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  1. Ramsay gets the heiress of Winterfell because he now owns Winterfell. Roose rules as Lord Paramount from the Dreadfort. And phrases like "must...so Asha can rescue him" make me hope this is exactly what doesnt happen, as characters need to pick up idiot balls, or conveniently hangout in the right places. A better solution would be Stannis picking up Theon after he's killed the Boltons and allied with the Ironborn under Asha
  2. I thought that if Ramsay meets Jon and tries his hand at being charming, then they might get along pretty well, both being northern bastards who've done well for themselves. Hell, they might even be golf buddies by the end
  3. I think it would be very unrealistic to have Theon bounce back from that kind of torture. I don't know anything about it, but I imagine he's not going to get over it in time to "make a move" for any throne. This experience wont steel him, it broke him and I suspect his storyline will be a rather sad affair, long after Ramsay has been dealt with
  4. Chalky

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    Well I don't know about you but I'd be extremely impressed if an 18-22 year old was made Lord Commander, or in charge of anything that significant
  5. [quote name='A wilding' post='1554895' date='Oct 14 2008, 08.41']Agreed. I think that the answer is that Roose, at least in ASoS, still needed Ramsay. Roose was after all still stuck south of The Neck, and his hold over the North was not exactly secure. This makes "Arya", and the legitimisation, bribes to keep Ramsay onside. Ramsay OTOH now no longer needs Roose, certainly not once he has got his hands on "Arya". I will not be at all surprised if they turn on each other in ADwD.[/quote] My money's on Ramsay, easily, any time. But they may turn out to be loyal to one another. I mean-who else do they have?