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  1. GloubieBoulga

    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    Perhaps also, to have a parallelism with Winterfell : a Stark is always needed at Winterfell (and there, after a while without a Stark, in ADWD, you have the snow storm, for example), so a Targaryen could be also needed at Valyria to prevent some fire storm. Ironically, Daenys the Dreamer dreamt of the Doom and convinced her family to flee : it could be funny that she caused the Doom and realized a prophecy thinking that she was just saving her family.
  2. GloubieBoulga

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I never noticed the reverse wolf/flow, but I find it's a very nice catch, full of meaning ! I didn't quote what you wrote after that about Jeyne Poole and so on, but I like all this part of your post (and not only because I'm actually convinced that the black pool could be at least the black blood of a sacrified wolf prince, and that Winterfell will end in a litteral overflow - its weirwood burning, the black pool overflowing and the walls collapsing so the "spirit" of the ancient dead "wolf" can finally escape^^)
  3. 1. No. That's Hound's job, and Sandor Clegane is no more the Hound. 2. No.
  4. GloubieBoulga

    Could you have predicted ADWD events?

    I predicted absolutely nothing : I had read all the 5 books totally ignoring the internet and all the stuff with ASOIAF. I was reading the serie without looking for anticipation (I only anticipated Ned's death from the beginning). For ADWD, I remember that I thought "what the fuck ! what a bad and easy scenario this Young Griff/Aegon Targaryen !". I was deceived. After that, I discovered differents forum, and theories about fAegon (what a relief !), and R+L=J, and so on... I had missed quite all the stuff. Only now I'm playing the game of predictions, and I have already changed my mind about many of them.
  5. GloubieBoulga

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Thanks for the quote. I don't remember at all when and for what I wrote something like that, but with the time, I think now that there is more than symbolism between Dothrakis and First Men (it's long to explain, but I thought about a migration from west to east, just the reverse of what the official story is telling with Andals; perhaps not a massiv migration, but at least the migration of a leader (a "princess", a "Nymeria"), coming from Westeros, conquering a part of Essos and giving birth to future valyrian dragons or princes dragons (because of her/his blood probably full of "skinchanger's magic" after the Pact with the Children)... a bit like Daenerys, in fact, but Daenerys will probably achieve what this very old leader never achieved, i.e. come back to Westeros and put a real end to the "Long Night", after the probable devastation of Essos) Concerning the numbers, it seems that they have different fonctions and tell different stories : - the trio is telling about human relationship : love and hate relations and also relations between brothers and sisters. So I dare to bet that in the origins of the very long cycle, there were 3 sisters (remind the "rape of the 3 sisters", for example; but we can find the shema of the "3 women/sisters" during the serie with Catelyn/Lyanna/Lysa, or Catelyn/Lysa/Cersei, or Catelyn/Cersei/Lyanna, aso : in this trio, there is always a missing "sister", a dead sister; but GRRM likes also playing with the genders, so I wouldn't be surprised if the trio Doran/Oberyn/Elia was playing the same part : Doran has some similarities with an "old queen" (as a litterar type, I mean), and Oberyn uses as a weapon a spear, which is used in all the saga only by women, especially wildlings women; Oberyn also fathered only girls), and their respectiv children shared love and hate stories. - 9 : is about kingdoms, crowns, weirwood's grove, so I suspect this was the number of the lineages who received the "gift" from the Children (i.e. the ability to skinchange) and these originals lineages had shared the power on Westeros (at least on a very large north part)... and they also probably made wars. Yes, I think so, but probably not for long. Perhaps (but not for sure !) only the time for one king. There is a big litterar example with king Arthur, who is supposed to have unified and ruled a large kingdom, which did not survived to his death. - 7 (in fact, it's 6+1) is about companionship, a group originaly devoted to a leader (imo a female leader). The seventh is very intriguing because very often absent/dead/disappeared/taboo : for example, in the very first prologue, the Others are 6; but in Samwell's chapter from ASOS, there is only 1 Other; other example, the Kingsguard with his leader always missing during the serie : Barristan flying Westeros and joining Daenerys, Jaime prisoner and after that without his hand, and then sent to Riverlands and chosing Brienne against his sister Cersei to protect Sansa Stark : the 2 of them chose a young princess against a queen mother.
  6. GloubieBoulga

    Playtime with Foreshadowing: Bran's Vision in AGOT

    Or could it be Brienne with the helm of the Hound ? Mayhaps she begun a physical metamorphosis with half of her face eat by a "beast", and she shares many common points with Sandor Clegane. So, Sandor could have his real end as Gravedigger, but his personnal quest as the Hound could be taken by Brienne, the true knight (and the Hound could kill Robert Strong/UnGregor at the end).
  7. GloubieBoulga

    Who is the 3EC?

    Perhaps GRRM has already given us the answer about the 3EC : The crow opened its beak and cawed at him, a shrill scream of fear, and the grey mists shuddered and swirled around him and ripped away like a veil, and he saw that the crow was really a woman, a serving woman with long black hair, and he knew her from somewhere, from Winterfell, yes, that was it, he remembered her now, and then he realized that he was in Winterfell, in a bed high in some chilly tower room, and the black-haired woman dropped a basin of water to shatter on the floor and ran down the steps, shouting, "He's awake, he's awake, he's awake." (Bran III, AGOT)
  8. GloubieBoulga

    The first chapter mystery

    The answer is in ADWD, Jon X or XI, when he speaks with Tormund : Tormund explains the death of one of his sons, and how during some very cold nights the fires are dying and how they oft find people dead, with blue eyes. Nobody has seen the Others, but they tell about "cold mist". And in ASOS, the Other killed by Samwell turns into mist.
  9. GloubieBoulga

    Looking North: What did Bran see?

    The sentence makes me think to the dragonfire burning and melting the eyes of the burnt people. I doubt Bran will go out of his cave/grave and meet with a dragon, but he could be inside a weirwood when a dragon burns it. A dragon burning the heart of winter, like Drogon once burnt the blue heart of the Undyings.
  10. GloubieBoulga

    It's like poetry, it rhymes

    Thanks for reading this. I didn't know the Mark Twain's stuff and totally missed the number 44, but I observed same litterar phenomenon as you and called it "theme and variations", and we, readers, have to find the "original theme" throw the endless variations, an "original theme" which has no end or which has not the true end he should have had, long time ago in Westeros' history.
  11. GloubieBoulga

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    Perhaps the answer is more simple than we imagine : because without a Stark, Winter is coming. ^^ In the serie, we can observe that autumn and then winter are arriving after Stark's departure : Eddard with the girls in AGOT and autumn begins slowly. Then Robb leaves too, and to finish Bran and Rickon. When Theon comes back with the Bolton, winter is at Winterfell, and becomes the center of a huge snowy tempest. Coming back in the past, we can also observe that the long summer arrived when Ned and Catelyn had children at Winterfell = when the number of Starks was growing. Before that, there was winter, when Benjen remained the only Stark at Winterfell, during the war against Mad Aerys. Spring seemed to arrive when Brandon briefly came back to Winterfell after his journey with the Ryswell, and so on...
  12. And also with Jon non executing Ygritte. So it could happen a third time. Just one question : why Bran couldn't be the one "executed" and looking in the eyes his executioner ?
  13. GloubieBoulga

    [Spoilers] Shadow (baby) warriors and Syrax

    It's an interesting possibility, according to what Melisandre says about shadows (and she knows some little things about them !) : "Every man who walks the earth casts a shadow on the world. Some are thin and weak, others long and dark. You should look behind you, Lord Snow. The moon has kissed you and etched your shadow upon the ice twenty feet tall." (Jon VI, ADWD) and : She was stronger at the Wall, stronger even than in Asshai. Her every word and gesture was more potent, and she could do things that she had never done before. Such shadows as I bring forth here will be terrible, and no creature of the dark will stand before them.(Melisandre, ADWD)
  14. And here's the proof : "The mountain is your mother," Stonesnake had told him during an easier climb a few days past. "Cling to her, press your face up against her teats, and she won't drop you." Jon had made a joke of it, saying how he'd always wondered who his mother was, but never thought to find her in the Frostfangs. (ACOK, Jon VI)
  15. GloubieBoulga

    The aftermath of Others invasion

    For what we can read during 5 books, for the moment, lords and houses are just the first contributors to their own extinction. Making war each other, they don't need Others at all. Plus, knowing how GRRM likes to put down some litterature's cliche, we could bet that there will never be an Other's invasion : at the end of ADWD, a very hard winter is already on Winterfell, and the snow arrives in the south (Riverlands, King's Landing...), though the Others didn't pass the Wall, so...