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  1. Anck Su Namun

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    Perhaps Benjen got the letter but failed to deliver. Brandon got it and ignored it. He was hot headed.
  2. Anck Su Namun

    How common is incest?

    Perhaps that is why the Prince Who Was Promised must come from Targaryen parents, who themselves came from Targaryen parents. The dragon bond also helps. It took purity to bring back the perfection. The ritual of being born again in the flames burned away the "blood" of the lesser humans that worked its way into the family. It's like the tempering of steel in order to make it stronger.
  3. Anck Su Namun

    Robb stark education

    Robb Stark had never been outside the north. He was indeed lacking in education. He had a maester and could read, which isn't much of an education because it was a very narrow curriculum. Very narrow indeed. He had training for a narrow subject but lacked critical thinking skills.
  4. Perhaps the whole cycle takes place in Slaver's Bay. Although it is hard to rule out MMD's treason, funeral fire, and execution. The treasons result in the deaths of husband or lover, the husband is cremated, the guilty dies by fire as the punishment.
  5. Anck Su Namun

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    Perhaps she wrote a letter but the Starks are prideful. It would mean shame on their house. Look at the examples of Jon and Robb. Did Robb care whether his father committed treason? He did not and would have done the same thing to save him, guilty or not. Arya was there when her father admitted to treason. She has no way of knowing whether he's guilty or not but that doesn't give her pause to stop her revenge. Janos Slynt did not order the execution of Ned Stark and yet Jon Snow killed him to avenge his father. So even if we assume Lyanna had left a note. That would not change the Stark response. They would burn that note and hide her vow breaking. The Starks are full of hubris but are no more honorable than toads.
  6. Anck Su Namun

    The role of forgiveness

    Mel is not going to have the resources to do anything to Bowen Marsh. Besides that, the men at the wall will support Marsh after Jon revealed his crimes at the shield hall. Bowen did what needed to be done to stop Jon from doing any more harm to the Watch.
  7. Anck Su Namun

    Dany and child murder

    Off topic but do you think Abner and Bowen have a similar role in their respective stories?
  8. Anck Su Namun

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    Baelish is playing the best tools he has. He is acting like Illyrio Mopatis. He wants to get ahead but they are limited by what they have. Can you imagine the delight Illyrio got after he heard about the dragons coming back to life. He must have had an orgasm. Baelish only has Sansa. That is the only play available to him. High chances or low this is what he has.
  9. Anck Su Namun

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    I read a similar topic asking what the appropriate punishment for Catelyn. She is guilty of letting an important POW go. I will instead ask for you all to consider pardoning Rickard Karstark. Here are my reasons for believing he should have been pardoned. Robb Stark called his banners because he loved his father. It mattered little or not at all if Eddard had actually been guilty of treason. The Starks were going to rescue him anyway. The number of people who will die didn't matter. It was about family. Catelyn Tully Stark arrested Tyrion in order to take him to trial for the attempted murder of her son. She knew the consequences. She knew many innocents will die because of this. It didn't matter because it was about her son. What did it matter that the children of innocent peasants and lords alike will die as long as she gets satisfaction for her son's injuries. This is all about family after all. The Starks started a rebellion fifteen years ago in order to protect Ned and Robert from a completely legal request by King Aerys. Would it matter if Rickard and the Baratheons were plotting against the throne? That would be wrong and illegal. Brandon threatened to murder the royal family. They needed to get Duskendaled. Would the Starks be willing to allow the king to execute Ned? They should but they would not. Because Ned was family and it doesn't matter if he was wrong. Jon Snow swore an oath to the Night's Watch. The membership require the brotherhood to leave behind old grudges in order to do the job they were given. There is no out clause after the oath. Jon Snow deserted and had to be brought back by his friends. This is breaking oaths and he should have known better because he was there when Gared was executed for the same crime. Jon went because he was thinking of his family. His loyalty always has been with his family instead of the Night's Watch. Rickard Karstark marched south with Robb Stark. He was a loyal man. Jaime killed his sons. Does it not stand to good reason that Rickard loved his boys as much as the Starks loved Ned? Absolutely. Didn't Catelyn do something irrational when she took Tyrion? Didn't this decision cause the deaths of many innocent people in the river lands? It sure did. So if the Starks can be forgiven for all of their f*%$ed up decisions, why couldn't Rickard Karstark be forgiven! I say he should have been forgiven. Robb Stark was full of hypocrisy. He would have forgiven another Starks for the worst of f*%$ ups.
  10. Anck Su Namun

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night? The White Walkers The 5 Forts should give us a clue. The Essosi felt they needed to build fortifications this high. Essos suffered in the past what Westeros is about to experience.
  11. Anck Su Namun

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    AGOT: Best: Daenerys Worst: Jon ACOK: Best: Daenerys Worst: Arya ASOS: Best: Daenerys Worst: Jon AFFC: Best: Cersei Worst: Damphair ADWD: Best: Daenerys Worst: Arya
  12. Anck Su Namun

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I don't think so. Rickon will become something like Thormund. Growing in Skagos with wildlings is not going to make him a proper lord.
  13. Anck Su Namun

    the honeyed locusts...

    Some who will not be named propose Belwas as the target and the zo Phals are behind the deed. It's not complicated to me. The harpies did it. Locusts are a delicacy to them and it never crossed their minds that someone would find them unappetizing. Belwas has a taste for the snack because he grew up in Slaver's Bay.
  14. Viserys and Daenerys might turn out differently had the rebellion never taken place. The Daenerys that we all know and love might turn out quite ordinary. We might have gotten a Daenerys with a personality similar to Margaery Tyrell instead of the very brave and intelligent little girl that we got. Average and ordinary. Likewise, Viserys would turn out like any other pampered boy from a royal household. Hardships can make people stronger but too much hardships at an early age can ruin a person and make them spiteful and angry. Viserys might have turned out alright.