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  1. 'Teleporting varys'. is not really a flaw.When there was obviously weeks between the scenes when he showed up in Dorne from when Dany set sail i.e. Dornish ships make up some of Danys fleet implying the time difference. Just because it didn't make it obvious by saying '3 months later'. Lancel chasing the little bird was just a component to set up tension in that scene. Might he have succedded and foiled Cersais plot or is it a metaphor about how all the characters in GOTs struggle against the inevitable which is what Cersai will do now as the Mad queen. It seems a lot of the nit picking things are not really valid because fans want all the answers to all storylines, not knowing that it would actually demean what the show is trying to portray in a 1 hour approx time slot. To make the episode exciting, they also need to keep a collection of unexpected things only in the last episode rather than spreading them out, otherwise, the episode loses its potency. Thats why it gets a 10/10 or 9/10 from a lot of people. From The sept explosion, and Megerys death showing that life is unexpected and your life doesn't end when everything is tied up. A theme of JRRM To Tommens suicide and the immediate transition to the next scene belittling the tragedy and artistically emphasizing how little his death means to the course of events for Cersai now because she has become the mad queen. To Freys assassination which needed to be completely unexpected because when is an assassination expected? To the great library chandelier as a nod to the fact that it is a repository of all things which occur in the world of GOTs. To confirmation of Jons lineage which is a nod to the fans. To the King of the North, emphasizing just how horrible the Boltons must have been for everyone to rally around Jon. To Dany leaving for Westeros with her new high garden, dorne alliance. Jumps in time require the fans to have a little imagination because otherwise the episode would lose its momentum. Every art form must have its limitations. Thats why it gets a 9/10 from me. This is a discussion of the 'weaknesses' of the episode. Otherwise I don't know why this is called a discussion thread, rather than just a poll.