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  1. I think you will like my new writing style. I will be talking about these characters for this topic. Subject: Jaime Lannister Other Characters: Cersei Lannister, King Aerys Targaryen II, Melara, Margery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Bran Stark, Arianne Martell, Aegon ??, Gerold Dayne, and Myrcella Baratheon. Most Hated Person in Westeros Jaime Lannister is the most hated person in all of Westeros because: he murdered King Aerys Targaryen II, the king he has taken vows to defend and to protect with his life. pushed Bran Stark from the tower while guesting in Winterfell. sleeps with his new king's wife and fathers the bastards who inherits the throne. participated in the breaking of his brother's marriage. Jaime's Enemies Tyrion Lannister Bran Stark Daenerys Targaryen Aegon ?? Arya Stark Who will kill Jaime? Bran Stark is the most likely killer from the list. But there is one other who has as good a chance. The younger, more beautiful queen. And she is not on the list. This person will take everything away from Cersei. This is the clue which eliminates Daenerys Targaryen as the one who will murder everyone Cersei loves. The Tyrells already murdered Joffrey whom Cersei loved. This suspect is a Tyrell, a female, and a queen. Margery Tyrell. Myrcella, Jaime, and Tommen will be killed by the Tyrells. Margery is already a queen. Sansa can't be queen as long as Margery is alive and she is not smart enough. Arianne is younger but not more beautiful. The word valonqar comes from Valyrian. Why use this term unless the killer is Valyrian. Daenerys Targaryen is the only proven Valyrian on the suspect list but the person is someone's younger brother. My suspect is Aegon ??. He is unproven but he might have enough blood to pass for Valyrian even if it's diluted. Aegon will choke Cersei and Melara will get her justice. Gerold Dayne has no quarrel with Cersei but he is a possible Targaryen bastard. Bran Stark's Revenge The Lame One will get his revenge on Jaime but through indirect means. He might do something to put Jaime and Cersei in a defenseless situation. Bran can do the dirty deed in so many ways. Daenerys Targaryen The next book is called The Winds of Winter. All hell will break loose before Queen Daenerys Targaryen comes to Westeros. Most of the family fighting between the nobility will have been resolved before she comes. Martin is not waiting until A Dream of Spring to thin his cast of characters. Daenerys will arrive in the last book. We can interpret "taken" differently. It doesn't have to mean killed. The younger, more beautiful queen could simply take Jaime from Cersei. As in sexually. Maybe even turn him to her side.
  2. George Martin referred to Arya Stark as a psycho. And she is definitely that. All you have to do is read the Arya chapters to see how ill she is.
  3. The candles are already lit. The red comet, Dany's rebirth to become Azor Ahai, and the coming of the three dragons. Magic is back and the candles are active.
  4. And that is all it will take for Daenerys to earn the title of Empress. It is fitting because she is the only Targaryen to have three dragons. Three dragons she hatched herself. The only Targaryen to walk through fire and walk out again. She is at the peak when it comes to the greatness that belongs to the Targaryens.
  5. George the gardener planted the seed of Tully insanity early on. LIKED
  6. Jaime has no motivation to do this. The personal cost to him will be high. Ned and Robb are very dead. Cat is a zombie and Jon will very soon become one too. Their crimes are or will be paid. Public opinion will not save them. A writ of attainder has been signed which took every material possession from the Starks. Only victory in war will change the status quo.
  7. They were planning to put King Viserys III on his family's throne. The rest are details. The goal was to return Westeros back to its legal owners, House Targaryen. It could have been a beautiful outcome. Khal Drogo and his Targaryen Khaleesi will have all of the khalasars under their rule and by default that would mean dominance over western Essos. KVIII will rule Westeros and maybe Aegon will be his heir. KVIII misbehaved in place where it could mean death and he lost his life in Vaes Dothrak. Khal Drogo also died. Daenerys brings back the dragons and is now magically single and available to marry. They now have everything they needed to take Westeros back from the odious impostors. Until Aegon left for Westeros, minus Queen Daenerys, the dragons, and her Unsullied troops. Almost as if Varys and Ilyrio were trying to rebuild Old Valyria plus the addition of Westeros.
  8. A legitimized bastard has less social status than one who was born Targaryen. It's one thing for Roose to change Ramsay from Snow to Bolton. It will be quite a different matter to go from bastard Blackfyre to Targaryen. Many in Westeros will be outraged.
  9. Littlefinger was humiliated at Riverun. He was a victim of Hoster's elevated sense of his family's social standing and just perhaps further ambitions. Petyr and Barbrey have something in common. They could have been great together. Barbrey wants revenge. Petyr wants the same thing and a little more. Petyr has achieved wealth but so far has invested none of it in renovating his family's castle. Wealth is just a means to an end. To what end? The destruction of the great houses. He used Hoster's daughters to bring ruin to the Tullys. He pushed along the conflict between Lannister and Stark. The Starks lost. The Tullys lost Riverun. His revenge was successful. He is using Sansa for the next phase of his plan. To incite war between the Vale and the Lannisters. Petyr Baelish is a self-made man. A man like him rise because of talent rather than their family status. I could see him working towards a meritocracy. At least as much meritocracy as he can have in Westeros.
  10. The plot will give Aegon a chance to step aside for the rightful heir, Daenerys. I doubt George will let him remain ignorant of his true beginnings. He is a Blackfyre. Which gives him some claim to the throne but it is not as good as Daenerys' claim. Rhaegar died on the Trident while Aerys was still the king. Aerys named Prince Viserys as his heir. She is Viserys' heir. Aegon might contest that and refuse to step aside. What hurt comes his way will be deserved.
  11. No that will give her freedom and it is the last thing she deserves. Life with the Wildlings is perfect for a savage who obeys no laws. Giving her that is not justice. She needs prison time. I think she will not repent nor regret any of her crimes but at least she will be punished. Hanging is too harsh for the crimes she committed so far because of her age and mental health though.
  12. Does this have anything to do with the posted topic "Arya, the Darkheart?" Arya's morality fails even by this overly generous standard.
  13. Some of them must suspect but as they say, suspicion is not evidence. LF's star is on the rise and far be it for them to question him directly. Their natural prejudice against bastards would incline them to dismiss the thought of a trueborn lady masquerading as a bastard even though her house is in disgrace for treason and rebellion. To Sansa's credit, the Starks are a disgraced house and it is better for Sansa to be Alayne.
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