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  1. The Vale: 1: Is there possibly any connection between First Men and Andal houses and the politics of the Vale? We know that Petyr Baelish strongest supporters are Lynderly, Corbray, and Grafton. It also seems like Waxley could be another supporter. We also know that the Lords Declarant is made up of House Royce, Waynwood, Hunter, Redfort, Templeton, and Belmore. With their all vassals. The strongest ones seem to be Royce, Redfort, and Hunter. Now Andal and First Men houses: Corbray, and Grafton we know and Andals as well as the Arryns. Lynderly could likely be andals when you hear the name it sounds andal and also a very alike house name Manderly is andal . Man-der-ly = Lyn-der-ly ? Waxley also seems quite fitting to be andal as it is a knightly house. So Petyr Baelishes supporters seem to be mainly of Andal Origin. The Lords Declarant is made up of 6 houses 9-10 if u count known vassals: Royce with Shett, Tollet, and Coldwater, Waynwood with Hardyng, Belmore, Templeton, Hunter, and Redfort. The ones who stick longest with Royce as of yet are his vassals, Hunter and Redfort. Now Hunter, Royce, Redfort aswell as Shett, and Coldwater are first men. Tollet and Hardyng are andal but they are just vassals so probably only follow their lieges. The less loyal Lords Declarant is Templeton, Waynwood, and Belmore. Belmore is First men, Templeton is andal and Waynwood is the one I'm not sure about. First men tend to be short or if they are longer made out of two words or what sound like two words like Tall-Hart, Bel(l)-more, Cold-water, Red-fort, Black-wood. Not sure if Wayn-wood, therefore, is andal or first men. Yron-wood which sounds similar I believe is first men but I'm not 100% about that. Now the less loyal one seem to be Belmore, Waynwood, and Templeton, the 2 we do not know is andal I believe was bribed while LF's goal to get Templeton was to befriend him. So the question is there any connection? 2: What changes does the Lords Declarant want for the Vale and is there any connection again to the Andal-First Men divide? Dorne: 1: Is there any connection between Sandy, Salty, and Stony Dornishmen and their loyalty to Martells and what houses are classed as which? 2: If Yronwood where to rebel, do they have any allies and what motive or what goal could they have with a rebellion? Just power for the own house?
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    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    You also got to remember that 300 years of mostly peace (- Roberts Rebellion and Dance of Dragons) will probably mean a population growth. So maybe the reach kings were only able to raise 60-80 000 soldiers and knights back then and even in WoTFK Renly left at least 10 000 men in Highgarden and many houses might have left large garrisons. We do not even know how loyal the houses where, hearing that the Hoares and Durrandons had been crushed by dragon-fire maybe made a lot of lords send the least amount soldiers possible. The Reah hoast is described as 1 and a half times more this leaves us with the number of 33 000 Reachmen and 22 000 Westermen. But it seems small with 55 000 when Renly could raise about 90 000 or so. 80 000 with him and 10 000 in Highgarden from only the Reach and the Stormlands.
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    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Dorne: Power: 1: Martell: Lord Paramount, near Green Blood and the Sea. 2: Yronwood: We are directly told so, owns lands by a fertile river, old kings which probably means they still have some prestige, wealth and power left. 3&4 Fowlers and Daynes both own parts of rivers, both 2 of the 3 mightiest first men kings. 5: Blackmont, Allyrion or Vaith all own parts of rivers, Blackmonts are marcher lords and been minor kings.