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  1. I like Preston's theory. But in my opion, the Stark children have not telepathic abilities... per se. I believe the direwolves have them. It has become my assumption recently, re-reading the wolves dreams. They see each other, hear each other etc... I also believe, that it's more likely that - Bran excluded at least form some moment on - the direwolves warg into the Stak children, not the contrary. I also think it's worth to notice, that we don't know of any other character beside the Stark children that actually wargs into a direwolf. We know that Varamyr thought of doing so. However, he didn't try. And even if beyond the Wall there're always been direwolves and skinchangers he never mentions - not even in his account of the skinchangers meetings - someone that actually wargs into a direwolf. Which is... curious. I also believe that the Others have these abilities, pretty much like the direwolves. (and that's why I think that there is a connection between the Others and the direwolves, not only between the Others and the w.w. trees). They posses=warg into the whites. They show up in the wolf houres, they "hunt" (in a borader sense) at night. They hate fire and iron, just like the direwolves. And so on. This however is not equal to say that Preston is uncorrect. It would explain in different (and easier) way than the one he proposes the reason as to why in a single generation there are so many Stark with skin changing abilities. In short, not by genetics (or not only), but by the connection with the puppies. I'd say in fact, that the direwolves awekened those abilities and that other people/forces are trying to use them. However, to have an access to them - just because they cannot do it diretcly - they have to use something (the substances).
  2. I agree with the latest posters, But... add to that, that Arya may be (again) the one who’s going to solve the problem... (Maybe using Jon’s face, if she learnt Jaqen’s trick she doesn’t need to kill Jon). If so, beside turning GoT into the Arya’s show, that won’t let anything... I don’t know what word to use, compelling maybe, for Jon to do. He’s not that I want to see him killing Dany, per se, but his arc needs at least one choice that is not letting someone else decide, doing what has to be done... Not even refusing the throne is enough. He has to take his own responsibilities. He has to make at least one “tragic” choice, otherwise he’s just an incompetent and vile man.
  3. lalt

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    For me it was a waste of time. I would have loved to hear (instead of that) a finale Cersei’s speech, a monologue, some words... letting her go like that.. without nothing memorable, it’s a shame imo.
  4. I agree he didn't know about Arya. But my read is, that she made it at the last seconds (not that she was hiding)... in this sense whatever Theon did, it was very important. But of course we'll never know, because... shock value.
  5. This. And Bran..... all that journey to become a bait that does nothing? Theon's arc and role in that battle are far more meaningful. At least he gained those crucial seconds.
  6. lalt

    GRRM vs #metoo

    Did I say it was a wondeful habit? I said it was an habit. As it is nowadays in many places around the world. And as historian I can tell you it was a fairly widespread habit and not only among the noble classes. Even the popular classes did the same: there are many interesting studies about the so-called "dowry" that prove it. However, this is not to say that it was the "rule". It is to say that it was not uncommon. In some periods it was more, in others less. And not always, as the centuries (and science) progressed, the phenomenon / habit diminished. Because unfortunately other (economic) factors determined it. Beside that, my point was that just because I don't like patriarchy I believe that denial of a sad truth is not useful. And because of that, what I personally find disturbing... is the idea that Dany ended up "loving" Drogo. That's gross to me. Being a lady-in-waiting at court was not a matter of friendship or trust. But the acknowledgment of the power of the family from which every lady-in-waiting came. Those women were there not because they were "friends" of the dame they served, but to protect and represent the interests of their own families at court. As for the rest, if you want to believe that the upper classe women were "friends" with their attendans, for real, you're free to do it. I surely believe there may have been mutual respect, familiarity... But "friendship"? I don't think it wasn't a given. That said, I miss too - like I said - a good female friendship in the novels. But I just don't see Cat or Cersei as one of those women intrested in that. They are focused... on war. Their pov are about... that. Cat has not idea that she lives in a sexist world. For her, that's the only possible world to live in and she plays by those rules. As a paradox (maybe), Cersei is more aware of that... I would say that she's "neurotic" because of that.
  7. lalt

    There's Something about Leaf

    I don't know if she's dead, but.... you can be right, somehow. There's definitely something weird... I do not remember the exact quote, but what we learn in that chapter is also that the COTF speak the tongue of ravens/crows - and vice versa - because they use to skinchange into them. So how did she learn to speak the tongue of men? Skinchanging... into a human body? Or the contrary, maybe? That said, I am currently working on an essay about the 5 prologues. In short I believe that some themes and entries are "recurrent". That one may find them in every prologue and that if so, it is done purpose to oreshadow the endgame and/or hide clues about the main misteries of the serie. One of those is precisely the idea of other languages, that men do or do not understand/speak and creatures speak/cannot speak. I also believe that is tied somehow (but how and why?) to AGOT Bran I, and what Nedd says "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die"
  8. lalt

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yes. She has and the houses that opposed her can absolulety use that argument. I would say that a rebellion against such a sovereign is a textbook example of a legitimate rebellion against a king / queen, even according to XV/XVI century philosophy or political science. The problem - however - is that the people of KL is not asking her deposition. Probably because they fear Cersei. Probably because her "propaganda" vs Dany was effective and they fear her too. But one thing is for sure: they are not asking Dany to free them. At the moment.
  9. lalt

    GRRM vs #metoo

    First thing that come up to my mind... Margaret Beaufort. She was 12 when she married Edmund Tudor. He died soon after, leaving her as a 13-year-old widow pregnant with her son (Henry the 7th). I can go on houres, but let's move on... Intresting point, that of female friendship. In all honesty, I still hear - in my real life - some women say... that friendship between women is impossible. My life proves the contrary. And when I hear a woman saying that... and I do, that to me proves how much strong some mind set are, that some women cannot help but apply or live by a sexist mind set. That's the problem. That said, I believe that Cersei rapresents that. And Cat too, even tho in a different way. Not only these women live in a men word, the play a male game... according to the role and the rules men made or gave them. They are both obsessed with the game and their pov are focused on that. And if you ask me, that's why friendship between women is revolutionary. Because sooner or later it helps to understand some details we tend to miss, just because we still live in a male world. So yes... at least somewhere else, with other characters, I would have loved to see more of that counterpoint.
  10. lalt

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    That's war, in fact. But again, this war started because Dany and her allies wanted this war to start. There are not pacificists in this story. And like I said, I believe Cersei is a bad ruler. But I don't find the parallel with Hitler the right one. She's a Geddafi, if you will. Or a Pinochet... someone who took power with a cup. In one case, at some point someone started a war against him, in the other one... no one ever did. What was the right choice? I think there's not right answer (and sometimes a lot of hypocrisy)
  11. lalt

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I don't even think Cersei will arrive alive at the end the books serie. I think, however that with that George only meant who's going to sit on the throne or whether or not there will be a throne..
  12. lalt

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    You are forgetting a big difference. Cersei may be ruthless, she surely doesn't care about her people, she killed many of them to get rid of her "real" enemy... but she's not invading any country and the purpose itself of her regime is not to kill millions of people. She's not Hitler. And she has not start this war. Daenerys has it. So it's up to her to show that she may be a better ruler. From this pov I think that today "shock and awe" campaigns are a better sample. Cersei being more similar to those bad ruleres western democracies sometimes decide to fight (sometimes not). But it's not that there is a general consensum on those campains just because many believes that civilians casualties are something that must be avoided. And that no one can "export democracy" by bombing. It's a sentive issue for many...
  13. lalt

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I don't know how much all these leakers are credible. I believe that some of them have seen some imagines, but most likely the context is something they had to put together/invent. That said, I'd bet that Cersey is playing everybody. That she is not pregnant, but that she relies on that lie to play Tyrion (just like she has done the first time around) too. She knows he cares about her child. And the only reason as to why she didn't kill him in the last episode is to use this precise Tyrion's weakness. In addition, I believe that maybe she didn't kill anybody else the last time around, just because in that occasion all her enemies weren't there. Not all the allies were present (Jon and the norther men, the prince of Dorne, Yara), not all the army. She's planning to trap everybody to get rid of them all in one single shot, just like she has done in the past. To win or - if she loses - to die with everybody else leaving nothing behind her.
  14. lalt

    GRRM vs #metoo

    The dragons hatch because of blood sacrifices (the murder of another woman - vengange not justice - the murder of a disable man and the killing of a baby, a lot of disturbing things).. But I get the point. There are tons of stories with magic and dragons, whose female protagonists do not undergo any bad things. They are called fairy tales. Personally, as non lover of fantasy per se, I love the ASOIF serie just because of its... realism. That said, arranged marriages between young girls and men were a fact in medieval societies (and still are in many places around the globe). To deny that is - imo - of any use. To describe how patriarchy works - if you want people to understand why it is... bad - that is useful. How a woman can find her way, how she can become strong, independent, relying on herself, not giving up etc... no matter the odds and the circumstaces, that is something I find interesting as a reader and ispiring somehow. How a good person may become a zealot and a "villain" or "tragic hero" because of that, that's another intresting theme.