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  1. foxberlin

    Is Brienne of Tarth morally grey?

    Brienne's cruelty is maybe a more subtle thing, but it is there. You would want to compare the way she treats herself with how she handles others. She is a very caring and protective person concerning others. But her good traits make a halt before her own persona. How would you think about her, if she sended her daughter on a quest amidst wartimes, good with a sword but without the experience to kill people - only because she is ugly and feels it is unlikly that a man falls for her? Sadly, this is pretty much Brienne's logic concerning herself. That without looks she does not deserved to be loved. Three suitors hardly count as prove for that. Nonetheless she rather enters a world full of violence against woman than a marriage where her feelings might get hurt. This is because she regards her body less and dissociates it from her self. She treats it like an enemy that stands between her desire to be loved and alledged expectations of what earns a man's devotion. Violence directed against oneself seems to be regarded less cruel than against another person. But it can show the same degree of abusive will. Or it can be styled as something for the greater good like any other form of cruelty towards other people. If Brienne's measures for herself would be transferred onto others, we would hardly see her as an hero. Her self-lessnes is something we love her for, but it is also her worst feature. One could say the havoc caused by someone who slowly kills himself is little compared to someone who kills other people. But would Brienne die, we have the same tragedy we care for, when someone gets killed. There are people who would feel guilty and robbed of a life with her. Brienne the Blue will cause quite some heartbreaking on her way.
  2. I had the idea of White Walkers moving to KL too, but magically lured by Bran, who is trying to save his home. On their way South they collect so much dead people from former wars that KL is a lost case once they reach it. Wildfire makes it become their trap and Westeros loses it's center of monarchy on the way.
  3. foxberlin

    Jaime's betrayal?

    In their second scene Cersei wants Jaime to punish Bronn for lying to him about Tyrion. She calls this a betrayal. Some moments later Jaime is all shocked when Cersei warns him, Jaime, to never betray her again. But when did Jaime's betrayal happen, when he was only tricked into meeting Tyrion? Does she know about something Jaime did against her wish recently (such as nearly getting killed himself) or does she refer to past things (such as freeing Tyrion)?
  4. foxberlin

    Arya V Brienne!!!!!!! Appreciation Thread

    Nice to see Brienne taking advantage of those long legs of hers. Mirrors Bronn's self-assuredness.
  5. foxberlin

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    The dagger will kill LF and (in a stoneheartish moment) it might be pressed to Jaime's throat once he is in Winterfell.
  6. foxberlin

    Why Cersei didn't break prophecy by getting pregnant for the fourth time?

    I'm very sorry. I read this on a small device and didn't notice it was the book forum. Please delete (and forget) the quote? I will be more careful now.
  7. foxberlin

    Jon Snow the new Night's King?

    It's my gut feeling too, that Jon becomes Night's King. How, I don't know. Warging Ghost, until Val does something icy with his body, which allows him to take control over ice whights? Whatever it needs to become one of the others himself. It's hard to tell from the bits we have until now. I'm positive we'll have two whight POVs at the end: icy Jon in the North, firy Brienne in the South. Different approaches, though, for Jon had "lived" before he lost his life, whereas Brienne get's that only when she's death. Jon leads an army of whights into a realm far away, whereas Brienne guards a southern border where a united force of fire whights will be created to move North to fight on their own account. As ice melts near fire and water kills fire, all whights will be gone when the war is over.
  8. foxberlin

    so what mistake does jaime learn from

    Since Tyrion is a favourite in the show, I don't think his release would be considered a mistake. And plural, right?
  9. foxberlin

    so what mistake does jaime learn from

    Sleeping with Cersei would be a mistake to avoid. You can't pull anti-Targaryen propaganda but behave like one. Jaime would have to decide that Cersei's "dynasty" mustn't include him. Only a new suitor can cover up past "mistakes".
  10. I'd never complain about too many hidden Targaryens in that story. Ancestry isn't something to be proud of. It doesn't come along as insurance for special skill or as reassuring love story. Babys are born from rape als well as from random sexual encounters or from the ambition of arranged marriages. I think that's what we'll find mirrored in the offspring of the last Targaryen king. I buy into the theory that Aerys II had dearly loved Joanna Lannister, so the most notorious Lannisters, the twins, would be his children. As well as glorious Rhaegar and Daenerys, who were born from rape. For Jon nothing changes really, if he'd come from a sexual encounter with Ashara. Since he only despised the arranged marriage with his sister, Aerys would've probably been a whole lot nicer towards women of his own choice. So, yes, I prefer A+A=J over R+L=J, even if there is a lack of evidence at this point.
  11. foxberlin

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Loved that this episode's initial plan was crushed at the end. Without the Greyjoy fleet Tyrion has to think over his setting and so does the audience. This is how a serie's final should feel like - full of possibilities. Loved that Daenerys developed a concept for loyalty. She won't punish someone like a Kingslayer, but she won't just pardon him either. The comparison to Aerys or Robert were important, I think. Loved that Nymeria singled Arya out. Arya likely has more to do than just take the way back home, if she wants to become 'someone' again. Lady Stoneheart shows presence in Arya's and Sansa's actions, it seems. I would be fine with that. Loved Theon's Reek as a contrasting concept of resilience next to Arya's. I feel he did the right thing without nessesarily doing a self-less thing. A bit more grey than the show dared to be some time ago. Loved that there is a weapon against dragons. Didn't love that dragon weapon, though. Crossbows have a short reach, so a dragon could easily burn it.
  12. foxberlin

    Hands of Gold

    This. And it foreshadowes that Jaime leaves Cersei for Brienne, who is the last we see before it cuts to the Lannister camp.
  13. foxberlin

    Does Cersei really love Jaime?

    Thanks again for sharing your view. Your scenario for Jaime would indeed make him become a joke, a rather bitter one. And it's utterly possible. We trapped in his head with that vision of Goldenhand, whereas on the outside all Jaime does is ineffective to say the least. A disappointment both for Cersei and Brienne: the first betrayed, the second unsupported. I can see that, it's there. Since my own idea for the endgame puts Jaime in a rather unexpected setting, I would need to answer with lengthy post, provided you are interested in another approach. My scenario holds both aspects of Jaime doing the wrong thing believing it to be good and Jaime doing good things by being selfish.
  14. foxberlin

    Does Cersei really love Jaime?

    Thanks for your effort. This is how I understood your earlier posts about this topic. I share your view mostly, only that I think GRRM may let Jaime's self-invention succeed.