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  1. I don't think you should be too worry about it. They are still too few cases to make a conclusion so the risk is probably very low. Still, one should wonder why it's happening (if it's happening) in continental Europe (afaik there are cases in Austria, Denmark and Greece) and not in the millions vaccinated in UK. That the NHS is behind these guidelines is certainly a million better than any politico.
  2. Transparency is always better. Word is going to get out sooner or later and may deter more people if they feel the authorities are hiding something. Also, a day off work should be standard for recipients.
  3. Denmark halts use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine https://www.reuters.com/article/healthcoronavirus-denmark/denmark-halts-use-of-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-idUSS8N2JV04G Seems to be related.
  4. I know few (quite young) people who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine and they said it was a different dimension in terms of side effects in comparison to any other vaccine (including the ones against Yellow Fever or shingles). I don't know about AZ besides what appears here and there in the news and social media, hardly any of good. Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccines seem to produce the milder symptoms, not unlike the flu shots. ETA: I would have really expected (perhaps naively) more transparency in terms of what you expect as side effects. In medical terms "mild" are actually quite strong for most people.
  5. There are many low income countries where covid-19 is not an issue. Specially considering the difficulties for social distancing and poor health care in those regions. In fact many see the pandemic as a first world problem. This disease is weird. Yesterday I was talking to the lady who cleans the stairs in my building. She is in her late 50s and plainly overweight. She got covid a couple of weeks ago and she said if it wasn't for the loss of sense of smell and taste she wouldn't have noticed as the worst she got was a headache one evening. On the other hand, a lady married to a relative, barely older than this cleaning lady, was ravaged by covid-19 and was stuck to a wheelchair for months. She is making recovery but very slowly and looks 20 years older than her age from what my mother tells me.
  6. Thing is, there are many countries that have that capability (you pointed out that even Canada has some). As we see in the EU, capacity is sitting idly as we see in the deal of Sanofi with J&J and those companies that want to team up with the Russians. These are all vector vaccines with many similarities with the Oxford vaccine. Now if AZ doesn't want to make a deal with you, you simply cannot. Of course, having a company with resources help a lot in many things. Or not as we see in the persistent problems with AZ.
  7. This is something you could put the blame squarely on Bill Gates. Reportedly, it was his foundation that recommended Oxford researchers to license the product to AZ instead of making it available to everybody who had the capability. Someone posted the article here https://khn.org/news/rather-than-give-away-its-covid-vaccine-oxford-makes-a-deal-with-drugmaker/
  8. Again you are spot on @Clueless Northman there are too much double standards when it comes to the treatments of things "we like". I'm actually awaiting eagerly what will be the response to the Sputnik approval request. If they reject it after approving AZ, you can be sure that our institutions are a joke. BTW, have you noticed that since Trump is gone, the lab leak theory is gaining momentum in MSM? Slowly. Keep on eye on that.
  9. I'm just a little bit worried about NZ and Australia to be honest. Both of you have been able to hold for a year and may be able to do so still for a while. But with Autumn around the corner and people getting less careful, it might be matter of time until infected people start to slip under the radar and you will notice when the outbreak is well underway. So be prepared. Chile and Argentina have been both hard hit but they are vaccinating. The later way slower than the former. So other S. American countries and S. Africa.
  10. These were my thoughts when I saw the news. I didn't read the article but from what I saw there are too many confounding effects to make clear conclusions. Notice, it's very likely that obesity makes things worse, but doing bad science about it will not get us anywhere.
  11. It's much better than nothing! Of course, you are right to be worried as it's a real life exercise that we are making everyday and without a vaccine in our arms. So, fingers crossed, let's trust the science and keep us updated.
  12. Mononucleosis is freaking scary and goes often as an unrecognized condition. A cousin got it when she was like 15. She lost that year in the school, was treated for depression and hormonal problems (she didn't get her cycle for like 6 months). There were days she couldn't get up from bed. Many people and even doctors didn't believe her, even her parents at times. They went a full tour through many doctors and hospitals and finally there was one who said that she should simply take it easy. He gave her a good dose of vitamins and recommended her yoga or a similar activity. The later saved her somehow as she could concentrate in small improvements instead of trying to go for a full recovery. She is fine now but the experience changed her. and thinking about it, yes, there are many similarities with what we call now Long COVID.
  13. Rocket Lab is also proposing a Falcon 9 lookalike, called Neutron It would have a capability of 8tons to LEO, compared to the ~20 of the Falcon 9 Someone in the interwebs is proposing then a new rocket called Atom, formed by Electron rocket boosters a Neutron first stage and a Proton upper stage.
  14. It hasn't been good for the values that the West "cherish". Things do not look good for the foreseeable future. Pretty bleak actually.
  15. Well, I went to the doctor so the antigen test is performed correctly and came back negative. Today I have a little of cough (but no other symptom), so it might be another virus. Which is interesting actually. We know that the flu has been knocked-out this winter everywhere, but what other virus can actually go through all precautions against SARS-CoV-2? I tried to look up for virus surveillance but didn't found anything that can help I hope you are feeling better!
  16. I tend to think (and hope) you are on the right track, although this disease makes sometimes weird turns. Most people I know, they start loosing the sense of taste and smell, but in your case it's coming after a while already. I've myself the feeling of something sticky back in the throat, nothing else. Maybe I should get tested too.
  17. OMG, @RhaenysBee Certainly, your sister attitude doesn't help. It seems you don't need to worry too much about yourself. Try to rest, drink liquids and get some vitamins if you can. Most people don't get it worse than you have had. Regarding your sister, hard to evaluate how much is anxiety and how much is real, but if she is having breathing problems, she should get examined. Definitively. A lot can be done if treated early and avoid any more permanent damage. Both of you are young and young people recover. Keep calm!
  18. It's a common belief in LA countries too. On the other hand, this (very old) study has been pointed out in some discussions regarding covid An outbreak of common colds at an Antarctic base after seventeen weeks of complete isolation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2130424/
  19. LoL. My sister said they rolled these new tests just in time for the WHO probe on the virus origins.
  20. We have been over this before, haven't we? There is no indication there was a plot to remove the Targaryens. It's pretty clear however that the nobility of Westeros was moving to form power blocks. Remember that at the same time Martells and Lannisters were trying to form a match whilst Tywin wanted to keep the options open with an eye in a royal match. The Tyrells were strengthening their positions at home with matches with powerful houses. For me, the Southron ambitions were part of the power game: Gain more influence in the politics of the realm by presenting a more unified front. Quite normal. Even today. My hypothesis is this had a lot to do with the yet unspecified pro-smallfolk policies of Aegon V, which certainly pissed off the nobility and they wanted to rescind. I seems to recall that Tywin did a lot of that, but certainly they will like to prevent that happening again. Maybe Rhaegar reminded them too much to Aegon V? As a final note. The Starks in particular could have declared independence whenever they wanted and the IT throne could have done, well, nothing.
  21. I think western politicians are slowly loosing their minds.
  22. Thanks for the articles! Both very informative. Well, to be honest, this pandemic seems to be affecting the AmerEuro countries particularly hard. A first world problem if you like it. The reason is most likely age distribution. With over 50% of the deaths over 85 years olds and 75% over 75yo, it easier to see that countries with younger population (due to lower life expectancy and youth bulges) aren't going to be affected that hard. Other reasons may play a role. In fact, even in many countries in LA (where COVID has hit hard), the population has moved to other issues and real world problems.
  23. Pretty much spot-on @Clueless Northman . They wanted to win a war with a market economy. Any competent enemy would have trashed them. At least US invoked the Defense Production Act, but I don't know how much that helped.
  24. Canada maybe? as well as any possibility of EU vaccine diplomacy. With India blocking exports, AZ european problems and other suppliers far behind the lines, ti's likely that COVAX is at the verge of collapse, despite all the money poured into it.
  25. People mistake Melisandre and her burnings. Yes, they are horrible but she doesn't do it when unnecessary. Jon and Aemon mistook her. And the baby switch will bring consequences too.
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