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    The Tower of Joy

    So why did Rhaegar take a newborn and a sick bleeding new mom and travel through the mountains from Dorne to the ToJ?
  2. Dorian Martell's son

    The Tower of Joy

    Protecting the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna as the heir to the throne is the only answer To protect the Heir to the seven kingdoms while he was a babe at the breast and his mother was unable to travel This Not a chance. Rhaegar is Jon's bio father. And when would you say he was born in relation to what lie?
  3. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    True, he does, but I don't think Dany would be written to have all of the experiences she has and then go straight evil. She was sold as a commodity. She was betrayed, she sacrificed her beloved, she lead people across the desert. She fought the undying. She freed slaves and sacked the cities of those who tried to stop her. A twist of her going ham fisted evil is so far out of character I can't see it. Cersei is far more evil and self serving, Euron is far more destructive and dangerous and Ramsey is far more brutal than she will ever be. I can see her betraying someone she promises later, but nuking westeros, the land she is supposed to rule will be her deal. I never said they would. I said they would fight alongside the watch. There are many weapons. We have seen them. There is Tree magic, obsidian, dragon fire, Valyrian steel ( I know it is from the thing we shall not mention but it was shown over 2 years ago so it isn't a secret anymore) and of course, the magic of the red god and I am hoping that we will get to see Dawn used against them. I have already stated that. Ice and fire is literally the name of the series. Neither is good or bad, they are elements to be harvested. So she stops as soon as she leaves slaver's bay? Nah, she is growing as a character. Reversing her arc is not something GRRM would do. He loves to subvert tropes, not send characters spiraling. why not? What character had done a complete 180 and abandoned all of their experiences that lead them to where they are? Dragons are currently wreaking havoc all over Mereen. Children have been burned and eaten, crops destroyed. That is why Dany had to lock them away. And again, the thing we shall not mention has shown the reversal of fortune of a dragon 2 years ago. I am sure it will happen in the books. Lol that was my word not the author's. The dragons are not the others. They represent an opposing aspect but are not the polar opposite. The world already is composed of ice and fire. The Others seek to destroy life as we know it. Living sentient beings are working to oppose them. That is the song of ice and fire
  4. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    That is one line in the books about a place thousands of leagues away from anywhere a character goes to. We the readers do not see them.
  5. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    Thank you but no apologies are necessary. That is supposed to be the point of a forum like this. Points of view and clarification
  6. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    It seems to be where the story is going. Says who? They had the magic of the children, and great beasts were still roaming most of westeros. If they didn't need massive firepower, why did the other's survive. And why did they need to build a 700 foot tall 300 mile wide magical wall of ice and rock and a martial order of men to protect the realm from their inevitable return? Ice and fire are both saviors as well. Ice preserves and fire cleanses. The whole point of the story is that there is good and bad in almost everything Part of Dany's story is her not becoming her father or her viserys. she is the breaker of chains.
  7. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    Fighting alongside dragons
  8. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    Lol are you saying Stan is AA reborn and his sword is the real lightbringer Aemon wasn't wasn't feverish or dying at the point where he was discussing LB with Sam. He was blind but he still had his wits. He was able to care for Jon, he was able to speak eloquently at the election of the LC. He had spent many a day discussing prophecy with his nephew, and he knew it well. There is no need to grasp at straws
  9. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    No. Because you didn't read the quote I will read it for you. Yes, but read what you quoted me on Not at all. This is a major assumption that has nothing to do with anything written in any book. All we know of AA is that he was a blacksmith, he was married and he fought evil with a flaming sword. There is nothing in the story about being forged in sacred flames in a temple, nor os there anything in the books about the origin of the faith of the fire god. Also, we have only met one single shadowbinder that follows the red god. Everything in this reply is fanfic with no basis in text from the book. While a big imagination is a great thing, this is not your book, therefore we need to get away from that. Remember, the perspective of the story is westerosi, and in the WoIaF is is specifically stated that the knowledge of the world becomes less reliable the farther from the citadel we go. Now, we know that the long night was westerosi in origin. We know the event happened. There is a giant magical wall to prove it. We the readers have seen the children, the ice demons, their undead thralls and the magical power of the wall. The only red sword we have seen has been fake, as called out by Maester Aemon. Stories change as they travel over vast distances and are translated between languages. The fact that Mel is wrong about Stan to such a major degree, including a fake LightBringer shows that the "prophecy" is bullshit. Again, this is your fanfic. The point of my reply is that all myths are bullshit unless we the readers are shown otherwise. Also, there were way more than two heroes. You are forgetting Hyrkoon, Yin Tar, Neferion, and Eldric Shadowchaser, and there is no mention if ice demons and undead thralls in the AA story either. So, the others were not destroyed, and since there is no single mention of them outside of westeros ever anywhere, there is no reason to believe they crossed the sea. since they cannot walk or sail around the wall, this fits. Also, absence of something does no prove it exists. And this is a fantasy book, so we are not hunting for clues in a crime scene. Since everything written by the author has shown. You are not the author of this story and you should not make so many baseless assumptions about the writing or plot of it, especially if there is no text that supports anything you are trying to say
  10. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    The three magic past characters, Azor Ahai, the Prince that was promised and the last hero are all archetypes that serve as foreshadowing about the journey of the three. 1: Dany is the AA archetype. She sacrificed her beloved to create flaming weapons. She does not do swordplay, but she does have the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen. There were three sacrifices. Her son, her husband and the woman who betrayed her. 2: Juan snow is TPTWP. He is descended from the line of Aerys and Rhaella, and he is literally the song of ice and fire. His biggest concern is to defend the realm from the impending darkness. 3: Bran is the last hero. As the darkness approaches, he and his faithful companions travel north to find the CTOF and learn their magic to help defend the realm from the ice demons and their undead thralls. The thing with prophecy is that GRRM has gone out of his way to show that is is flawed bullshit. So none of it can be taken literally and directly. I know that fans here love the story, and because we are pushing a decade between book releases, they tend to take every shred of text there is and extrapolate into fantastic theories, but we need to keep a few things in mind. Namely, the perspective of the books is westerosi, and characters only get as far east as Qarth. All of the eastern myths and legends like the Great empire stories are not meant to have a literal bearing on the plot. It is filler to flesh out a world. This is driven home by the Mel/Stanis plot. Stan's lightbringer is fake and he has made no sacrifices to forge the sword. Maester Aemon points it out quite succinctly.
  11. Dorian Martell's son

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    LB is not and has never been real. It is a myth, based on the events of the long night and the last hero after the story traveled untold thousands of leagues east, changing slightly with each retelling and translation. The purpose of it isn't to have a literal object that is reforged or remade. It is a plot device to describe characters and their journey, specifically Jon, Dany and Bran
  12. Dorian Martell's son

    What do you think is going on?

    Nothing about the great emperors has anything to do with the books. It is all filler. Like places on the map we will never see or go to, characters mentioned as myth from the other side of planetos will have no bearing on the plot in any way. Stick to book characters and actions actually written about. All those videos are just complicated fan fic that if written down make no sense at all. IF george didn't write it, it didn't happen
  13. Dorian Martell's son

    Predict her future: Penny

    She will marry tyrion and be the little lady of the rock
  14. Dorian Martell's son

    The Others "inside" man

  15. Dorian Martell's son

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I am aware, but the point still stands. Varys was born a man
  16. Dorian Martell's son

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    Varys is a man without a penis. Aerys was the kind of douchebag to demand a peek at the lack of goods before he gave lord Junkless a job
  17. Dorian Martell's son

    Is x character a psychopath?

  18. Dorian Martell's son

    Last One Standing

    Bran will be the last to die, in a tree, in almost 120 years after the story ends
  19. Dorian Martell's son

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    Look at that. Half a decade ago.
  20. Dorian Martell's son

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    Petyr's singular goal in life is to fuck every Tully woman. Sans is the last. Besides, Petyr is one of the two behind the scenes manipulators in westeros. The whole of the whole purple wedding and his alliance with Olena are major plot points that the author would not give up.
  21. Dorian Martell's son

    Badass moments of Jon Snow.

    The time he cut Slynt's head off. The time he fought a wight alone. The time he managed to figure out oral sex despite having no experience in the sexual arena. All badassed things
  22. Dorian Martell's son

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    your concept of cultural relativism had blinded to you the nature of vic
  23. Dorian Martell's son

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    I showed examples of his lack of a moral compass, his cold rationailes of violence and killing and a profound disconnect to reality. Your inability to see this does not mean I am wrong.
  24. Dorian Martell's son

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    Of course it isn't that simple. That is just one of the many examples of how he is psycho
  25. Dorian Martell's son

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    I am aware, and in past replies I have gone over what makes him a psycho. This is just one of the examples.