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  1. This is weird. Unless a large fraction of the children are somehow immune, I would have expected that COVID19 had already burned its way through Swedish schools and kindergartens and the families and teachers of these children. Who is then getting infected in Sweden? Which segment of the populace has more social contact than children to get infected faster?
  2. Mel is often right and wrong. See one of her first prophesies. She saw Renly dying at Storm's End and Renly defeating Stannis in King's Landings. Both were right! But she misunderstood the signs. Same here. People have pointed this before. It might be something. It might be nothing. It might be a GRRM's mistake. It might just mean that Alys tried to evade her captors going another way.
  3. Home office, home learning, teleconferencing, etc have to be completely reinvented to make them effective. These emergency measures suck. It is fine to call a colleague or two and coordinate few things. Add more people and things cannot be done effectively. Skills that are fine for on-site teaching are useless on-line. Homeworking requires lots of discipline and adequate spaces. Communication with coworkers is lost and becomes more difficult to coordinate things. In the case of home learning, distant learning whatever you call it, I think - unfortunately - that will be difficult for each institution to provide quality contents. Materials will needed to be produced at larger institutions in a more standardized way. Why? Because the few materials I've seen worth looking at need loot of pre- and post-production, involving larger teams. The rest of the teachers, etc will be needed only to support the learning process, not to create the main class. The downside. Much less variety. To make home office effective, we need a complete social reorganization. I have no idea how to make teleconferencing less painful. It sucks.
  4. Oh, hopefully you are feeling better. Viruses have been weird this season, everybody agrees. I myself complained in this very same forum about a bad flu I got mid February. Never felt so bad despite vaccine. After recovered I was coughing my way all through mid March to the distress of my coworkers. However, I don't think I had COVID19, Symptoms were quite different to those reported by other people, including in this forum. By New Year eve, however, I got some weird virus that only made me cough for two or three days. Didn't really feel bad or feverish or difficulty of breathing or whatever. Just cough. I don't think I had cough ever since I left childhood. What was that?
  5. Thing is, that people do not interact randomly with other people. There are segment of the population with more interaction and the disease will burn through these people faster than through the rest of population, slowing the spread. Being the Swedish culturally more socially distanced plus additional measures, it might have already burned through the fuse and now will go through the candle wick. I've seen that too. My guess is just reporting of the cases. Most of the countries show a slowdown on weekends too.
  6. This is freaking weird. Someone in this forum was saying that there was a weird pneumonia outbreak back in November. Maybe the Chinese are right and it didn't come from China? But on the other hand, why the problems only started in end of January (for China) and March for the rest of the World. Maybe there is a similar virus, creating a very similar immune response? Just wild speculation
  7. Yeah, as crackpot theories go, this one is particularly elegant.
  8. People have pointed out this before. It might be something. It might be another GRRM's mistake. It might just be that Alys tried to evade her hunters and went another way. She is coming with Justin Masey (who has another role to play), Alysane Mormont, the black brothers and a number of Stannis knights and soldiers.
  9. There might be a grain of truth on those allegations. China is refusing to cooperate in any investigation. Reportedly. With so much propaganda, noise, baseless allegations, it not easy to discern the reality. I'm unable to judge in one way or another. One thing that I'm however starting to find strange is that countries are looking back and finding more and more earlier cases and COVID related deaths. For me it means that either the disease did spread with astonishing speed or the outbreak started earlier. But in the later case, shouldn't we see evidence in the molecular clock? According to it the first case was around the 15 Nov, so community spread in China started to pick up really in December.
  10. I tend to agree. There are many other important elements that might make the situation difficult: The Quarteen camel cavalry, the 100 New Ghis elephants (Dany has only a handful of them), those Tolosi slingers give me bad vibes, the approaching Volantenes, Khal Jhaqo's khalasar, Moqorro and ultimately Dragonbinder. From the released chapters the battle is going too good. It is probably that Brown Ben, Tyrion and Jorah make a crucial contribution that make the others forgive them. Victarion is more likely to get burned by a dragon (or by Moqorro himself). Barristan will most likely die betrayed by the Shavepate.
  11. Don't put too much thought on that paper. The author - despite knowing a bunch of math - works on oceanography. Anyway, I think he didn't advocated no measures, but tried to demonstrate that the draconian lockdowns are not more helpful than more relaxed measures. Which is an interesting though. It might be true that a few measures are enough to bring the infections to an manageable level, but it might strongly depend on cultural behaviours, the cities structure and the underlying infected population. Italy and Spain were the first to deal with the disease in the Western hemisphere. Little was understood at that time.
  12. Yes, by Stannis and be prepared in time for its last and ultimate mission
  13. Tywin Lannister married his first cousin Joanna Lannister and nobody blinked. Lysa Arryn intended that SweetRobin marries his first counsi Sansa Stark and didn't seem a problem either. Probably there are more cases.
  14. Again, the plot doesn't need Quentyn's chapters. This is the whole point. GRRM has been adamant in his critique to classical fantasy and he has twisted many stereotypes in his story. Just look at Brienne and Jaime, who is the beauty? who is the beast? For artists and authors as important as the artwork or story is the message behind it, the aesthetic proposal or setting of new forms. GRRM is not the exception. In fact, he has hidden lots of his thoughts regarding worldviews and art in his writings.
  15. I tend to think that Ralf was an Euron's pawn. Most of their fleet is coming back to join Euron's forces, maybe together with the Basilisk Isles corsairs if Euron = Corsair King is true.
  16. I got an idea. "If the sailors could be believed, the east was seething with wonders and terrors: a slave revolt in Astapor, dragons in Qarth, grey plague in Yi Ti. A new corsair king had risen in the Basilisk Isles and raided Tall Trees Town, and in Qohor followers of the red priests had rioted and tried to burn down the Black Goat. "And the Golden Company broke its contract with Myr, just as the Myrmen were about to go to war with Lys." - The Queenmaker, AFFC The Corsair King might be Euron (or not), but it is possible that the Summer Islanders, who have the best ships in Planetos, will enter in war against the Basilisk islanders after this raid. It is possible that the Iron Bank will collapse, but this is not an apocalyptic event. Lyseni slavers are going to catch wildings to bring them back as slaves. The Braavosi know that. Maybe Braavos will enter in war against the Three Sisters?
  17. You might be on something... maybe. I'd add that when Davos met Godric Borrel he noted that he (or was his sister) had a webbing between their fingers. What however give me chills is this: "The bones help," said Melisandre. "The bones remember. The strongest glamors are built of such things. A dead man's boots, a hank of hair, a bag of fingerbones. With whispered words and prayer, a man's shadow can be drawn forth from such and draped about another like a cloak. The wearer's essence does not change, only his seeming." Melisandre, ADWD Did Mel get a hold on Davos fingerbones? How? Does she plan to use them?
  18. But it is enough to give people prophetic abilities? I think not.
  19. The swiftest ships he gave to Red Ralf Stonehouse to sail the corsair's road along the northern coast of Sothoryos. The dead cities rotting on that fervid, sweltering shore were best avoided, every seamen knew, but in the mud-and-blood towns of the Basilisks Isles, teeming with escaped slaves, slavers, skinners, whores, hunters, brindled men, and worse, there were always provisions to be had for men who were not afraid to pay the iron price. - The Iron Suitor, ADWD It seems to me they are an assortment of people from different places plus maybe some natives. Some groups may keep some aspect of their culture, otherwise it is just a cosmopolitan place. Sort of a negative Braavos, Certainly! Not for nothing Euron was able to become the Corsair's King ;-)
  20. Yeah. That is a good possibility. I haven't seen numbers of new hospitalizations but with the reports that ICUs are slowly emptying it might be that fewer people are going to the hospitals.
  21. And what would be the point of it? People are missing what GRRM is trying to say with Quentyn. The plot doesn't need Quentyn chapters. They are there for purely thematic reasons. Quentyn story is the rehearsal of the typical princess in the tower and the knight who have to save her from the dragon. Think of the Shrek I movie if you like. The spin in ADWD is that the princess has her own agency, the dragons are her children and the knight doesn't want the mission and neither feels suitable for it. Plot wise, these events will put Dany and Dorne at odds, we see that Gerris and Archibald are particularly bitter to Dany. It also shows how bad are Doran plans.
  22. I understand of the death rates. I just learned of someone I once met who died after one and half months in a clinic in Spain. My concern is that the number of new infections is still pretty high despite strict lockdown order. I cannot wrap my head about it. How these people are getting infected, by whom? In comparison Austria and Germany with less strict measures brought that number to a more reasonable level.
  23. Well, there are many peer reviewed papers that one shouldn't put much trust either, but the author being an oceanographer is clearly a downer.
  24. I wouldn't even call it that. You cannot describe every detail in the books. There are other more obvious mistakes. It is also advisable if you hope to tame a dragon.
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