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  1. Tywin and Stannis executing another who offended them is normalcy for the nobility. It is not for a lord commander of the wall. Jon is not a free man. He cannot act on his feelings because he has to be fair to all of the men under his command at the wall. Janos Slynt, Jon Snow, and Mance Rayder are brothers of the watch.
  2. Gilly will be the first of the Starks to meet Dany then. She has Mance Rayder's son with her on the Cinnamon Wind.
  3. I have not read all of the comments but I will offer my thoughts on the questions of justice and where George will take. Justice is for the men who did the killings to get executed. The Freys who were bystanders should not get the axe. Should not but would if Dany arrives too late. Arya will not show mercy to any of the Freys.
  4. Sansa will return with a husband and the Vale army. It doesn't mean they will win though. I can foresee a situation where Cersei agrees to give the north to the ironborn in return for their help in quelling the Arryn-Stark threat.
  5. Cersei and Jaime won't be around that long. Mutual destruction will take place between the Lannisters and the Martells before Dany lands on Westeros.
  6. They inhabit an impoverished part of Westeros and they only have one city. Yeah, so they are culturally, socially, and economically disadvantaged. The snobs in the south look down on the north.
  7. Mance's son is with Gilly in the south onboard the same boat they took to get there. They will accompany Marwyn to meet Dany. The Queen can find some use for them. The baby has king's blood and she can use him to take control of the Wildlings without the need to use force. Gilly's own son is at the wall and he is in danger from the red woman. Jon was playing with his life.
  8. The Starks are not going to be in the position to make these decisions even if they defeat the Boltons. The Starks are the losers of a rebellion which they started. Winterfell and its lands were formally taken from them and given to the Boltons. King's Landing will not agree to give the Starks their authority again. The Stark name is tainted. Ned, Jon, and Robb all are guilty of treason. Robb and Jon are known for oathbreaking. Sansa is an accomplice to Kingslaying. We really do not want a nut job like Jon to make these decisions. He is woefully inadequate to even manage the few men and free folk he had at the wall. I pity the north if Jon is their lord. He's a moron. Bran could grow up capable but what kind of time are we going to have. Bran will need at least ten years to mature and he isn't that smart at that. He is their best hope though. Sansa is a disaster on two legs.
  9. Sansa Stark to Tyrion Lannister. She came from the family of an admitted traitor, a failing rebel, and soon to be traitor at the wall. Tyrion is ugly but he won the Battle of the Blackwater and he was a Hand of the King. He is also the son of the wealthiest man in Westeros whereas Sansa's own family will soon become paupers.
  10. Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy are complete idiots. Theon is the village fool and Jon does not have much processing going on upstairs. How they got this far in life is luck.
  11. The Ironborn will become a more peaceful people and thus might survive to the end. Instead, Euron will take them to a war which will end the Greyjoy line and get them all killed.
  12. I do not believe it was sabotage. Aegon just fckd up. He wasn't the person to resurrect the dragons. The privilege to hatch, ride, and command dragons was not his. That privilege belongs to his future great-granddaughter, the lovely Daenerys.
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