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  1. Dany has Jhiqui for that. Nevertheless, we see how quickly people learn languages and how easy people understand each other. I got no problems with that. Having an hyperrealistic worldbuilding would be detrimental for the story. I know, but why Westron and not Orcon, a derivative of the black speech? Simple because we readers need to understand those orcs. We are talking of fictional works.
  2. WTF? and WTF at the experiment. Couldn't have they time it a little bit better. People are quite susceptible nowadays.
  3. There are chemicals that can actually alter to hormone equilibrium and make you to make 'weird things'. Some hypergolic fuels for example. Some compounds from the plastic industry and some medicines.
  4. For the same reason that orcs in LOTR speak Westron instead of other languages. It makes a story possible. None of the characters in Slaver Bay for example have much trouble in communicating around, when it should be like you being put in Turkey or Arabia. Really, who would like to read a story where characters are unable to communicate?
  5. That was completely expected. There were always people who would try to get a vaccine, any vaccine, as fast as possible. Even if it meant plain corruption. Others however, would have a wait and see attitude. Others would be afraid, would hesitate, procrastinate or wouldn't care. And others will oppose.
  6. holy crap! I feel sorry for your friend. What happened in Serbia? Earlier this year, they had one of the best access to vaccines in the world. There was even vaccine tourism when vaccines were scarce in Europe. I guess people got complacent.
  7. Well, he will take care of Jeyne (and maybe Arya too) which would put him in high regard by the Starks. He'll bring fresh troops and maybe food) to the North. He may also play a valiant role in the battles again the Others. But I actually think that Jeyne will get those lands and by extension Justin.
  8. There might be other factors too, like people who tend to be superspreaders are now immune, weather patterns, air quality, who knows, but I share your concern. Practically whole eastern Europe is having exponentially rising cases and deaths. Romania looks very bad. The Baltic countries too. Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria. Even Poland and Hungary. I think it's a matter of time before cases start to rise again in western Europe as people stopped really taking care and winter is coming.
  9. Agree with @James Steller it really feels out of character a betrayal to Stannis. Moreover, someone needs to bring Jeyne to Braavos so she can meet the real Arya and also hire the Company of the Rose. It feels nevertheless he will have his own sojourn through Essos where he may get his loyalty to Stannis tested. He may get in the end his wish, marry poor Jeyne and get the Dreadfort lands as reward.
  10. Since the body hasn't been cremated yet, it might eventually help with a sacrifice or for bonding dragons. But most likely not.
  11. Something different. A lengthy article by the New Yorker SARS-CoV-2 origins and the lab leak theory. A very detailed and good read. https://www.newyorker.com/science/elements/the-mysterious-case-of-the-covid-19-lab-leak-theory TL;DR? The virus could have well had natural origins as there are ample reservoirs of similar viruses in South East Asia, although the article also place some emphasis that certain human activities, particularly commerce of wild animals, could have made the spill over more likely. Still. It is pretty clear that scientists have been grossly irresponsible with their experiments. These parts sent a chill through my spine. If things have gone badly we could have had a avian influenza pandemic in 2012! and So, basically Daszak proposed to create something that would look like a SARS-CoV-2. The proposal was rejected but we don't know (yet) whether those plans came to fruition using other funding sources. It is clear we need an internationally binding agreement akin to NPT to make sure that these kind of experiments are strictly regulated. The problem is that entry barrier for these experiments is right now very low.
  12. That's concerning as Chinese vaccines have been heavily used in developing countries and within China as well. I seem to recall that there are two Sinopharm vaccines, one based on the Wuhan virus and another from the Beijing one.
  13. We don't know really. Obviously, Marwyn couldn't have sailed straight away after leaving. Quhuru has business in Oldtown that may need few days and Gilly and the babe is onboard. Now, whether Aemon's corpse will play a role, it's something to see.
  14. The Argentinians are reporting good results with the vaccine, but they haven't met Delta. Whole S. America is in a through but Delta is displacing the local strains.
  15. You forgot Sputnik and CanSino here Also, Indian Covaxin which was just approved for kids. Sinovac and Sinopharm are being used for kids in China and elsewhere. The Cuban vaccine Soberana 02 can be also classified as a subunit vaccine (but also as a conjugate vaccine) and it's also being used in kids.
  16. Interesting. This comes at the heels of the suspension of Moderna in Nordic countries for younger men. Given that the risk of severe COVID in adolescents is very low, one dose might suffice, which is the UK's approach. Switching vaccines would not help unfortunately. The only options in the West are vector vaccines (J&J and AZ) which carry their own risks. There are no traditional vaccines being used in developed countries, which is a shame. These news will of course concern everybody who have children.
  17. Sure. That the plan is so clearly spelled, it might be an indication that it won't work. But not necessarily. It will depend on the GRRMs plans for them. Pretty sure we are going to see Horn Hill at some point. Certainly Sam will remain in Oldtown. My pet scenario is Sam leading an exodus of refugees from Oldtown towards Horn Hill with some maesters, acolytes, warriors and other people taking as many books and treasures from the Citadel as they can before Euron invades. I think only Marwyn will go to Dany, the rest will remain. I think Marwyn will play a role among the new and strange court of councilors that Dany will have, who will include Tyrion, Moqorro and others.
  18. Both Euron and Moqorro are lying to Victarion. That quote is very metaphorical as dragons bring "death and destruction". It doesn't mean you are wrong however. My pet theory is that the dragon horn will be the wake call for the Volantis slave navy to rebel.
  19. We haven't had a Sam chapter since the end of AFFC, so we don't know. In fact, we should see a Sam chapter among the first in TWOW. If the plans outlined in the last Sam chapter go as intended, Gilly should be already at Horn Hill with Sam's family, Aemon's body should have been burned at the Citadel and Marwyn should be sailing towards Slaver's Bay. We will see if everything worked.
  20. Delta has already a pretty high R0 (~6 by some estimates), how much higher can it be for these colds? I actually believe that the milder-than-expected Delta wave in continental Europe is due to these colds shutting down the door to SARS-CoV-2. Viral interference seems to be called. See here for example https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/224/1/31/6179975
  21. Actually I agree. The capture of the political system by economic interests is a big problem for democracy and adds to the general feeling that democracy isn't actually working. There is more however and it's even more widespread across the political spectrum, it's what I'd call "elitism" in the decisions about our societies (for the people but without the people!). A lot of policies are being drafted by technocrats behind closed doors without taking into account their impact on the people's daily lives. This has happened during the pandemic and it's happening with the policies intended to fight climate change as well as other big problems that trouble our societies. This is happening in a manner that is very reminiscent of the China's elites behavior. The question is how to reconcile democracy and participation with the implementation of crucial and probably difficult policies. If that cannot be achieved, alienation of large sectors of the society is inevitable and the results of that alienation can only be combated through repression.
  22. Let's be honest. China's success is having actually the opposite influence in our countries. They have shown our politicians and others in high positions that freedom and respect for human rights are not necessary for economic development and democracy can actually hinder the changes that some consider necessary to face the challenges of the XXI century. EDIT: it may be of interest https://www.justsecurity.org/75741/chinas-dystopian-new-ip-plan-shows-need-for-renewed-us-commitment-to-internet-governance/
  23. The idea of giving Facebook, Amazon or whatever big corporation a seat at the UN is ridiculous and whoever wrote that article should be shamed for even thinking about it. Corporations do not represent anybody, except their stakeholders, who will nevertheless move as soon as they see better oportunities. No corporation is fundamental for our lives. Yesterday there was a massive outage of Facebook services, within few hours my contacts in Telegram and Signal doubled, and two of the five groups I participate in WhatsApp migrated to Telegram. If Facebook had somehow completely disappeared, I'd have lost only the contact of the few people I communicate sporadically, but so it's life. On the other hand, if a country goes tits up, the life of millions is under threat. Just ask the Venezuelans. Since we are on the Facebook. There is this video about the Facebook whistleblower. Good watch.
  24. I see what you mean and certainly there is something of it too. Euron is toying with things he doesn't fully understand or control and thinks he has power over them. His fall will be hard. Not for nothing he is one of the lies that Dany will have to slay. At the same, it's clear in the text that Euron is becoming a force by himself, a dangerous one. There are several hints of that. Tyrion VIII, ADWD Melisandre, ADWD
  25. This is really bad news. Worse than people tend to realize. These people have actually all the incentives to not follow the protocols. It also means that Delta might be spreading silently along the fringes of society to only explode on your faces later on.
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