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  1. well I could see DOTD bieng only 7 to 8 episodes unlike 10 episodes that GOT season 1 was so even if they only have $60 million budget, each episode could have more budget than GOT season 1. they could also save money be reusing sets, costumes and props from GOT I guess? and not having as many main characters as GOT of course
  2. i totally agree with this. and i think they might even want to especially market as rhaenyra as cersei 2.0 as I'm willing to bet a good amount of money that by the time season 8 ends, cersei will be considered a pretty ~iconic~ female villain of TV. they'll want to cash in on that popularity imo. whether rhaenyra could ever actually have the same kind of affect and popularity as cersei....i'm not sure of
  3. ugh this just reminds me of how gross GRRM can be about women's bodies. that comparison about her weight gain with pregnancies and alicent remaining slim and beautiful still makes me cringe. (so glad the show skipped cersei's AFFC weight gain btw) well i think rhaenyra is more of a mix between cersei and daenerys than lysa but i see your point lol. yeah i think all the points you're making in this thread are very valid. i just don't think HBO has to go too extreme in an effort to market this spinoff. all they would have to do is show dragons, violence and sex lol. and i think good actors could elevate the material. just imagine someone like eva green as rhaenyra.......HBO in general has been doing a very good job with adapting novels lately. the Big Little Lies miniseries was fantastic. and with something like DOTD, a good writer could really flesh this story out and characters in compelling ways.
  4. carly wray is certainly up to the task. the writing on mad men and the leftovers is light years above GOT. if D&D could do it, then so could she imo but seriously you really didn't care for rhaenyra at all lol?
  5. yes good point. one of the major cons of a robert's rebellion series was that the women characters basically have nothing to do and are mostly just there to serve as love interests for male characters of ned, jaime, robert, rhaegar etc. i'm sure that was a point that was thought of when dismissing the idea of that as a spinoff.
  6. well i think rhaenyra is plenty interesting. she's like a more sympathetic and likeable cersei, decaffeinated cersei lol.
  7. Tifani

    Dullest characters

    Brienne Samwell Quentyn Catelyn is also not that interesting to me. I never fully understood why she inspires so much debate. Her chapters range from decent to good. But she is a dull character imo and I hate being inside her mind.
  8. -Bran will leave the cave -Hold the Door -Melly is a 400 hundred year old -Dany will take the Dothraki army with her to Westeros
  9. The last two seasons have nothing to do with this spinoff. D&D aren't writing the spinoff. This is not a hard concept to grasp
  10. seriously. it seems like some people here are just looking for any reason to whine, moan and complain. how exhausting.
  11. D&D have already said multiple times that they wouldn't be involved with the writing for these spinoffs in any shape of form. so i don't even get whey anyone's worrying that they'll ruin it. if this spinoff ends up sucking, it won't be their fault.
  12. Personally I would be most interested in the princess and the queen
  13. See the fact that everything that happened in AFFC COULD happen without it is precisely the exact reason why I think it's a retcon lol. I honestly think it's something that GRRM added for himself more than anything else to make his writing easier for himself when he scrapped the 5-year gap. I don't personally hate it myself. I think it's very Shakespearean. But I do think it made her a more static character. That's just a matter of opinion though. And I still enjoy Cersei even if she's not as 3D or complex as some of the other POV characters so whatever.
  14. Um it probably has a lot to do with the prophecy being retcon. since it ultimately is a writing device more than anything else lol. for the 5 fucking billionth time I agree with you that everything happened in AFFC could have happened without the prophecy. Please just get that ingrained in your head. Because that's literally all you've been vomiting, when that's not what I've been saying in the first place. my only real point was that since cersei already had flaws to make everything in AFFC, GRRM added the prophecy after he scrapped the 5 year gap. Because you know he's a writer. And when he was probably writing his fictional character, he probably had to make his adjustments when he needed things to happen at a much faster pace. You disagree. You think it's something he's had in his mind since AGOT and that it would be something that would be included even if the 5-year gap existed. I get that. You could have just said that from the beginning instead of talking about Cersei as if she's a real person with her own agency rather than something borne out of GRRM's imagination lol.
  15. lol you've only given your reasons on why she didn't kill tyrion now. not before. don't try to backtrack this shit.although my argument for that would be that not once, like ever has cersei ever been shown to fear the curse of kinslaying. and that it only starts to pop in her head again because joffrey died is a lame excuse imo and even further proof that its a retcon. oh just how CONVENIENT that we find out there's a prophecy about cersei's kids dying right after one of them dies lol. also the fact that you keep repeating yourself about how cersei is a fool and x, x and x even without the prophecy is only weakening your argument that it isn't retcon by Martin, you do realize that don't you? you do realize that you're essentially just saying that Maggy's prophecy serves no purpose for Cersei's mindset or character development or story. how the fuck is it not something that Martin just pulled out of his ass then? once again i repeat, you can't wrap your head around that cersei is a fictional character and not a real person and that GRRM made some really specific writing choices for her.