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  1. Their physical appearance is synonymous with being regal. Some of it is yearning for the good old days but there is substance in that affection.
  2. Very few people know this outside of the Lannister twins. So yeah, Ned is a treasonous criminal in the opinion of the majority. I could also say a treason was committed because he kept that information from his king. Robert was gutted fish but he still had a right to the truth, both as a man and a ruling king. We could go farther and say Joffrey is legally the ruler because the Lannisters outfoxed the Baratheons. There is nowhere written where a power take over has to be done through battle. All rebellions are technically illegal but Robert himself got the throne that way. If somebody could take the throne that way why not by cuckolding the king. And Jaime and Cersei were doing that behind his back for years. The Lannisters are scum but since when has that kept someone from taking control.
  3. There are three scenarios for each to rule. Which obviously will depend on what state the land is in. The feudal system collapses and the nobles are no more. In other words, the wildlings are the dominant group. This is the only way for Jon Snow to rule. Jon will not be welcomed back at the N/W. It doesn't matter who his father is. He can't ever prove who fathered him. Jon looks like a Stark and acts like a Stark. His rise to power can only happen if the system in place currently breaks and gets replaced by the free ways of the wildlings. Which is to say the strong leads and heredity is not so important. Part of the feudal system remains intact and some kind of governing system remains. Daenerys will be able to claim her father's throne and lead the people through the darkness and then back into the light. This is what Quaithe was saying all along. Only if the nobility remains intact can Daenerys put forth her claim. Otherwise she will have to rebuild a new Queendom from scratch. The latter will have to wait until the land can be inhabited again. All hell has broken lose. Governments have collapsed. The nobles are barely surviving, same as the common folk. They don't get the respect and have lost the privileges they once enjoyed. The ones who can have crossed over to the East. The ones who remained are dying and decreasing in numbers. The wights are increasing and the white walkers have taken over. This is where Bran could be useful because of his ability to control the skins, the wights. I cannot see where Bran will rule over a kingdom of Westeros. He is an unknown and a cripple. He has zero experience in ruling and governing. He's a bitter little dude and that does not bode well for anybody.
  4. Bran is the only wolf who has the right to revenge. I can't blame him if he should kill Jaime Lannister. That's what Jaime Lannister wanted to do to him. Justice is not done if Jaime gets away with it. A red wedding against their enemies is not justified in my opinion. The Starks rebelled. Walder, Roose, and Tywin were also victims of Jaime's and Cersei's lies. The Starks were quarrelsome malcontents from their view. Arya has a right to punish Petyr Baelish for his lies.
  5. What if the human sacrifice tradition did not come from gods. Didn't George say there are no gods? Picture the problem of unwanted babies. The lords have always taken liberties with all of the comely maidens in his territory. A lot of unwanted bastards would result. The baby can't always be near the bastard gate for disposal. It's too much time to carry the baby to the gate. So the Starks and the other ruling families invented the ritual of human sacrifice to get rid of political undesirables and unwanted babies for those too far from the wall. Like themselves. The White Walkers were able to save those who are left outside the Gate. These and the sons of Craster make up their ranks. Man's sin is coming home to haunt him.
  6. It sure as hell should not be the Starks. Nor the Lannisters for that matter. The Baratheon rule was a dismal failure. Aegon had it right from the beginning. Westeros need the Targaryens. I can't really agree with the op. The only hope for survival is unity. The great lords wanting the title of king smacks of nationalism. That is the last thing the people of Westeros needs when their crops are about to fail due to a lack of photosynthesis. So those dummies in the north want their independence then they better be prepared to grow mushrooms and live off of fungus for the coming fifty years. The Greyjoys can at least fish but many of them will die of starvation before they change their attitudes about laboring. Greyscale will make the story relevant to our times. It will spread like weeds in Westeros. I don't have enough confidence in Littlefinger, Doran, Roose, Jon, and the other leaders in Westeros to know what to do. Dany will have had experience with something similar with the pale mare and would know what to do.
  7. Littlefinger either has a crystal ball or he's just great at speculating.
  8. Dany is special in many ways. She will have known the truth by then of her father's plot to blow up the city. I don't think she will punish these people for past offenses. She will win them over even if she despises them. She possesses an intelligence and self-discipline that Robb Stark lacked. Those who would take to the battlefield and fight against her good claim will meet their end unless they surrender. Which is fair. Aegon did the same thing when he brought down the westermen in the field of fire. Only a few thousand died but that was enough to knock sense into the enemy.
  9. On pages 663-666 Clash of Kings we are given a delightful exchange between Daenerys, Arstan, and Belwas. For sure, Belwas can speak Valyrian. At least what is left of Valyrian. Arstan spoke Valyrian and his Common Tongue. Belwas speaks broken Common Tongue. His natural language has to be the same as that spoken in Meereen, Ghiscari-Valyrian hybrid. Close enough to High Valyrian for communication to work. This exchange actually has good information and settled the question of exactly what Illyrio wants from Daenerys. Here it is. " Dany gave him a smile to take a bit of the sting from the rebuke. "Now tell me, what would Magister Illyrio have of me, that he would send you all the way from Pentos?" "He would have dragons," said Belwas gruffly, "and the girl who makes them. He would have you." " I know that was a deviation from the topic but it seemed worth the mention.
  10. The younger, more beautiful woman and the valonquar are not the same people. Not necessarily. Cersei was very beautiful as a young girl. The candidates are narrowed down to Princess Daenerys and Lady Ashara if the comparison was being made to the youthful Cersei. But the prophecy is for the future. A time when Cersei has gone past her prime. Lady Ashara is dead. But there are now many girls and women who are more beautiful than 30 plus Cersei. Jaime will be killed by this younger woman. But the mystery word is "all". How can this woman take "all" when some of what Cersei holds dear has already been taken, in the past tense? The Tyrells took Joffrey. Tyrion took Tywin. Princess Daenerys has had no part in these murders though it is understandable why she would want to have Jaime executed. I will blame this on the author's choice of words. But let us discuss anyway. It might be fun. So this younger woman will take all away from Cersei. Who could have had a part in killing Joffrey and Tywin, and later kill Tommen and Jaime? Margaery. The Tyrells assassinated Joffrey, which led to Tyrion's conflict with Tywin. The Tyrells will be behind Cersei's downfall. Queen Daenerys is not Cersei's adversary. Cersei's enemies have always been Catelyn, Sansa, and Margaery. Margaery most of all. The valonquar can be anybody. It won't be Jaime though, because he will die before Cersei as I said above. Blood is thicker than water and so it will not be Tyrion. Interesting choice of words to use Valyrian. This person will have connections to Essos and the Targaryens. Who can it be? Aegon or Varys. Fake Aegon because he is the little brother of Aegon. Varys because he is the illegitimate brother of Aerys. Which explains his loyalty to the king. Nothing has been written which says Varys is a brother to Aerys but I like it.
  11. Good point. The Targaryen (Daenerys) will be the one to begin building a new empire. It will start off as a city. Maybe even just a settlement. But it is the seed for the future.
  12. Dareon and the insurance guy were not trying to kill Arya. They have not done her any harm. She had no moral cause to murder those two. To want to join a cult of murderers is not a sign of sound mental health.
  13. It worked for three centuries. Under Targaryen rule. Robert's fam didn't even last two decades and they messed up Westeros.
  14. Arya will be checking people off her list. That is not going to improve her mental health. I believe Arya will die while checking off the names. Picture a really good scene at The Twins. A dead Arya surrounded by some of Walder's dead boys.
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