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  1. Anck Su Namun

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night? The White Walkers The 5 Forts should give us a clue. The Essosi felt they needed to build fortifications this high. Essos suffered in the past what Westeros is about to experience.
  2. Anck Su Namun

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    AGOT: Best: Daenerys Worst: Jon ACOK: Best: Daenerys Worst: Arya ASOS: Best: Daenerys Worst: Jon AFFC: Best: Cersei Worst: Damphair ADWD: Best: Daenerys Worst: Arya
  3. Anck Su Namun

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I don't think so. Rickon will become something like Thormund. Growing in Skagos with wildlings is not going to make him a proper lord.
  4. Anck Su Namun

    the honeyed locusts...

    Some who will not be named propose Belwas as the target and the zo Phals are behind the deed. It's not complicated to me. The harpies did it. Locusts are a delicacy to them and it never crossed their minds that someone would find them unappetizing. Belwas has a taste for the snack because he grew up in Slaver's Bay.
  5. Anck Su Namun

    Summer eating wights

    We know it's nasty, from Bran's point of view while warged in Summer. But the fact that the direwolf is willing to eat wight carcass should be a clue to us that this is how the direwolves will sustain themselves during the long winter. The Starks will continue their existence as wolves. It won't take too long before the Starks start thinking wight carcass is quite delish.
  6. Anck Su Namun

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    Jorah didn't push Dany. He was making a suggestion. I haven't read any comment from Martin about Jorah's advice to Dany. Jorah doesn't really plan and he could not have planned Drogo's death from sepsis. Mirri's mud packing had manure and god knows what other nasty things.
  7. Anck Su Namun

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    He doesn't have a plan. Bowen reacted to Jon's announcement. That was why the assassination was hurried. Jon admitted to setting Mance Rayder free and compounded the problem when he announced his plan to attack the Boltons. Bowen had to act quickly. There was no plan. He was too desperate to find a way to stop Jon. I hope Bowen will be alright. The situation doesn't look good for him. He should send a letter of apology to the Boltons and blame it all on Jon. Which is not untrue. Request their help in dealing with the wildlings that Jon set loose in the north.
  8. Anck Su Namun

    What if?: Political Marriages if there was no Ribert’s Rebellion?

    Viserys and Daenerys might turn out differently had the rebellion never taken place. The Daenerys that we all know and love might turn out quite ordinary. We might have gotten a Daenerys with a personality similar to Margaery Tyrell instead of the very brave and intelligent little girl that we got. Average and ordinary. Likewise, Viserys would turn out like any other pampered boy from a royal household. Hardships can make people stronger but too much hardships at an early age can ruin a person and make them spiteful and angry. Viserys might have turned out alright.
  9. Anck Su Namun

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Summer allowed his imagination to get wild. Fire and smoke appear liquid. They dance and writhe. Twisting and curling as it rises upwards. Fire creates dancing shadows. It is not unlike the animated fire that young Daenerys saw in Drogo's tent during Mirri's ritual. Those creatures were not really there. Fire priestesses like Mellissandre can stare at the flames so long that their minds start playing tricks on them. Fire's hypnotic, undulating movements appear like a living thing. This is my short way of saying Summer only saw smoke.
  10. Anck Su Namun

    The mystery of Robb’s letter

    I don't think even an oathbreaker like Robb would think of something like this. He doesn't have the authority to release Jon from his vows. Nobody has that kind of legal right.
  11. Anck Su Namun

    The mystery of Robb’s letter

    It was probably a letter to Walder Frey to propose a new deal.
  12. Anck Su Namun

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Not really. Stannis has a fatal character flaw. His lack of compassion will end up turning people against him. He would burn all of the people who didn't believe his accusations against Joffrey. The man burned his own soldiers. Tywin would use dragons to further the glory of his own house. But he would fail in the end because his children are fuckups. Having dragons is not going to stop the idiocy of Jaime and Cersei. Give Jon a dragon and he would break his night's watch oaths to attack the Boltons with fire. That is very irresponsible for someone who took the vows of the night's watch to do.
  13. Anck Su Namun

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    What Daenerys Targaryen has over other beautiful women (Cersei and Sansa for example) is her intelligence. She is also very brave and quite resourceful. The choices she made gave her the dragons. She earned the loyalty of her Unsullied. George gave Daenerys a lot of assets but he also took away a lot of things. She lost her kingdom, parents, siblings, husband, and son. That is more tragedy suffered by anyone. The hero must have her weapons to fight evil and that is what she has.
  14. Anck Su Namun

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Maybe Aemon is not susceptible to having his dreams invaded. Historical records of the last time the world turned dark. What caused it. Blood sacrifice. They were used as offerings to the gods. Fashion. Custom. Tradition. Uniform. Qaithe continues to wear hers away from Asshai. It must be fashion because there is no need to wear it away from the poisoned atmosphere of Asshai.