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  1. Dorian Martell's son

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    he refused to be knighted when he joined the, KG, so no chance in hell
  2. Dorian Martell's son

    Why do people love Dany?

    Do people like you?
  3. secret identities are revealed in the next book. Like Barristan
  4. Dorian Martell's son

    Mance Rayder's background story?

  5. Dorian Martell's son

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    We have his back story. Here, you can read this so you don't have to read the parts of the actual series where he is talked about https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Mance_Rayder
  6. Dorian Martell's son

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    You haven't been here long have you?
  7. Dorian Martell's son

    Theory: Lysa Arryn and Sweetrobin have lead poisoning.

    quite possibly. Most of the Roman elite died out due to lead exposure
  8. Dorian Martell's son

    The battle of blood

    Those also make me cry, but in a different way
  9. Dorian Martell's son

    The battle of blood

  10. Dorian Martell's son

    Season 8 previews

    next year
  11. Dorian Martell's son

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    Azor Ahai is neither a hero or a villain. He is just a myth that is designed to show the reader where the story is going. That is why dany fits the bill, with the killing of her beloved to crate flaming weapons
  12. Dorian Martell's son

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    He will be healed/resurrected by mel burning shireen and then take the wildlings south to meet up with Stannis' troops to sack winterfell
  13. Dorian Martell's son

    R+L=J v.165

    Is this the longest lasting R+L=J thread? 6 months is a long time on here.
  14. Dorian Martell's son

    The battle of blood

    It is sad that there has been so many years between book releases that Pj videos are a hot subject
  15. Dorian Martell's son

    The stone dragon

    Prophecy is never obvious Not at all. Waking dragons from stone is their hatching. The great stone beast is probably JonCon spreading greyscale around the stormlands. The disease is destructive, and unseen. This makes no sense. They say the same thing, but hte second quote is more elaborate Prophecy usually has multiple possible meanings in the story, and while there may be more, dany's eggs were described as petrified. So while there may be another interpretation, dany's eggs fit perfectly. Could be
  16. Dorian Martell's son

    The stone dragon

    The "stone dragon" was Dany's petrified eggs. As mel says, only king's blood can wake the stone dragon, and Drogo was killed and burned, and Dany's eggs hatched
  17. Dorian Martell's son

    Another Dance of the dragons?

    1: People assume characters other than dany will end up riding the pair that is locked away in Mereen 2: People assume (f)Aegon will live long enough to be a rival to Dany when she finally reaches westeros, hence the dance of the dragons 3: The thing we shall not mention has an entirely different take on it, and it could play similarly in the books if the author ever finishes the last two. At the current rate of 1 extra year between books, if winds is released this year, dream will be released in 2025
  18. Dorian Martell's son

    Quentyn Martell is Alive?... Death and POV characters

    oof I had to fix it for you Or zed
  19. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon is Faegon

    your assumption that because the author is a "Male Feminist" he is giving dany all sorts of stuff with no repercussions. You made it clear it bothered you, otherwise, you would not have brought it up. Men aren't "male feminists." They are just feminists. Besides. Dany is suffering all sorts of repercussions. there is war, rebellion, disease, food shortages and a naval blockade.
  20. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon is Faegon

  21. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon is Faegon

    And the butthurt MRAs have finally invaded the westeros forums. Next thing you will talk about how much you hate is Arya in ninja training and how Cat deserved to die by frey hands. Stick to reddit dude
  22. Dorian Martell's son

    Aegon is Faegon

    Unless he really is the real deal. Except it is implied that Joncon was in love with rhaegar (thus imagining him when he faps) so his image would be a ready memory We the readers know far less about Serra than JonCon knows about (f)Aegon. Fatty McFatterton has had many a slave in his manse. Some big. Some small. While I agree that the clothes are probably the King's, there is nothing to indicate parentage. My guess is that there will never be an answer to the (f)Aegon question. He will probably die with it unresolved for the readers
  23. Dorian Martell's son

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Optimus Prime. Only he has the matrix of leadership
  24. Dorian Martell's son

    Small Questions v. 10105

  25. Dorian Martell's son

    R+L=J v.165