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  1. Dorian Martell's son

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    No there isn't. There are circumstantial possibilities based on personal interpretations of what has been released. An example, A "mummer's dragon" could be read as a cloth dragon swaying on metal poles, as seen by dany in a vision, or it could be that Varys was a mummer, and (f)Aegon is "his"after saving him and setting up his care and training. Also, a cloth dragon swaying on metal poles could be (f)Aegon's standard being raised over Storm's end after taking the castle.
  2. Dorian Martell's son

    Arthur Dayne?

    This is nearly all of the content on say, a web forum dedicated to a book series that has not seen a new volume in almost 8 years
  3. Dorian Martell's son

    The First Night

    This was your first mistake. Back away while you still can. The others taking babies south of the magical barrier that they can't cross? That's two DId you read fire and blood yet? 'cuz it seems like you didn't, and just read fan fic about it. We only know of roose keeping up the practice
  4. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    Don't forget Lord Tarly's army still in the capital
  5. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    We are told he hired a faceless man to kill his brother. And yes, he not only wants to conquer, he also wants to destroy
  6. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    I got the impression that most of the fighting men from the reach are in the armies split between Mace and lord Tarly, leaving very few home. Why would a man who can change his face at will need a distraction as large as a siege to escape from a place that does not suspect anything. As far as anyone knows, he is pate, like the pig boy. He has a master key that he bought for a gold dragon and access to whatever he is looking for. Agreed It is said that a dragon's egg is worth enough to let you live your life like a king. Balon was a minor king. Euron claimed he threw it into the sea. It is a bit circumspect but it makes sense considering he hired a FM to kill his brother. He can't admit to it, as kinslaying is a major taboo in westeros and especially with the IB. Vic killed his wife over being dishonored by Euron rather than killing Euron himself. We have it in text that he hired a faceless man to kill Balon. The ghost of high heart tells the brotherhood and therefore, the readers. Now you are correct about him buying an army. He did so, at the kingsmoot, with riches and a dragon horn. He does not need to buy another. This does not make sense considering what the FM is doing. He learned it traveling the world learning the magics of different people. He has been to asshai by the shadow, he also knew Mirri Maz Durr and she taught him magic and he taught her anatomy. And he may not leave notes considering the anti-magic sentiment at the citadel as per his conversation about Aemon. POV characters rarely get their Chekovs gun. 5 books in and we have only seen dawn in a flashback That is all PJ, master of fan fic. He might as well be writing his own story. All he needs to learn to do is create his own characters The shade is his only power, unless you count evil, cruelty and ruthlessness as powers. The shade gives him visions, and he can easily use them to see when the winds are favorable. Agreed He already has riches though. He spent his exile reaving. We saw some of it at the kingsmoot. He wants to conquer and destroy. As of the end of dance, both Reacher armies are in king's landing and the lannister army is in the riverlands. The hand of the king expects the Redwyne fleet to smash the Ironborn. We know that JuanCon and (f)Aegon take storm's end and either Mace or Tarly march to meet them. That leaves the reach with whatever troops that Garlan can muster. Oldtown is vulnerable. He won't go to the west. After he smashes the fleet, Cersei will probably reach out to him. We know that she is in charge again after Kevan is killed.
  7. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    We do. We get a few characters who drink the shade and we see what it does. Euron is moving deliberately. He took the shields. He took the Arbor and he is waiting to smash the fleet. Once he does that he can raid with impunity wherever he wants. It will also give him time to wait for his brother. I thought he bypassed the westerlands due to his previous defeat there. I also think the (f)Aegon landing will open up the possibility of a direct assault on Oldtown.
  8. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    There is nothing to disagree on. You wrote about an idea. I pointed out some holes in said idea. That is how this online discussion works
  9. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    He shouldn't be able to under normal circumstances, but he has magic now. And he doesn't seem to want to conquer yet. He is waiting for dragons. As of the damphair chapter he seems to be content with smashing the redwyne fleet sailing around Dorne. Euron has been extremely successful. The Redwynes have lost their lands to the reavers so they will send everything they can to take the islands back. I am curious where you are getting your troop numbers. I seem to remember that Garlan Tyrell had to to and raise levies in the reach to defend oldtown but we are not told if he was successful. What is it a distraction from? Secret identity fan fic aside, why would he go through all that trouble to sack the arbor and the shield islands as a distraction? We are shown his ruthlessness. We are shown his cruelty. Aegon was a builder. Euron is a destroyer. Damphair's visions show that. The Dragon egg was a king's ransom to pay for the killing of King balon. Besides. Jaqen already took pate's face, got the key he wanted from pate and is already inside the citadel moving freely. Why would he need a distraction? That is a possibility, but I doubt it, as the only man in westeros who knows how to use it is getting on a boat for slaver's bay. But anything is possible. It is a fantasy novel after all Please, try to forget anything that preston jacobs rants about.
  10. Dorian Martell's son

    The Citadel

    Nope. A man like Euron is ruthless and a sailor. Also, he had no idea about the shade of the evening until her captures a group of warlocks from the house of the undying. If he lived in Qarth he would have knowledge of these things. In reality he found them when he captured a ship carrying the warlocks looking to get vengeance on Dany. Also, them being the same would serve zero purpose plot wise. The next one is lots of assumptions based on assumptions so I will have to break it down more It is beyond the possibility as it serves no plot purpose. Weirwoods, shade of the evening, glass candles and flame for red priests are how we get visions. characters get one. Not multiple. Having multiple vision methods, like Euron being a greenseer, or having a glass candle is redundant. He gets his visions from the blue wine of the warlocks. We are shown this. There is no need for another. Again, not at all. We know how aeron gets visions. He is given the shade by euron.Aeron has never been near a glass candle at any time in the books. If he had, we the readers would have seen it. Quaithe probably has access to if not possession of one. But so far there is nothing in the books to connect them to euron in any way. You need to establish something before you start speculating about what comes after. Otherwise you are just writing a seperate story. As other folks have said, Mr. Hagar is looking for a book. As shown in feast. He has access to the candle and has for some time. He could have taken it, yet he is still there. A dragon egg. The one he "threw into the sea" Nope. Not at all. Nobody. Euron wants to conquer, The house of black and white wants a book about dragons
  11. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

  12. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

    fix'd it fer ya
  13. Dorian Martell's son

    Do arranged marriages make houses closer?

    They do. Which is why folks keep doing it
  14. Dorian Martell's son

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

    There was nothing he could do. He would have had to be written by a different author that didn't have his failure and death as a main plot point meant to forward the story