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  1. Indeed, and if he feels that way re AFFC, he might want to avoid the same issue with TWOW, preferring to tell the complete story than publish a somewhat discordant one Probably. It is also his style to go back and forth and change small details. They are not "far behind", but anyway Meeren post-battle will be a mess. This I disagree. I think that Jon needs to leave the Wall and the North to grow up as character and face his identity. At some point he will return of course. Also, when he comes back, he will learn that "Arya" was at the Wall and might try to chase her. He may learn some rumors (fisheman's daughter anyone?) and try to chase them too. At some point, he may reach Starfall. I tend to think Jon will travel a lot in TWOW, both across the lands and across himself, mirroring Tyrion ADWD and Dany TWOW. I wonder about it too. I don't think he learns about the parentage before ADOS. I agree with this. Well, nobody said that Theon/Asha are going to rule the Iron Islands but you don't get the Badbrother story for nothing. But at some point, Asha and Theon need to leave Stannis grip, when or how, it's unclear to me, but the elements are there. Dagmer is still there to help to resolve Asha/Theon story, not the other way around. See above. And if they have 500-700 pages it means that there is little more than the battles and the solving of the Feast&Dance cliffhangers, which should take around 30 chapters or one third a ADWD-sized book. And that by being somewhat minimalistic. The problem is as above, if you have 1200-2000 pages, where to cut the book to make it self-consistent and not leave a feeling that is something unfinished. Do you cut it when Aegon takes KL and Dany is aclaimed at Vaes Dothrak [1]? Both are going to happen relatively soon after the battles. Or do you cut it amid a Dany-led Dothraki campaign [2]? Or when she sails to Westeros [3]? Or after she defeats Aegon [4]? These are crucial events around one of the protagonists. What about the others? Where are Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Jon, Stannis, Euron, Sam, etc and what are doing at points 1, 2, 3 and 4. Does it feel consistent? The problem is that I don't think that whatever the number of pages, GRRM feels they are finished. You would also like to go back and forth and change things until you are satisfied and at the same time you want to give a sense of completeness and self-consistency. So, even if you are satisfied with the 1500 pages, do they really end where they should. What about if these 1500 pages means that the book ends amid Dany's campaign? Would you like that? Remember you cannot go very far with a ADWD-sized book given the sheer number of PoV involved, which means we get in average, four chapters per PoV. So, if you want to avoid an AFFC-like situation, you need to write a longer book.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Well, he has repeatedly stated that so. Two more books. TWOW and ADOS. Apparently the publisher wanted him to split TWOW into two books to have something in the meanwhile and he refused (for unknown reasons), meaning that there was already enough material. And you don't actually need some sort of ending in such a book, see AFFC. This is what I actually mean. There might be a few versions of the story that needs to be rewritten if something doesn't fit well towards the end. Which is something that also argue for a longer book, where things are fixed once published. sure, that what we like it too, I think the Volantenes are going to rebel once they reach Slaver's Bay, maybe at the sound of the horn? Yes, that can help. My take on this is that Stannis would be forced to abandon Winterfell to take charge of the Wall once he learns about Jon's death and the collapse of the NW. He may be able to deal with the Weeper. Regarding Hardhome, one day I tend to think they are just going to die, the second that Davos will get somehow involved, the third that they are going to be captured by Lysene slavers and hook up with Dany much later and the fourth that Jon and Tormund will try to save them. Who knows really Yeah, I agree. Jon in particular will be more focused in himself and I tend to think he will chase the rumours about his parentage. I agree, although each of them has a role to play in their respective stories and certainly it's easier to write them in isolation than trying to put them in relation to others where events have to be carefully coordinated. I'd like also to know what happens with Theon and Asha after the Battle of Ice. At some point they must leave Stannis story to play their role as Euron's foes. See above. GRRM himself reported that the publishers wanted a book and he refused to publish it in part. They cannot force him on that. Again, I'm making all these suppositions on the basis that it's a two volume book (two books if you like it), not that the Wall will fall regardless of what happens elsewhere. Dany needs to be in Westeros before the fall of the Wall, but this cannot happen until the Essosi plot is resolved satisfactorily , something that will need a lot of pages.
  3. Ok. So 1500 pages == 1 book? More or less? I think it could have been a possibility unless he is still undecided about some aspects of the battles, that butterfly in later developments. For example, how long after the battle Barristan survives? Llong enough for Tyrion to reach him? If not, how do make Barristan tell us what he knows about R+L and other mysteries? Etc. Yeah, this is truly a problem, trying to not break the rhythm won't be easy. I wonder if this can smoothed over by switching to other conflicts, for example, after the battles you should have Aegon conquering KL, Dany rolling over Essos, Euron doing his thing. But anyway, you would need to come back to places where "boring" politicking is the main aspect of the plot, like Vale, the North, Meeren, etc. I'm actually inclined by this. He has repeatedly said there are two more books left. To do that, TWOW must be massive, a two volume book. Thematically, it fits with the book ending with the fall of the Wall but to achieve this, the book must be monstrous long as Dany needs to get to Westeros before and she is still a long way off.
  4. I have no idea how manuscript pages translates into book pages. The manuscript version of my thesis was about 800 pages long with 1.5 line spacing, ample margins and paragraph breaks, oversized figures and a bigger font. The more attractive final copy was only ~250 pages. What I'm certain is if GRRM is sticking to two more books (he has repeatedly and recently confirmed this) , TWOW must be freaking long. We have discussed here before. If TWOW is ADWD-ish long, you can fit around four chapters per PoV, and there are many PoVs with lots of thing to do. In particular Dany. So, I'm guessing a two volume book. But I fully agree with @Lord Varys above. It is not the number of pages that is holding him, it is the adequate resolution of narrative problems that arise from this complex story. The battles are (relatively) easy. The post battle conflict is not. There are time line issues, particularly coordination between the Essos and Westeros plots. There are characters that should be more difficult to write, Bran post-enlightenment, post-resurrection Jon, Dany post-ascension, etc.
  5. I'm sorry but I don't find any of these reason too compelling. There might be others but let's see I've heard in few instances that the environment at SpaceX is not always the best, but even if not true engineers work better when left alone without such extreme managerial pressure. I know that myself. Their way around is to start cutting corners. I know that myself. Why not? They are just starting to reap the benefits from the investments done with the Falcon 9. Remember only the Block 5 first stage seems to be truly reusable, after ~15 years of development. It is the most competitive rocket in its class and companies love it, no only because the price tag. They should squeeze all the juice before ditching it. What happened with all these space tourism plans with the Crew Dragon? The Falcon Heavy should allow SpaceX to start their interplanetary plans, like sending stuff to Mars and the Moon. You need some infrastructure there beforehand. The number of launches means little. The Soviet Union was performing 100+ launches/year for 20 years, but US still led interplanetary exploration. Russia could still beat them in number of launches if resources allowed, the haven't lost that capability. In Soviet times they could have a rocket ready in two days. But going to Moon is another thing. China still has serious problems with their SLS-like rocket (CZ-9) and it seems they are moving to a heavier Falcon Heavy-like rocket. China has a lot of resources but they are still relying in Russian technology for several key areas. China is taking their time to learn the curve, or have you wondered about the small number of crewed launches that China has made?
  6. They should learn then from us, asoiaf fans. Elon - unless chronically ill - has more time than our beloved author.
  7. I don't understand this hurry with the program, just to generate hype?. They just put the poor engineers under stress and shit happens as we saw above. They are building anyway a revolutionary system with no parallel around the world. It is going to remain so even it is available after 2030. Just take the time ffs!
  8. apparently, both Starliner and Crew Dragon are still suffering of some technical problems. It seems unlikely they will fly astronauts to the ISS before the end of the year.
  9. Well, I give you a shorter version https://poorquentyn.tumblr.com/post/110390600593/the-tao-of-oh good luck!
  10. Exactly the point, his chapters have little consequence for the plot, but are thematically important. Please read this. https://poorquentyn.tumblr.com/tagged/quentyn-in-adwd/chrono
  11. BTW. I am not at all trilled by the Starlink venture. See this SpaceX submits paperwork for 30,000 more Starlink satellites https://spacenews.com/spacex-submits-paperwork-for-30000-more-starlink-satellites/
  12. Do you know of any interest by the military about SpaceX adventures? Developments like that should catch the attention of them. Hell, even the BFR looks like something that the military should look with interest.
  13. This is a very interesting idea that also does not need any Blackfyre, Brightflame, whatever, conspiracy. Except maybe for bringing the Golden Company into the fold.
  14. No. Electric and plasma engines has ISPs that are impossible to achieve using combustion engines (>3000s vs 300-500 of chemical fuels). This means that the amount of propellant needed is much smaller than in SpaceX concepts and because of the much higher exhaust velocities acceleration is much higher. What is needed are engines with enough thrust to achieve a decent cruise velocity in a reasonable amount of time. See for example the NASA VASIMR engine.
  15. At some point on the complexity level, it makes more sense to launch nuclear powered tugs to commute between Mars and LEO.
  16. I don't understand (if indeed is the case) why the Faith was so adamant against Targaryen's polygamy whereas they turned blind eyes towards incest (a greater evil). No one ever called Rhaegar an abomination born of incest. I wonder if this can become a world building problem if indeed Rhaegar and Lyanna married with any sort of legitimacy. Having another clandestine bigamist would help the case, but Aegon the Unworthy is hardly a good precedent. If you ask me the best candidate for a secret marriage would have been Daena, but this should have been made known by the Blackfyre supporters.
  17. We also cannot rule out that Pentos as society hasn't evolved from an aristocratic one to a semi republic during that time frame. It seems that many of the Free Cities only keep the valyrian social structure more as a tradition, with the rich merchants holding the actual power.
  18. Neither Stannis nor Cressen were there. But we know that the Royal Fleet anchored at Dragon Stone ceased to exist. Stannis was building ships to deal with that said fleet. Without that fleet, Stannis didn't need to build its own. Nobody questions the legitimacy of Daenerys, really. She has dragons, the trademark of the Targaryens. Aegon on the other hand, has none. And we see Varys (and Illyrio) trying to work out the events so that people are too busy to really question his parentage.
  19. But the twist here is the armies on front are dark skinned evil foreigners and the fuhrer is a psychopathic woman.
  20. These unicorns are more like big goats with one horn and foul temper. Nothing else. as with the dragons and other creatures, it is a commentary on classical fantasy. "Most of the stories you hear about dragons are fodder for fools. Talking dragons, dragons hoarding gold and gems, dragons with four legs and bellies big as elephants, dragons riddling with sphinxes … nonsense, all of it" - Tyrion XI, ADWD. Contrary to Tolkien's dragons, GRRM's ones are relatively normal creatures. Four limps and animal intelligence.
  21. Of course. Surely there might be some nazi iron eagle on front of the Nuremberg rally. Dany is now Westeros Hitler. It is known.
  22. I fully agree. It would be very out of character to have Rattleshirt in his councils, even he spared his life. Who is Rattleshirt? he is not only scum, but a nobody scum. He is not highly regarded even among the Free Folk. There is another piece of evidence that more people knew about the switch. When we start ADWD we learn that Val tried to escape, attempted to kill his guardians and finally begged Stannis to spare Mance's life, even promising to wed a "kneeler". When Stannis burns "Mance", she stays besides him quietly and acts meekly afterwards, never attempting to escape again and she keeps faith overall. The implications are obvious. Val was in the known. She may have even told Tormund that Mance is alive, explaining his lack of surprise during the reading of the Pink Letter. Of course, Mel may have convinced Val and still keep the thing out of Stannis knowledge, but with so many people knowing stuff, things get dangerous. It is possible that Stannis approved and Mel did the dirty work, so "Mance" didn't know anything, which is actually implied in the scene.
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