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    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    When winter truly comes to the Riverlands and all of hangwoman's many victims come back to life, the Brotherhood without Banners would be more thankful for a notorious warrior maiden with a "magic sword" than last time we saw them. I'm sure Brienne is already where she will be needed story-wise. All she would have to do is to get rid of Stoneheart (she wouldn't be the only one wanting that) or to die for her cause only to be kissed back to life. Jaime though, I can't see him taking part in one of these epic battles, but clearing the Iron Throne once the danger is real. I could see him kidnapping Tommen, to desert the old seat of unseparated power and to prepare a post-war alternative somewhere else via great council or by deconstructing any existing claim to rule alone somehow.Doing that he might unintentionally become Cersei's valonquar, since he never knew what her children meant to her as he doesn't know of the prophecy. Cersei would look for them in dangerous places and/or Cersei would kill herself to avoid the valonquar getting her. Jaime's and Brienne's future together? Their (short) reunion in TWOW should be telling for both of them, even if there might be a Iot of reluctance on Brienne's side, especially if she's already death for Jaime and after having seen how an exposure as Kingslayer's Whore affected lifes. GRRM however won't steal away from actually writing this unconventional romance to its bitter(sweet) end instead of letting them or one of them die heroically. That simply wouldn't tell anything about the compablility of an ugly woman and a weak man. Both POVs show us how it can be possible, maybe as the only true romance in the whole series.
  2. Jaime and Cersei not only seem to represent a Macbeth splitted in two parts - one returning, the other going on with wading through blood - but a Westerosi twin study. As children they switched roles easily. Cersei took fighting lessons, but as a grown-up her martial power is pretty much reduced to having ships named after her. Brienne's story proves how hard it is for women to live the life of the opposite gender. She grew more into a twin to Jaime than Cersei. Vary's fAegon speech at the end of DWD was shocking on so many levels. Amongst them the realisation of how poor the education for Westerosi queens really is compared to that little boy with sheer ambition to sit the throne. Cersei knows very well by now that her tears and sexual parts arn't true waepons, since they won her no fight. Let's wait and see.
  3. Dear Lord Wraith, you really want me to do it? ;-) I feel the common rejection of Cersei has a lot to do with the fact that no other POV ever thinks kindly of her. Sansa is another charakter you could call architect of her own destruction, but many of us do relate to her, even when she turns a blind eye on her own faults. She is loved by many other characters which makes it easier to believe she does not deserve a bad fate and can become better. Methinks Cersei deserves the same and I can easily see this coming from an uninspected POV. Her self-destruction just holds too much healthy Macbeth potential, she could serve the realm in her own way. And she sees all that, like Ned did when he was hand. Her schemes deal with her isolation in an imperfect political system. "I am in blood Stepped in so far that should I wade no more. Returning were as tedious as go o'er."
  4. Since no character thinks of Cersei in a positive way, I feel forced to side with her, as if she were a real-life person. I've even started to count deaths she is directly responsible for and mildly overlook those cases which went a bit out of control. Just to compare her case with more liked characters. I hate having to do this for her and hope another character will do this in future.