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  1. I agree with the latest posters, But... add to that, that Arya may be (again) the one who’s going to solve the problem... (Maybe using Jon’s face, if she learnt Jaqen’s trick she doesn’t need to kill Jon). If so, beside turning GoT into the Arya’s show, that won’t let anything... I don’t know what word to use, compelling maybe, for Jon to do. He’s not that I want to see him killing Dany, per se, but his arc needs at least one choice that is not letting someone else decide, doing what has to be done... Not even refusing the throne is enough. He has to take his own responsibilities. He has to make at least one “tragic” choice, otherwise he’s just an incompetent and vile man.
  2. For me it was a waste of time. I would have loved to hear (instead of that) a finale Cersei’s speech, a monologue, some words... letting her go like that.. without nothing memorable, it’s a shame imo.
  3. I can see why people are upset. But personally I rank this one - with all its silly plot conveniences, that unfortunately are not something new - above ep. 3.
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