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    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Walder Frey is generally a smart man. He didn't build one of the wealthiest houses in Westeros by being dumb. His greatest strength is his support group. He doesn't lack for capable advisers with sons like Lothar at his disposal. He was smart enough to shut Olvar's mouth to make his plan work. He kept good discipline with his troops and his planned worked beautifully. Robb was not smart enough to do the same to his minions. Theon and Cat betrayed him for love of family. Cat's betrayal is more damaging than her fans would care to admit. RW might have not happened if they had Jamie in custody.
  2. Andrew Yang for President

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    True, but it is a start towards progress. Or would you rather people sit on their arses and watch the Ghiscari continue to practice slavery because of the excuse that ending slavery isn't going to solve every social inequality in the world. Look, just because the abolition of slavery won't solve every human misery is a poor reason to not do anything about it. It reflects poorly on Westeros because they sat on their fat bums when they should have been fighting against slavery instead of fighting among themselves for the stupidest of reasons. I look down on Catelyn's decision to arrest a Lannister to get revenge for Bran. I look down on Jon's decision to put the Night's Watch into an awkward position just so he can rescue Arya. I applaud Dany for her efforts in helping the slaves become free.
  3. Andrew Yang for President

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    They are the movers and the shakers. Their lives are richer. What interest in reading the life of a farm boy.
  4. Andrew Yang for President

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Many children do increase the survival of the house but it introduces the problem of finding spouses of equal social status for such children. It offered little to nothing financially. Old Walder had to pay dowry to the husbands.
  5. Andrew Yang for President

    King's Landing - an unrealistic city?

    Civil engineering was not the science back then. The fort was built where it was convenient to do so for military reasons. The city grew out of it. Water flow rids the sewage and provides drinking water. Yikes all from the same source. Gross isn't it. Oh the stench. Kingslanding was the bog of eternal stench.
  6. Andrew Yang for President

    So where would you live ?

    Not Westeros. Qarth. Where it's fashionable for men to go all emo and cry. Awesome taste in women's fashion. Nice, dry climate.
  7. I never felt guilty. And I never will. I love Daenerys. I don't take the show seriously. I'm more of a book person. Like 95% book and 5% show. My Daenerys is the one in the books because what the show created is beyond logic. The show character is as much a cartoon character as the Starks, whom they choose to portray with zero accuracy.
  8. Andrew Yang for President

    Gendry King's Landing King

    Orys, yeah. Aegon rewarded him for taking down the Durandons. He got the girl and the castle.
  9. Andrew Yang for President

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    I see the story as made up of many examples of the human heart leading to tragic consequences. Our author seems to think this is the reason for most of human problems. I don't necessarily agree but this fictional world is his creation. I think George Martin suffered ptsd from his experiences in the Vietnam War and it greatly affected his perception of reality. I know he was not on the battlefield but he was still very much a part of the war. The hippies say make love not war. I guess that's good but it results in too many babies being born. War reduces population. War happens because we are all competing for the available resources. It's not really about the human heart. The way to reduce armed conflict is for the people who have the resources to share those resources equally with the ones who don't. But that's not going to happen. Humans compete for the same land in the middle east. Islam wants to establish an islamic state in southeast asia on the island of Mindanao. Fine except other people want to hold on to that land. Conflict. Our country will have more harmony if the millionaires all shared their wealth. It won't happen. There will be war as long as people compete for resources. It's just the predicament. Blame our creator, if you believe in one.
  10. Andrew Yang for President

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    The author creates these dilemmas but does not provide the answer.
  11. Andrew Yang for President

    Gendry King's Landing King

    I don't. I don't agree with that. Westeros will be in winter season for a long time. It goes back to the primitive days but that is different from seven independent kingdoms. There won't be a kingdom at all. Gendry is illiterate. He would not become king under the current system in place. But a primitive hunting & gathering society does not require a literate king. It just needs the one with the biggest stick and knows how to use it. He won't become king but the chief of a small village is possible.
  12. Andrew Yang for President

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    What caused the Doom interests me more than anything going on at the Wall. It was moderate let down for me when Fire And Blood did not go into this topic. That was the perfect time for Martin to reveal the cause. The fact that he didn't in FandB can mean he has no intention of telling us. There are many theories on the subject but none are completely satisfactory. The Valyrians were pushing their luck. Mining near an active volcano is foolhardy enough but fourteen is playing with fire. Some say greed got the better of them. Another fraction believe the faceless men did in the warlocks who kept the volcanoes contained. I don't buy that for a minute. Another popular suggestion says the fighting among the ruling houses caused the deaths of too many sorcerers who kept nature contained. Maybe this. Martin didn't just put the doom in there for little to no reason. It's a herald of what will happen in Westeros. The ruling families in the west are doing exactly what the Valyrians did and their quarrels weakened the unity of the land. If I had to choose one family in Westeros to survive through the Long Night it will be the Darry clan. I like the Darrys but they are all but gone. I would love to see a Darry bastard get legitimized to reward that family for what Ser Willem did for Daenerys and Viserys.
  13. Andrew Yang for President

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    The followers of the red god do human sacrifice. Cooking is more an apt description but they fed people to their flames. Whether the Valyrians were doing the same is up for discussion. We know the First Men and the Starks did it in the past. The mirror reflection of the First Men are the Valyrians.
  14. Andrew Yang for President

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    He'll carry that poison in his boot until he gets to the Eyrie then use it on Sansa to get out of that bad marriage deal. Serve her a dose of her own medicine. That means Tysha assumes her role as his real wife. Even Penny is preferable to Sansa. At least Penny is not a bad person.
  15. Andrew Yang for President

    Joffrey becomes King unopposed, what does his reign look like?

    He might get better. Or he might get worse. But good grief, Joffrey and Sansa running the kingdom is gonna be hell for most people.
  16. Sansa is at the Vale of Arryn. She counts as a northman in captivity. This is one wolf who will remain a captive.
  17. Andrew Yang for President

    That AGoT line foreshadowing the last scene of ADoS

    None of those foreshadow the ending. That's my opinion. The ending of ADOS will happen in Essos and it will probably be a Daenerys POV. The return to Westeros has been postponed because of the climate change. And should the theory of western refugees taking shelter in Essos they too will be dreaming of the day they can return home.
  18. Andrew Yang for President

    Power to the people and real world politics.

    The riot in King's Landing killed a prominent power and assaulted the king's family. Religious mob propelled the H.S. to power and humiliated a queen. People have enormous power when they work together. The most powerless of people, the slaves in Volantis, are looking to revolt against their owners and they might succeed. Are we going to see a revolt in Volantis and the other slaving cities? I want us to get our heads away from fantasy for a moment and let us take a look at a similar situation in the real world. The yellow vest movement in France. Who knew this movement will have such staying power as to pressure change successfully? I did not see it going this far. Yet it has. I am now worried that something similar might happen to my country. I see a lot of the working poor every day. People who work and yet are still living on the edge. Sure they are better off than the homeless of whom there are many in my city. But the feeling of hopelessness is there even in the middle class, of which I belong. The disparity in income and means is indeed wide between the wealthy and everyone else. I believe my country will elect to replace the president in the next election. One potential candidate who got my attention is entrepreneur Andrew Yang. He is proposing a Universal Basic Income. I haven't looked at the math but the proposal is interesting. One thousand dollars each month for those between the ages of 18-64. Which will help to give people a chance to live with dignity. This is too advanced for a planet about to go into deep freeze, but let us get back to the real world. Ours. Do you believe a universal basic income can work successfully in the United States?
  19. Andrew Yang for President

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    I stop right there.
  20. Andrew Yang for President

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    Reads like they were *ahem, doing it while Lysa was married to Jon. But it doesn't mean the uhm, encounters, produced a child. Petyr's shots missed the target. Still saying No.
  21. Andrew Yang for President

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    Oh you know there will be an exodus but it won't be similar to Nymeria leading her ships. This is going to be informal and chaotic. Those on the western end will flee across the sea and take their chances of finding land. Essos is not going to be the only intended destination. The Free Cities are not going to open their doors to the refugees. Slaving cities will attempt to capitalize on this and capture many of the refugees to make slaves out of them. The children of Westeros will be scattered across planetos. Braavos is not going to oppose a Targaryen who will be seen by millions of former slaves as their Mhysa. They will send their envoys to build an alliance with Mhysa and offer their friendship. The Sealords have always been partial to the Targaryens. They might offer a prominent son of the city for marriage considerations. Dany is a person of strong will and determination. She will visit Westeros to at least check out the situation and conclude that she will have to wait until Spring in order to take back what is hers. This is the meaning behind the title of A Dream of Spring. Many of the highborn will stay behind and freeze their buns off inside their castles. Including the Starks. The only one of that clan who might leave the north will be Sansa. The rest will huddle together in Winterfell where they do one of those choices: follow Craster's example and worship the white walkers or die.
  22. I can enjoy Preston Jacob's show as well as anyone but the answer to the question is not complicated. Bowen carried out the assassination because they had a duty to stop Jon from attacking Ramsay. It's very inappropriate and violates the law to attack Ramsay. Bowen had no other way at his disposal to stop Jon. Jon had gone nuts and lost his mind over Arya. Jon was no longer fit to lead and his decisions to take f-Arya from Ramsay can only bring grief and disaster to everyone including the Watch and the north. Bowen has the right on this.
  23. Andrew Yang for President

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    It's not inflammatory, yeah.
  24. Ned would follow the law and support Joffrey's claim.