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  1. Anck Su Namun

    What if Lysa was killed by the Moon Tea?

    Hoster would have stayed out of the rebellion.
  2. Anck Su Namun

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    #3 is only partly true. Lyanna, Eddard, Jon Snow, and Arya all possess the unusually long faces but many in the family, like maybe ones who don't have the traits of the wolf blood, have normal faces. #1 is very true.
  3. Anck Su Namun

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Obsessed is the better word to describe Jon's mental state. His feelings for Arya drove him to betray his duties. Guys, it is indeed okey dokey to dislike a fictional book character and even real people. For me, I have nothing for nor against Bowen Marsh. I happen to dislike Jon.
  4. Anck Su Namun

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    Egyptian Great pyramid at Giza. Rhoyne because of the history with the turtles, the Sorrows, etc. Dany's pyramid is a stronghold. The Indian pyramids were ceremonial in purpose. Being a stronghold, Dany's pyramid will have barracks, servant's quarters, stables, throne rooms, and luxurious appointments.
  5. Anck Su Namun

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    So if Ned was allowed to take the black a peace could be possible between Stark and Lannister. Such a peace will mean Robb goes to KL and kneels in front of Joffrey to swear fealty. The wolves will be humbled but they may get to keep WF.
  6. Anck Su Namun

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    Those matches would put Rickard Stark in a powerful position to oppose his king if he wanted to and he should know that the Targaryens could never allow that to happen. A monarch who allows his vassals to become more powerful that he is loses his power. Aerys knew it. Rickard knew it. Robert knew it. Aegon Frey knew it. So while he may not be plotting to overthrow the Targaryens he had to know he was threatening their rule.
  7. Walder for sure is interesting. Generous - his part of the deal was generous, his family fought bravely for Robb and they didn't hold back, his gift of silver to the Boltons was rich. Stingy and Mean - the food at the wedding could have been more fitting, the dishes could have been more lavish, the entertainment should have been more musical. Roose got to choose the girl. He thought so. Hoster was insulting Walder. I guess Hoster never thought in a million years that Walder will be in a position to pay him back. He likes Walder. He has fun writing Walder's chapters. The man is witty. That would depend on what Tywin Lannister asked of me. I would do what I can to avoid losing my lands and castles. I sure as hell don't want to suffer for Robb Stark.
  8. Anck Su Namun

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Oh, there will be chaos and they can still sing kumbaya. Seriously, all of the factions have different agendas. (1) Selyse and her armsmen want to survive. But these men know better than anyone that they can't fight the Boltons. What to do? They don't want to die with Stannis. The solution, comply with the reasonable requests of the bastard letter. (2) The wildlings want to rescue their king. They're not hanging around to see who gets elected LC. They don't care about that. They will leave for Winterfell as soon as they can. (3) The Brothers want to save the watch and stop the Others. Bowen Marsh and the officers will do what they can to clean up Jon's mess and make peace with the Boltons. That is not taking sides, that's mending the fence after their LC started the feud.
  9. Anck Su Namun

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Those knights won't go down with Stannis. It is a fitting parallel because the garrison at Dragonstone were about to give King Viserys and Princess Daenerys to Stannis. How fitting it is to have his own garrison give up his family to Roose Bolton. Turnabout, comeuppance.
  10. Anck Su Namun

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I believe there are two reasons: (1) Daenerys is the equivalent of Aegon the Conqueror and Drogon is Balerion the Black Dread come again. They go together. Daenerys is the strongest of the three heads of the dragon and therefore should have the most powerful dragon. (2) Drogo's life force or soul if you will, is in Drogon. He was a powerful man who never lost a battle. Likewise, Balerion was the most powerful dragon that we know of. It is fitting that his soul,his second life, is Drogon.
  11. Anck Su Namun

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Maybe Aemon is not susceptible to having his dreams invaded. Historical records of the last time the world turned dark. What caused it. Blood sacrifice. They were used as offerings to the gods. Fashion. Custom. Tradition. Uniform. Qaithe continues to wear hers away from Asshai. It must be fashion because there is no need to wear it away from the poisoned atmosphere of Asshai.
  12. Anck Su Namun

    Unpopular Opinions?

    I can't stand Jon. I guess that is unpopular but that is how I feel about that character. Reading his chapters is not at all enjoyable. It would help if someone else was the point of view character at the wall.
  13. It was the right thing to do at first, but it became wrong when Robb allowed Catelyn off the hook for her crime.
  14. Anck Su Namun

    The Order of the Green Hand

    I like their channel. I don't necessarily agree with all of their theories but I agree that R + L = J is a lame theory. They present their ideas very well. I am a subscriber to their Youtube channel. I also love "Ideas of ice and Fire" and Preston Jacobs. I can't stand Radio Westeros though.
  15. Anck Su Namun

    Ned warged the boar that killed Robert

    Ned? No. Brynden Rivers? Probably.