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  1. They might even right. The Chinese want to know that too. It might well possible there is - again - a silent outbreak ongoing.
  2. Well, the Chinese want to know that too, it seems. They want to test the entire population of Wuhan. Eleven million of people. I don't know what to make out of this
  3. Have you ever flown in a airplane? Specially in cloudy weather? Over a large territory? Think again. When? Same with the russian against the germans or Napoleon? Winter is death, the northmen know that and they did die by the thousands before the conquest. In fact, it is likely that the conquest was favourable to them as winters became milder and food was easier to get from the south thanks to an unified kingdom. Take google maps and fly over Canada, try to make a plan to burn all towns.
  4. The dragons cannot burn all the crops. Do you have a grasp how big is the North. Do you think if I give you three F-16 with unlimited fuel and bombs you will be able to wipe out all farms in Canada for example? No, you won't be able to do that. You still need to find refuge, you still need to bring armies and supplies to an hostile territory. And you think that the rest of Westeros will sit idle whilst Aegon and his sisters get stuck in the North? There is a reason why Aegon didn't get full involved in Dorne. He wanted to make a kingdom not to annihilate them. As far as I remember, Aegon nor Rhaenys burned Sunspear nor Planky Town. No, the North is too hard to conquer and to hold.
  5. Look at the map. Look at the mountains, at the vast forests, at the rivers, at the lakes. The area of the North is almost as large as the rest of Westeros and besides White Harbor there are not cities. Thinking that three dragons alone would be able to burn the Wolfswood, the largest forest in Westeros, is laughable. Specially compared to real world examples as Vietnam. The USAF had thousands of dragons and they were unable to make the vietnamese to submit. The North is actually accustomed to this kind of suffering. They had thousands of years withstanding harsh winters, so much that when winters arrive the old know they have to go in "suicide mode" if they can give their families any hope to survive winter. Do you know how many settlement are in the North. Besides White Harbor, Barrowtown and few others, everything looks pretty rural to me, with lots of villages, making harder to annihilate. Of course, there is a weak spot: Winterfell. Too important to let it burn.
  6. Ok. This explains a lot the issue. What about the meat? Is it getting contaminated?
  7. I actually don't know. As far as I remember there are no mention of something like that occurring in the vulnerable coasts of the Stormlands or Dorne. It might happen from time to time but not so often to get mentioned as a threat as is in the case of the ironborn and wildings. Maybe there have been warnings from Westeros that slavery of westerosi won't be tolerated? Now, given the current depletion of supply due to Dany's conquest and the political turmoil in Westeros, some slavers might be becoming more aggressive. Something to think about as a scenario. Slavers of course exists in these cities. The Dothraki are huge slavers suppliers as we see early in AGOT and Illyrio for example sold them to Lys and other cities. Pirates of different culture also probable catch slaves everywhere and there might be pathways to fall under slavery within these societies like failing to pay debts, etc. On another topic. I would really like to see the Stepstones. There might be an interesting mixture of Westerosi and Essosi cultures spiced with travellers from all around the world.
  8. Yes, certainly they could have pulled something like that. The North is vast, there are more places to hide, a clear strong leadership, it has a proud local culture and are able to withstand suffering. Three dragons wouldn't have been enough to burn the North as thousands of napalm-loaded bombers weren't enough to burn Vietnam. Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters would have gotten stuck in a protracted war in an unknown territory with not enough support from the South. If Torrhen Stark knew all of this why he went south to "fight" Aegon in the Riverlands? It doesn't make sense at least there are few other explanations - Torrhen wanted to spare Winterfell of a Harrenhal-like destruction. Winterfell might be too important for a fight against the Others. - Aegon also started his conquest for other reasons. He probably saw himself as TPTWP and with his sisters the Three Heads of the Dragon. There might be a supernatural reason why he wanted to conquest and unite Westeros before it was too late. - Torrhen also went south for similar reasons. He wanted of course a show of strength but in the end knew that Winter was coming and these dragons might be of help
  9. What is up with slaughterhouses and meat processing plants? There are reports from the US that a large number of workers are also infected. As far as I understand they always wear PPE during their work shifts.
  10. I think Euron will do a double Fair Isle-like battle. He will put himself at the center. The Redwynes and the Hightowers will encircle him from both sides. The main trust of the ironborn will come from one of the sides Another trust of ironborn and Basilik Isles corsairs will come from the other side Bonus: Krakens
  11. The answer is in Arianne I. They are more likely Euron's men and they need "holy blood" for their sacrifices. They might even hauling these krakens to the Redwyne straits where the battle against their fleet will take place. These paragraphs are gold, btw. Lots of interesting info. - Aurane Waters is in the Stepstones - Volantenes carrying the Golden Company - Lyseni slavers in their way north to capture wildings - Myrmen too? ETA: No, they are going south, but where? - Some info of what Euron is planning. - Some stormlanders are joining JonCon, but some rumors are against him too.
  12. Remember that the west side of the lands beyond the Wall is called the Frozen Shore. For me, it feel like we are talking something like Greenland, with lot of glaciers reaching the sea. The inhabitants of that region are some Inuits spinoffs, riding chariots made of bones pulled by giant dogs. I doubt there are any villages to raid.
  13. I tend to think that GRRM intended this to happen before the Rebellion, before Jaime took the white. When the history grew few things got muddled.
  14. It was a bit of rhetorical question actually, because I know all of that. Still. if there was a less contagious, less dangerous strains circulating before, what the heck happened in Wuhan in December that suddenly became nasty? Why are we so sure it started there? If there is no other strains, what factors made the only strain we know to become a global threat. Aren't there warning systems in place to check for novel circulating viruses? Reportedly at least few infected reached the hospitals. No attempts were made to identify the virus? Why are too many people seemingly immune? Is it related? ETA: Of course assuming that the reports are correct and the virus (or a strain of it) was circulating late last year. This is still not certain.
  15. Yes, I think the same, but how is possible we still don't know that?
  16. Of course is possible that it was misdiagnosed, but the number must remain below a certain threshold before alarms start to ring. This goes against our current understanding of the disease, because, after what we witnessed in Italy, Spain, etc, it is difficult to imagine an scenario where you have this virus circulating and keeping the hospitalizations low enough to not raise eyebrows.
  17. The Chinese insist that the disease was brought to Wuhan by foreign delegations, maybe we should start listening to them. @The Anti-Targ was reporting that he got info that something was going on in Iran also back in November. And the Internet is full od reports of weird flu-like illness in December. But if this is the case, it goes against all we know about the covid-19 we are observing now. Maybe some close related diseases? Maybe is that the reason why there are many who are seemingly immune?
  18. This is the original article if people are interested. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924857920301643 Besides being tested twice, the patient had all landmarks of a typical COVID19 case. The question remains. Why didn't he (or his wife and children) start an outbreak back then in December in France? At their respective very public work places, children's schools or even the hospital. Precautions were little to non existent. Or an outbreak was actually started and wasn't detected till late February? How? It goes against everything we know about the disease now. Now, German researchers are also saying they have evidence of SARS-COV2 spreading late last year in Europe. I cannot find the article now. Is this actually possible? I'm at lost.
  19. Because most governors and many government officials tried to do their best to avoid the worst. Without the support it is of course not enough
  20. Ok fine. Children are less susceptible, we still need to find out why. But what about high schoolers? What about university students? Are they really social distancing in their classes, accommodations, parties, etc? Where are the outbreaks? Who are those 20% of infected in Sweden? Random people or some particular segments of the society?
  21. This is something I'd really like to know. I've heard anecdotes of whole households infected (down to the cat and the dog) and others that one or two family members are infected, sometimes even skipping the grandmother, but more often the children. Is there someone really looking at this? It might be the key to fight the disease. Well, this is very interesting. Maybe all what we need is to get a cold a few times a year. ;-)
  22. I'm starting to think there might be another - milder - strain in the wild which hasn't been detected yet because all sequences are coming from hospitals and therefore very aggressive strains . The French should really sequence the genome of whatever that guy had. Fast. I guess so? There are wild variation in the serological studies. I cannot judge them but those numbers reporting 50x the number of infected seem to me that are in contradiction with what we know about the pathology of the disease. What are they detecting? Some cold antibodies? Some previous milder wave of this virus? Some garbage? More importantly, do these antibodies protect against the most aggressive variants? Why do we see so many asymptomatic people and even some seemingly immune?
  23. Wow, interesting and worrisome. Specially in the light of the recent reveal that there was community spread in France back in December, which is to some level in contradiction what we saw in February and March. However, Wuhan in January also saw a European-like surge of cases and deaths. Did it come from there in late January whilst the original strain arrived much earlier and avoided detection for too long? Or the French dude got another older strain?
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