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    Favorite Chapter from A Clash of Kings!?

    OP is correct, that is the best chapter in the book. I have never felt those kind of emotions from a book before. it wasnt just that chapter but it was the buildup to the chapter. Theon says hes not going to show mercy, then The message tyrion shows to Cersei about bran and rickon where he says "arent you happy? you wished them dead didnt you?" or something like that. At this point I was still clinging to hope, as bran is one of my favorite characters, "ok, shes happy because she wanted them dead, doesnt mean theyre dead now nessesarily, maybe something bad just happened to them." Then Catelyn literally says "I have no sons but Robb" and after that you cant assume anything else. Then after pussyfooting around it they go on to mention how their heads were on pikes and they didnt even let them bury their bones in the stark crypt, and my soul is basically black at this point, Then at the end of the chapter theon reveals they were the millers boys...good god. Then you have one of those moments where everything falls into place and makes sense: how jojens vision about the faces is still true, why theon would force the maester and everyone else to come with him after bran but then suddenly insist that they return to winterfell before they go to the boys, why Reek had brans clothes in his bag, etc. and those moments are the best moments in this series in my opinion. All the character for Theon was good too, but the reveal gave me chills.
  2. Thanks for the very thorough answers. All of this is coming back to me now. I thought for sure that Cersei had Ned killed before that message could be sent. Didnt Ned give that message to one of his guard telling him to hand it directly to Stannis himself, but then that guard was killed before he could leave KL? I was under the impression that Stannis was the original guy who suspected that Joffrey wasnt legitimate (other than Tyrion), and he was the one who told shared his suspicions with Jon Arryn, and he hightailed it to Dragonstone after Jon Arryn was iced to save his own tail. I think the story was that no one loved stannis, not even Robert, so he wanted someone who Robert actually loved, like Jon Arryn, to give him the news so hed actually listen.
  3. So I just finished the chapter where Ser Davos sails the red woman under the wall of Storm's End, and she gives birth to that weird shadow baby. I dont know why youd have to go that far into the book to answer my question but no spoilers please. So I waited a little too long after finishing AGOT before startin ACOK so things are a little fuzzy, and I dont want to reread the whole first book just to get this. I cannot for the life of me remember what actually inspired the starks and lannisters to go to war. Obviously, I know that Catelyn held Tyrion prisoner at the Eyrie for a while, and that Joffrey did Ned Stark really dirty, but is that the entire reason for their war? It seems like that's not enough. My brain keeps trying to convince me that it has something to do with joffrey not being roberts true heir, but I know it cant be that because Ned never actually got to tell anyone that before he was killed. By the end of book one, the only people who actually know about Cersei and Jamie are the two themselves, Tyrion, Varys, Littlefinger, and Grand Maester Pycell. so that cant be a motivation for either side. The most obvious reason that comes to mind for the Starks wanting to go to war would be to avenge the murder of Ned, since they all know theres no way he could actually be guilty of treason. Which if it was would be pretty weak. I know that Ned was a good guy - the best guy - and we as the readers know that his death was unjust, but they didnt know that for sure, so the entire force of the north would be marching to war on the principle that ned stark was probably innocent. The other problem with that is that I think the timing didnt match up anyway. I know that news of ned starks death reached winterfell right after bran and rickon had that prophetic dream about it, and when the raven came, the bran was the first one the maester told about it, so Im pretty sure that at that point, Robb had already gone south. so that couldnt have been his motivation. Without Neds death, I cant think of anything the southerners did that would force Robb to call his banners. Unless he called them just because they had his father prisoner? Or maybe because Jaime killed Ned's personal guard? I guess I could see that if they murdered his whole guard and improsoned the head Stark that that could be enough to inspire them to call the banners, but I have the feeling Im forgetting something. And I also dont know why the Lannisters are doing what theyre doing. Its pretty clear that Tywin isnt listening to anything Cersei or Joffrey are saying, so that mean that his entire motivation to call the entire Lannister host to war is because catelyn held tyrion prisoner for a few days, gave him a fair trail for a crime she thought he committed, and when he proved hiumself innocent, let him go without harming him? Oh shit, better call the banners, start killing Riverrun, and set the entire f***ing riverland on fire. Seems like kind of an overreaction. Maybe that is the whole reason? Tywin is an overly proud man right? but what the hell did riverrun do to deserve getting attacked and burned? "oh a stark held my so captive in the vale of arryn? better kill the Tullys!" I cant believe that he sent them all to attack riverrun just to get revenge on catlyns family for what she did. And again, If I rememeber right, the lannisters started raping the riverlands way before the starks did anything, Because Ned stark sent out that group to stop Gregor from raping the riverlands while he was still alive and unimprisoned. So what do the Lannisters have against the Tullys? None of it makes sense to me. Could anyone refresh me?