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  1. My apologies. I wanted to sound sarcastic but now I see that wasn't conveyed in my little post. Be as it may. Yes there is still scientific discussion whether the virus is indeed airborne. I tend to doubt it otherwise, the mess will be already orders of magnitude worse, but infection may happen that way in some cases. Nevertheless, the WHO assured the World that the virus IS NOT airborne, many outlets picked up the story and somehow deduced that wearing masks was unnecessary, creating unnecessary confusion in these very uncertain times and undermining containment efforts by several governments.
  2. Somewhere they want to use the positive pressure anti-snoring masks as substitute too for relatively milder cases
  3. Thanks for your account and glad you both are fine! Viruses had been bad this season. I had for new year some cough fits that lasted two days and were gone and then a bad flu mid February but it didn't feel like anything you describe. May I ask you which home management were you recommended during the disease? Like drink lot of liquids and stay warm? Something else that may help to avoid major problems? Some people are given inhalators, I read. Since I think at some point I'm going to get I'd like to be prepared but it's hard to find that information. For the moment I taking a lot of Vitamin C an D together with some echinacea pills. Trying to eat healthy but it's harder with sparse shopping visits.
  4. Yes, more or less, if we don't want them to die by the score. The thing is - from my limited understanding - that as soon as you loose the restriction, the disease will come back, fast. See the China, who have "defeated" the virus at an enormous cost and now they are forced to close the borders, etc. See the situation in Italy, and that is far from infecting a big fraction of the population so that the next wave might be slower, because immunity yadayada. We are making huge efforts just to avoid that a small fraction of the society gets infected, because even that small fraction will collapse hospitals, which is the main reason behind people dying. And I'm not talking only about the economic costs, which will be enormous, but also the human one. My original post was actually triggered by hearing my quite reserved neighbour crying loud. She is an older lady, maybe in her 60s, who gets visited every weekend by her grandchildren. You can hear her laugh in those instances. Now she cries.
  5. Tell that to parents who have to do homeoffice and homelearning with their kids. There are some who are desperate.
  6. United States officially surpassed China in the number of cases. Italy is still third but it's probably minutes away of becoming second.
  7. Then we aren't infecting enough people! Estimates for Italy for example speak of about 500 thousand infected. A small percentage of the population, and you see how they are faring. @JoannaL and @Kalbear thanks for your replies, yes, I've seen these plans, but I'm not sure if they are workable in the long term. I'm not thinking on the economic effects only, but also on social effects like influence in education, family relations, mental health, etc.
  8. I've read all I need about "flattening the curve", etc. Believe me, I understand the issue. Thing is, if the virus is more contagious than reported, which apparently it is (R0>3, instad ~2.4), will mean that as soon you let the people out, it will again infect a large amount of persons quickly and you may need another quarantine. With such large infection rates, it will be hard to make that famous "hammer and the dance" that you have seen in some cartoons.
  9. Two bits - China closes the border to most of foreigners. Clearly, they fear that any of these passengers might bring the virus back into the country. - Unemployment in US skyrocketed to levels unseen since 1930 Most of Western countries are facing an unprecendent crisis at different levels, sanitary, economic, social, political, etc. What to do? WTF do we do? Just hiding in our homes and wait for the vaccine (~2 years) is clearly unthinkable. We will be eating each other well before that. Trying to restart our lives will invite the virus again and start over. Two months in, two months out. Thousands will die regardless. Any ideas? I don't have any except hope that there is some medicine, etc that lessen the severity of the disease so we can continue with what remains of our lives.
  10. Please mention a western country which is doing an decent job right now. There seems some that are performing better but time will tell if It was enough.
  11. Uff. Take care! Both of you. We still have twow to discuss! In my case I've been feeling dizzy every evening for a while. I blame stress. I got a bad flu mid February and I still haven't fully recovered. Btw. What is the treatment for mild cases at home? Same with the flu? Drink lots of liquids, stay warm, paracetamol? Something else? It would be good to have some guide of things that help to confront the disease and favor better outcomes
  12. Apparently today they announced a series of measures including a full week free of work, suspension of the referendum and other that I don't recall right now. I guess things are also getting serious. Oh, I agree. China draconian containment measures gave us a month more or less. We continued as business as usual and let the virus spread. I don't exclude even some racist "oh China, so sad... let them die" attitude. This article is laughable in retrospective https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2020/02/coronavirus-and-blindness-authoritarianism/606922/
  13. Thanks for the interesting info. One day the world will look back and judge who acted correctly and who didn't. Btw. Do you know whether there is a lockdown, etc in Russia?
  14. I chatted with a friend who work with viruses (or something related). He believes that due to the testing policies, the number of true cases in European countries should be around 10x higher than reported, with variations among countries depending how pervasive testing is. For US he doesn't have an informed guess given how messy and incomplete the reports are. It could be similar or 50x as much. He thinks Latin America is not as bad as yet, but things may change quickly. He thinks once this is over it would be fundamental to test how many actually got infected.
  15. Yeah, pretty much agree. Besides central banks, etc have practically unlimited capability to inject liquidity to the markets. There are also other economic instruments including nationalization. However if this drags on, we will start to see disruption in the supply lines. When or how severe it's hard to say. I wonder what the financial sharks are doing amid too many sinking boats.
  16. All inbound travelers are placed in quarantine and tested. I guess they are terrified of a new outbreak.
  17. This point is often missed in arguments. The fatality rate depends heavily on the capacity of the health care to absorb the serious cases. If they get proper care, people in general shouldn't die in mass. Once the capacity is surpassed, the fatality rate rises.
  18. So we must assume that many other cities are in similar standing? Things are going to look ugly very soon
  19. :0 I think this shows that the disease is more widespread than the numbers naively indicate
  20. A lot of these people need assistance, not only physical but also emotional and psychological. Who is going to provide that? Should we isolate also those who work with them? Furthermore, even if the old and infirm are at high risk. The risk is not negligible for the healthy population. If you have too many infections of healthy people you will overwhelm the hospitals regardless. I don't see easy solutions
  21. This thread might disagree with you. (I'm not making any claims, but I find it curious)
  22. Is it possible to know that? I suppose there must be some mathematical models that can estimate ranges for the "dark cases" based on the reported statistics. Some googling came with few general answers.
  23. Seven hells! Are somewhere educated estimates of how many cases they have out there? I imagine it's probably closer to half a million than to the 40k they are reporting
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