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  1. Princess Daenerys

    Cersei meeting Dany

    I don't think these two will meet in battle. Cersei's main adversary are the Starks. It's been this way since she had Sansa's direwolf killed. The High Septon is an intermediate adversary who she will defeat. Cersei's enemy is the team of Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark. I believe she will prevail over them but be weakened in the process. She won't stand a chance against the white walkers. The younger, more beautiful queen taking everything from her is Dany. It simply means Dany's coronation as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms after her dragons have cleaned up the white walkers in the south.
  2. Princess Daenerys

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Arya didn't set out to become evil. But she is squarely on that path now. The killing of the old man in Braavos was the start of her descent into madness and depravity. She is an emotionless killing machine now. Arya is more like to join Lady Stoneheart and her merry men rather than put her out of her misery. Receiving the news of her brother's execution at the wall could tip her farther into darkness.
  3. Princess Daenerys

    What happened to the Targaryen slaves?

    Aenar brought his entire household. That would include his serving men and women. He brought slaves but I think Mordred is right about why Aenar Targaryen did it. He did it to save them.
  4. Likely not a fortress. The crypts were the cave homes of the Children of the Forest. It's one more thing that the First Men took from them. The Children of the forest are the Morlocks of George Martin's story. The Morlocks are an underground race that was created by HG Wells. They feed on the surface dwellers.
  5. Princess Daenerys

    What did Barristan think of Ned's execution?

    This is how most people would see it. Only those with intimate knowledge would think otherwise.
  6. Princess Daenerys

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Abrasive men will rub each other the wrong way when in the same room. The Hound has emotional issues. Tyrion has issues as well. They will rub each other the wrong way and hold a grudge. These as well. Tyrion had the advantage over Sandor because of his family name. I can see Tyrion tormenting Sandor. Sandor can't give back because Tyrion is the son of the most powerful lord in the realm. Sandor just had to bite his tongue and take it. Tyrion being the acerbic little man must have loved to pick on Sandor because he knew he was safe.
  7. Princess Daenerys

    The Night's King was a Stark

    Interesting connection. I agree. NK and Craster had something the WW wanted or needed. Not just any sacrifice would do. Compatible DNA or special DNA? It stands to reason the three are related since the NK was a Stark.
  8. Princess Daenerys

    Tyrion Counsel to Aegon (Young Griff)

    So much more could go wrong going to Westeros directly. Aegon can never prove who he is. His credentials will be questioned. He doesn't have enough men to fight the Lannisters. Because, unlike on that other work, the Lannisters are still powerful.
  9. Princess Daenerys

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    I think so as well. The original outline called for Daenerys to find the eggs on her own. They still hatched. Changing her physical appearance won't necessarily change the story. She just won't have the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World. She still has the rest.
  10. Princess Daenerys

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Beauty is just one of the many tools at Daenerys' disposal. Take that beauty away and Daenerys is still smarter than Jon and Sansa. She may come by the dragon eggs differently but she will get them and hatch them still. She was originally suppose to find them but George changed the story a little.
  11. Princess Daenerys

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    You may be right. Dany fits the criteria to be Azor Ahai. Drogo was her Nissa Nissa and the sacrifice led to the birth of the dragons. If a sword can light up when orcs are near why not a sword that lights up when the others are coming. I agree and it's not an actual sword that cuts flesh but one that cuts through the darkness like a blade of sunlight.
  12. Princess Daenerys

    Tywin's corpse?

    Unless it's a way to give Tyrion a break from kinslaying. Is it really kinslaying and murder if Tywin was already dying from poison? It is to us but it can save Tyrion's from self loathing.
  13. Princess Daenerys

    Jon is not in the line of succession

    One other fact that people forget to mention. Lyanna Stark was promised to Robert Baratheon. It wasn't just Rhaegar who was committed to another. An engagement is taken very seriously and it's not something that could be broken lightly. Look what happened when Robb broke his engagement. A married Rhaegar with children by his wife Elia and a Lyanna already engaged to Robert make it impossible for Jon to be legitimate. Rhaegar and Lyanna could not legally marry.
  14. Princess Daenerys

    Jon is not in the line of succession

    Rhaegar's children and future grandchildren were all disinherited the moment Aerys chose to pass his throne to Viserys. The line of succession passed to Viserys and his heir (Dany). Aegon and Rhaenys were still alive and yet Aerys chose Viserys. It's clear to anyone that Aerys intended for Viserys and his heirs to inherit the kingdom. Rhaegar's children are no longer in the line of succession.