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  1. The more I think about this the more I agree. As you point out Robert's own version of events has Rhaegar raping Lyanna repeatedly. Given Robert's own experience fathering children there is no way he is not thinking/wondering if Lyanna became pregnant. Regarding how widespread the rape story is, in AGOT Bran VII, Bran tells Osha that Rhaegar carried Lyanna off and raped her (quote included below). If Bran knows Lyanna was raped, the story is likely widespread.
  2. The Hidden Dragon

    Heresy 215 - Hammering Out the Timeline

    @Feather Crystal you said you believe that Ashara is Jon's mother with Ned being the father (or perhaps Brandon). I'm curious then, how do you reconcile Ned being Jon's father with Ned's own thoughts excluding Jon from a list of his children (from AGOT Eddard XII)? There Ned lists his children, in the order of their birth no less, but does not include Jon. Just a reminder, this in Ned's internal thoughts. He's not speaking, so there is no need to hide or lie.
  3. The Hidden Dragon


    @Lord Varys I think the library from the Nightfort may have been transferred to Castle Black. Below is an excerpt from ASOS, Bran IV, where Bran and company are exploring the Nightfort. They find an empty library. They spent half the day poking through the castle. Some of the towers had fallen down and others looked unsafe, but they climbed the bell tower (the bells were gone) and the rookery (the birds were gone). Beneath the brewhouse they found a vault of huge oaken casks that boomed hollowly when Hodor knocked on them. They found a library (the shelves and bins had collapsed, the books were gone, and rats were everywhere). They found a dank and dim-lit dungeon with cells enough to hold five hundred captives, but when Bran grabbed hold of one of the rusted bars it broke off in his hand.
  4. The Hidden Dragon

    Night's Watch vows and the truth of history.

    My apologies, as this is slightly off-topic but this quote caught my attention..."the trees have eyes again". That implies that there was a time when the trees didn't have eyes. Has this ever been discussed? Do we know of a time when the trees didn't have eyes? What causes the trees to have eyes again? What caused the trees to stop having eyes in the past?
  5. The Hidden Dragon

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    I completely agree with your last 2 sentences. Of course, the important thing is "what constitutes a crime". Surely, we must have a crime committed before we can get on with determining the punishment then applying that punishment. So, at the wall, who determines or judges what constitutes a crime? That would be the LC. From AGOT......"Nor live, I hope," Mormont said, cutting his ham with a dagger and feeding a bite to the bird. "You have not deserted—yet." According to the LC, Jon did not desert. Whatever he may have done, he did not desert. Whatever his intentions were or were not, he did not desert. That is the determination of the LC. No need to even consider or carry out any punishment.
  6. This got me thinking, if Tyrion estimates Jon's age as 12 when he is actually 14, does this mean that (f)aegon may be older than the 16 that Tyrion estimates?
  7. Was GRRM's confirmation in an SSM? I looked but couldn't find it. I've always considered that phrase ripe for author manipulation. I know the common perspective is that it means 2 of 10 survived, but it easily could mean 2 of 7 survived.
  8. About the icing on the cake...that refers to the possibility of Lyanna being Jon's mother, which I have not commented on. It's certainly plausible that Ned shuts down the whispers because the breadcrumbs trail back to Jon's birth and the mystery of his mother. Just to confirm, I do not subscribe to N+A=J, but that does mean I subscribe to R+L=J, although it is certainly the leading possibility. About Brandon, I guess your thinking must include that he was the one to dishonour Ashara, otherwise, I don't see the connection between brandon, ashara and catelyn. No, sorry, I didn't see your earlier post. Sounds interesting though. Dreaming of twow...
  9. Exactly! Ned's own thoughts are the biggest proof, not a clue, but are proof that Jon is not Ned's son. Having said that...I do believe that there is something about Ashara that Ned wants kept hidden, something important. I don't believe she is a red herring. In AGOT, after Catelyn brings up Ashara to Ned, he goes out of his way to make sure that Ashara's name is never spoken again in Winterfell. Why, if not to keep some secret hidden?
  10. Also, if I recall their theory correctly, much of their version of the timeline hinges upon the age of Viserys. I believe they rely upon Daenerys' thoughts that Viserys was a boy of eight when they fled King's Landing. With the WOIAF indicating that Viserys was born in 276, and relying upon Daenerys' thoughts of Viserys' age, they conclude that the Sack of KL took place in 284, whereas, I believe the common understanding is that the Sack took place in 283. The problem of course is that Daenerys wasn't born when KL was sacked so she could not know or remember how old Viserys was at the time. She, most likely, was told stories by Viserys, which may have been incorrect, exaggerated or lies. Or it could be a case of an unreliable narrator, just as Ned struggled to remember the ages of Robert's children. In either case, their conclusion that the Sack took place in 284 is crucial to their timeline, if my memory serves.
  11. The main problem I have with any N+A=J theory comes from Ned's own thoughts. In AGOT, Eddard XII, when Ned is confronting Cersei, he specifically thinks about his children in the context of the life of another child against the life of his own children. Here is the quote: If it came to that, the life of some child I did not know, against Robb and Sansa and Arya and Bran and Rickon, what would I do? Ned specifically names to himself each of his children, in the order of their birth, but does not mention Jon. This to me is the strongest evidence that Jon is not Ned's son - Ned's own thoughts.
  12. The Hidden Dragon

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    The "he'" is Tyrion. Jaime is saying that if Tyrion had told Jaime that he intended to kill Tywin that Jaime would have killed Tyrion, thus, Jaime would have been the kinslayer, not Tyrion.
  13. The Hidden Dragon

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Yes, there is a list of errors confirmed and corrected.
  14. The Hidden Dragon

    Small Questions v. 10105

    nope...moved to Whitetree
  15. The Hidden Dragon

    Small Questions v. 10105

    @kissdbyfireThe error is listed in the thread you provided as confirmed and corrected. To be clear, the error is 282 and the correct year for the battle of the Trident is 283. So that confirms the search website has an error in it. Makes me wonder what other errors are there. I guess its best to double check key points if using the search site.