stay in that cave but Jon will ignore that and worry more about Bran's happiness. Once again allowing his devotion to the Starks keep him from doing what is right.
  6. What is the heart of Winter? Hell. Cold, dark, and death.
  7. very tough lady She handled the Arryns with finesse.
  8. Reason tames the emotion. Jon was already a vindictive hot head. He will be a menace without reason holding back his feelings.
  9. R + L = J might be true but I still find Jon to be very dull. His story and his mind. Death will have more significance in the story if he dies from his stab wounds.
  10. She is average at best. She's not good in math.
  11. I don't want to but I may have to. @Ran What happened to my beautiful avatar? It's gone and such a cute pic too.
  12. Physical and emotional abuse. I doubt it's anywhere at the level of Ramsay's depravity though.
  13. Character. What they're made of inside. Heart.
  14. Elissa Farman She stole dragon eggs to finance a custom built boat. She sailed westward and was never seen again. Corlys saw Sun Chaser docked in Asshai years later.
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