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  1. There are dragon eggs in the world. All probably already petrified. There is only one Mother of Dragons though. And she is not going to be inclined to hatch more dragons.
  2. Would Lord Walder marry one of his girls to a bastard? I wonder. Maybe Amerei. Walder is a generous man. He might even offer some land to his new son in law. For Jon to die in the Riverlands, yes.
  3. Princess and prince are legal titles. Those titles convey certain rights and privileges supported by the law. So if the prophecies goes to the trouble of using those titles then it must be important.
  4. The class system is not going to survive intact. A new upper class will rise at the end of the long night. The race and ethnicity of Westeros is not going to be the same. Migration from the east will bring dark skinned Dothraki, pale Qartheen, and Ghiscari to resettle the newly defrosted west. Savage wildlings and giants will come down from the north to settle in the lands once ruled by the Starks. Sailors from Sothoryos may lay claim to the lands that were the Martell's. The continent will begin anew as spring comes.
  5. The Prince that was promised had to come from Targaryen parents. I.e. Targaryen on both sides. Rhaegar fathering Daenerys on Rhaella meets that criteria. However, there is more evidence to support King Aerys as the father. The Prince that was promised, to be a true prince/princess, must not be a bastard. Otherwise, they would not be a princess or a prince. I believe Aerys is the father and Rhaella the mother. This gifted child must be born from a marriage. Rhaella and Aerys could not divorce and the door is closed to the possibility of a second marriage for either of them. I am not saying there won't be charlatans and grifters making claims to the throne. George has already said a few more will sit on the throne. There will be grifters who will get to enjoy the seat of power. Until they get roasted by the dragons whose fire built that throne. Drogon is the reincarnation of the great Balerion. I expect Cersei, Jaime, Faegon, and maybe Jon to temporarily put their butts on the throne. Jon as the Ice King. Daenerys and her dragons will come and take back the throne from those charlatans. The last charlatan to sit before her arrival will be the third treason and the third execution by fire.
  6. Sam is okay to lead for a specific purpose. He is not going to rule an empire. That is not going to happen unless the author does something completely silly and unbelievable. Sam was sent on a mission to get Aemon home and to study at the Citadel. Aemon was the senior but Sam was the second-in-command of that mission. He did alright.
  7. No and it makes you appreciate Walder Frey for allowing his sons to enter the maester college. Walder has a working class ethic and it has served his House well even if the other fams looked down on him.
  8. He could be the cat of the late princess. Just a cat and nothing more. Gone street smart and tough just like anybody who got displaced and have had to make it through on their own.
  9. The average person would have died from the poison. Instead she only miscarried. Some of the Targaryens are very special. She is apparently one of the special ones. Dany walked out of a burning fire. She is the only Targaryen to have successfully hatched stone dragon eggs. The peasant king tried and died in failure. No doubt at all, Dany is very special. George R. R. Martin said as much during an interview. But you don't need to dig deep. Use common sense. How many people instinctively know what to do to bring back an extinct species? She knew what to do. How many can walk into a fire and not be burned? She is special and the usual Targaryen limitations do not apply.
  10. He wrote for TV. Beauty and the Beast. He was successful in the fantasy genre. I don't think his science fiction were big sellers though.
  11. We normally think of small string puppets being moved by humans. Perhaps it is the small rat people moving humans around. Mind control is used instead of strings.
  12. I will disagree. The scouring will not be limited to King's Landing. Most of Westeros will be scoured in some way. The North will be a dead land. Those people in the north will die and become wights. The Others will control those wights and make their way south until Daenerys and Drogon stops them in the riverlands near the Trident. The damage in the south will come from Euron. Though I expect another protagonists will deal with Euron. A team of Asha, the Harlows, the Martells, and the Hightowers will have to cooperate to defeat Euron.
  13. She is the lead character in this series. A significant part of the two remaining books will be about her adventures. Besides, there will be more room to devote to her story line because Jon Snow is dead. We will not be getting any more POV chapters from Jon. So that is one unineteresting (to me) story line that is out of the way. This will open at least a half dozen chapters worth of pages for her. What you believe needs to happen may not happen. Aegon's plot line may be resolved by some other protagonists. I love Daenerys but there are other protagonists in this series. Somebody else, Asha Greyjoy and the Reader, might take out Euron even before Daenerys Targaryen sets her sails for Westeros. The idea of the two queens, Daenerys and Cersei, fighting it out can be nothing more than show creation. Cersei's plot arc will be resolved before Queen Dany maker her way to Westeros. I see only a few conflicts for Dany to resolve. Taking control of the Dothraki, getting rid of the slavers in Meereen, bringing Euron's Ironborn under control, deciphering the mystery of Quaithe, the long voyage to Westeros, and then a possible battle with the others. The Starks will be direwolves by then. Jon will be Ghost, if he gets a second life.
  14. Perhaps Benjen got the letter but failed to deliver. Brandon got it and ignored it. He was hot headed.
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