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  1. Yes, that too. Part of the blame also fall on governments that claim that "vaccines will end the pandemic" without clearly setting the public health goal. I believe that vaccines will make a huge contribution but the message is risky and still has a lot of uncertainties (namely new variants). There is also the problem you mention. The vaccine is seen as the pill that solves all our problems without making any effort. Like the guy who doesn't make any effort to eat healthy and do some exercise and solves everything with a bag of medication. Nobody should be complacent not until we see clear and unmistakable signs that this is over.
  2. I don't think there is a big genetic factor that it's driving severity (I might be wrong of course) but there are cultural factors that might be driving infection. If you are part of large, multigenerational families living at the poverty level, whose income depends on your day-to-day work, inevitably the virus is going to hit you. These families tend to congregate together forming complex social structures within the society. Central Europe has also people who live at the fringes of society, the Roma for example as well as many people below the line of poverty. I wonder how their comunities are faring. Again. I understand why this isn't being discussed openly. Racism and classism are real problems. At the same time, you really need a social plan to reach out these people otherwise you will never understand why the infection and death rates are exploding. Of course, these are my suspicions and I might well be wrong.
  3. This again? Sorry guys/gals. This bickering among members of the forum will not do anybody any good. None of you (afaik) is in position to solve anything. UK and US have done what they think they had to do and have overall succeeded. We cannot fault them. But this should ring alarms everywhere what allies are worth in times of need. This crisis is nothing compared what can happen during a prolonged disruption of the food or energy trade. The EU and countries around the world should take lessons of this crisis. That EU is at mercy of AZ whims is shameful and the fault is at the shoulder of our political leaders. Same for Canada. How is possible that developed countries do not have the capability of making vaccines for their people? Russia has three vaccines. China is widely distributing three and has many others in the pipeline. India has two. Vietnam two or three in the pipeline. Cuba three. Two of the vaccines developed in the EU failed the clinical trials, another (Curevac) is moving a snail pace. At the same time there is spare capacity to produce more. Yes, they might not be those fancy mRNA vaccines but they might do the job.
  4. BTW: I continue to think that promoting travel this summer (via the infamous green pass) is a terrible idea that might blow onto our faces next autumn. Until a substantial amount of the population get the vaccine and we are making sure over at least a six month period that it's working as intended, we cannot relax ourselves. I'm not going anywhere, vaccines or not.
  5. There is a lot of it. I don't deny it. In the building on front of me some students have beer parties every second day. There aren't many people meeting but still. On the other hand, we truly don't know if a particular demographics are being hit harder than the rest of the population. This information hardly exists. I've heard stories of course, but it's a topic that nobody wants to discuss openly for fear of stoking racism. If this is true, the shotgun approach of the measures is not sufficient and you need to work with the communities. There has been a dearth of more integral approach to this crisis. Politicians and even scientists live in their own bubbles and don't understand why poor people cannot social distance themselves.
  6. I don't know. We need a closer examination of what it's going on. There are multiple reports from S. America and Europe that an ICU occupancy shift towards younger people is being observed. Are the variants causing this? Is some particular subset of the population that it's being affected? Are the people becoming less careful and dodging around lockdows and restrictions? Something else? Reinfections? Co-infections?
  7. Back in the day CureVac was seen as a forerunner. Even Trump attempted a hostile takeover. But yes, there was (and is) a lot of naivety by European politicians. Somehow they truly put their all trust in multilateralim, but when things get ugly every country take care of their own people first. They thought that once the vaccines are here, people will come and roll up their sleeves and dance as they call the end of the pandemic. Reality is more complicated. In all parts of the equation.
  8. I actually wonder whether the SEC will get involved if they feel that press release deceived investors. Maybe you or Chataya have a better feeling about it.
  9. I'm appalled. So, it's indeed the company misrepresenting the trial results for the sake of a headline against the recommendation of the regulatory bodies? No wonder they were pissed. How governments are still willing to work with such a company displaying such a behavior? Specially in this critical times. (as a side note, there have been reports of further fatal cases in Norway, Denmark and France associated to that vaccine induced syndrome)
  10. Ok. I've seen the new press release but why the NIAID decided to comment on a press release, when we and they know that it's just for publicity? The only possible reason is these numbers grossly misleading or the PR is seen as an attempt to pressure the regulatory bodies. It doesn't make sense. It has crossed my mind a number of times. The Oxford vaccine is the only one that it's being offered "at cost" and at the same time has large contracts due to the COVAX initiative. This might not be what a number of people like. On the other hand, AZ has been hit by a large number of seemingly unrelated problems (trials, production, transparency, safety, contracts, etc) that it's hard to imagine that it can all be due to some corrupt actors or just bad press.
  11. I'm concerned that an public statement by regulatory bodies was deemed necessary instead of going through internal channels. WTF?
  12. This is getting surreal. Astrazeneca released the results of the US trial. Probably the one of last options they had to restore confidence. https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2021/astrazeneca-us-vaccine-trial-met-primary-endpoint.html Excellent numbers: 80% protection against symptomatic infection, plus some added bonuses. Now I read in the news that AZ might have provided outdated information from the trial. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-23/astra-may-have-given-outdated-details-on-vaccine-says-u-s-body?srnd=premium-asia https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/niaid-statement-astrazeneca-vaccine I don't know what that means. Are, are they cooking the numbers?
  13. I don't think the fase 3 trials have the power to find these events. AZ trial in US has about 20k individuals in the vaccine arm with different ages and gender. This is what the researchers at Greiswald found https://idw-online.de/en/news765335 and it's probably occurring between 1 in 100 thousands and 1 in a million. The lesson here is that scientists should never close the eyes before examining all possibilities. This has been sorely lacking and if some voices had been heard early on the pandemic, we wouldn't be in this mess.
  14. Just to mention from my personal perspective. From the very beginnings of this crisis, me and mine have felt abandoned to the whims of this crisis, that basically we have to care of ourselves the best we could as politicians and authorities have shown high degrees of incompetence and negligence. Somehow, despite the scary reports, the prompt reaction of the relevant institutions have restored the feeling that someone is looking responsibly and reacting early to upcoming events. How different would be everything if this attitude had been the norm instead the exception? Well, I decided to register for a vaccination. Who knows when I'd get it (I'm well behind the lines in term of priorities) but It's a start.
  15. The immune system is more than antibodies. There are the T-cells and also moucosal immunity that apparently play also a big role. I haven't seen anything correlating antibodies levels with reinfection risk. Maybe the British have some stats regarding NHS workers. I haven't seen that either. I'm under the impression is not the case. A friend of mine claims he was reinfected in October. He's from Madrid and got infected in April last year. He wasn't tested because situation was chaotic, so there is no confirmation. He was tested in October and became positive. The testing team claimed there were hundred of similar cases but I have never seen theses stats. Both courses of disease were quite light. This article claims that the protection from previous infection is about 80%. As good as any vaccine but plainly far riskier. Even for young individuals. I think there are similar stats with NHS workers. I was also somewhat depressed when I learned the news of re-infection. I also read some articles that claimed that SARS-CoV-2 could do weird things to the body. I'm not sure how often these things are occurring in real life. It seems it correlates with disease severity. Vaccines should protect also from the worse. There is of course the issue with variants... Different aspect of immunity seem to last many months after infection and vaccines will certainly help, but see below. I agree. I think the Green Pass or whatever is called is a mistake that might blow into our faces in the near future. For this and other reasons. I want to write about it but I need to collect links. No. Don't worry too much. Treat it like you had the flu. I got the flu last year and took me like two months to feel myself again. I know about two dozens of people who have recovered successfully from covid. I know a few who got it bad and are still dealing with problems. No. See my post above. There have hardly two weeks since the scary reports about the AZ vaccine came out and despite all the fuss and political grandstanding, researchers worked around the clock, found the mechanism and develop a treatment. We know a lot of things but it's still clear we don't know even more.
  16. Maybe, it hasn't been communicated clearly. These events aren't normal thrombosis. It's a very rare combination of blood clots and low platelets counts. Treating one side of the spectrum worsen the other. The risk assessment has been also communicated in a wrong manner as the affected population are mostly young women, a population less affected by severe COVID. So, how much are the odds in comparison? one per million, per ten thousands or higher? It isn't clear now. Of course one needs to wonder if the persons affected by this condition are also at higher risk of severe COVID. Anyway. The Germans have found a treatment for this condition and confirmed a link with the vaccine (see below too). We just need a way to identify the susceptible individuals before and better surveillance for the onset the condition. Some interesting paragraph https://gth-online.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/GTH_Stellungnahme_AstraZeneca_3_19032021.pdf All of this at dashing speed and it's being broadcasted to all hospitals. Isn't that great?
  17. Well you could argue they are essential workers and they cannot fulfill their obligations to the people if they fall ill. Maybe I'm too harsh with politicians, they are humans too, but I'd love to see a vaccination unit sent by surprise to the Bundestag and line the PMs to get their shot.
  18. This. We need to see them with exposing to their armpits and getting the vaccine into their arms. No Pfizer in a special facility with dedicated personnel. AZ at the vaccination center on front of everybody. I don't know why it isn't happening. Angela Merkel seems to dodging the calls to get the vaccine.
  19. sorry. But I haven't found links in english and don't have much time these days. This is a link in spanish https://holanews.com/medicos-noruegos-creen-que-la-reaccion-inmunologica-de-la-vacuna-de-astrazeneca-causo-las-trombosis/ and another from norway https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/QmwR1V/professor-om-mistenkte-vaksinebivirkninger-aarsaken-er-funnet
  20. There is some talk that Norway has found the likely cause of the death of a teacher affected by that rare blood disorder: antibodies against the platelets developed as result of the vaccine. Shit. If this is true, can be predicted?
  21. In general, the possibilities of infecting other people after an infection or vaccine are minimal. At least for several months. Because we do not know for how long that will last, people should still be careful. The main issue has always been how to prove asymptomatic transmission. Didn't you hear? The green pass will give us our freedom back. Just a few months and you will be free!!!1! (I want to write a post about it but I lack time now. The issue in nuanced but overall I think it's a dangerous and mistaken initiative)
  22. It wasn't a secret at all that Dany and Viserys were in Braavos. I don't think that Braavos would have gone to war over the issue, but they would have been very unhappy. Also, Braavos didn't finance Dany and Viserys at all. When Willem Darry died, Dany and Viserys were evicted from their home and had to start their tour through the Free Cities. I think Robert had at times the idea of killing them but the rest of the council disagreed. In particular I think Varys played a key role in avoiding that someone else by their own account killed them and claimed a prize. At the same time Varys fueled paranoia in Viserys about a possible assassination.
  23. Actually Australia and NZ are there to point out that the failings are not cultural but political. Ah, but they are islands! some would say. Well, you have Uruguay and to a lesser extend Paraguay which have done reasonably well considering the regional and internal context. But the point of the article stands. You throw a dart to a map and you know how the country has done in the pandemic Good article @Zorral!
  24. Mine is on Ukraine, Georgia and other geopolitical important countries.
  25. At the same time you have this: Kremlin says pressure on countries to reject Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is unprecedented (reuters) but it's a bit of controversy in Brazil. Related: Pfizer accused of ‘bullying’ Latin American countries during vaccine negotiations and there are similar reports regarding Johnson&Johnson. Yes, they will. By the millions starting from the end of May. At least it's what I think.
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