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  1. Daniel Newhouse

    R+L=J v.166

    Just to make a mental note of it, from a search of ice and fire, here's the quote that I keep on missing: Ned remembered the moment when all the smiles died, when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen urged his horse past his own wife, the Dornish princess Elia Martell, to lay the queen of beauty's laurel in Lyanna's lap. He could see it still: a crown of winter roses, blue as frost.
  2. Daniel Newhouse

    Synonym for marksman or horseman that starts with 'm'

    Merechal is a synonym for marshall. That may be it. But I think there is a name they were called in the north that I can't recall with similar meaning. The alternate word may be monteban, but I don't know what it means.
  3. Daniel Newhouse

    Synonym for marksman or horseman that starts with 'm'

    I think the word it mirado, or at least that is as close as my mind can come. But I think that is a slang version. If I recall, the word is Latin for "heavenly honor guard" which is cæléstium praesidio.
  4. Daniel Newhouse

    Synonym for marksman or horseman that starts with 'm'

    I found a new site called Power Thesaurus, that finds English synonyms for English and foreign words, and still isn't good enough.
  5. Daniel Newhouse

    Synonym for marksman or horseman that starts with 'm'

    The Florida M people were Florida's equivalent to the Texas rangers. Before, during, and after the civil war Florida sent their men throughout the country to enforce Florida law. This is the issue the Democrats cared about. They (McClellan) were willing to let the south go if they would agree to keep those damn Florida law enforcement people out of the Union. Also, they had looked at Harvard research, and were going to develop a nuclear weapon to destroy the Whitehouse if the south didn't comply, thus ending heaven.
  6. This word is tied closely to the state of Florida and the civil war. Unfortunately, since they don't make good thesaurus anymore, I have no idea what the word bank. It is similar in form to "mountebank."
  7. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    What I am looking for I think is called a Baker's Guide. Every grocery store has one, out in front of their bakery, but they don't have what I am looking for.
  8. Daniel Newhouse

    R+L=J v.166

    K, what this is theologically known as is a "blessed rape." What does that mean? I don't know. You would need someone more knowledgeable about what that entails than me to describe it.
  9. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    The lingo for the shapes is called "decorator." I once knew the word for a rose. My mother got confrontational at a bakery in a grocery store once, asking what the name for a rose was. I finally blurted it out, having heard it recently. We left.
  10. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    Oh, here's a product like that https://app.shopwinndixie.com/products/1319906
  11. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    Here's a site https://www.learncakedecoratingonline.com/the-must-have-cake-decorating-tools-for-beginners/ Now I remember in my youth we had a refillable syringe of decorator frosting with different bits, we could put different bits in it, and each was designed to generate a different shape as you pushed out the icing, and each shape had a name. The closest thing nowadays are "fondant cutters." I found it with the Christmas cookie stuff. The "plunger" is called a "press" for the Decorator. For cookies it's called a cookie press. The bits are called "tips" and there are only 2 for the decorator. The names for the product for the decorator tips are unknown. I have this weird feeling "mirro" the brand name, is indeed the word for decorator frosting that I was looking for. The historical document that would have the list of products produced with a decorator is called, I think, a "baker's decorator list."
  12. Daniel Newhouse


    What I wish for, the Vevo version of Electric Blue, The version posted on YouTube has the guitar audible in the mix, but the girl is nowhere as cute as I remember. But I don't remember very well.
  13. Daniel Newhouse


    SAA = Syria's regular army (Syrian Arab Army) SDF = Kurdish democracy fighters (Syrian Defense Forces) there are other Syrian factions but those are the two most important.
  14. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    It was buried other some other books - "piping" out of my thesaurus. And I needed to replace some bulbs. 40 watt bulbs are the only ones that last a long time. Ah, but what does "piping" translate to in Greek? In English, "trimming" I think is the better word. In Greek, stolismos.
  15. Daniel Newhouse

    Name for decorator frosting

    That word will do but it's not what I was thinking of. Not sure that I should have asked the question. Now that I recall, it is the basic word that show favoritism by God. If I knew it, I wouldn't post it. Alright, I'll go over this to explain how we probaby ruined preschool. In preschool little girls are obsessed with baking, this is them trying to choose a boyfriend. There is also a word for decorator frosting they pass around. It is used so much it doesn't need to be explained. I never received a proper gift. I have a glass etching with Opus and a bunny on it that is a gift that I received in highschool. It was snitched out of my own home by someone else for decades before being returned to me.