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    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    This is completely different than losing to Essos forces. The Blackfyres had supporters in Westeros. Bloodraven wasn't afraid of their forces per se, rather than their potential of rallying lords in Westeros itself and start another Redgrass Fields. As to the Ironborns, there were never a big threat. Much like how Tywin let the Ironborn ran wild during the war of the 5 kings, Bloodraven didn't initially bother with it because he knew they can be put out anytime he wanted to. And so he did, during the lull between Blackfyre actions. We are about to see for real how Westeros fare in war against the Essos when (if) Dance gets released.
  2. Also someone who actually been to Redgrass field. It'll be interesting to see both sides. I'd love to see a Raven's Teeth's perspective and someone in the reserves under Bittersteel obvserving Daemon from the rear.
  3. Jane Doe

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    > the Greens vs. Black enemity was finaly buried. I haven't got to that part yet, but wasn't basically all green candidates are dead? Unlike the Blackfyre rebellion they didn't leave any offspring so it's not like they have anyone to rally around. IMO Aegon III was just a tragic figure. One of his legacies were his sons, which wasn't that good. Daeron was too rash, and Maekor was outright crazy. He basically failed as a father. But so was Viserys. Both brothers had tragic lives and it showed in their offspring.