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  1. aventador577

    lightbringer is not necessary

    My problem with lightbringer and the theories around it, is that the sword is not necessary to kill white walkers. We have dragonglass, that can kill them and in A Feast for Crows it's implyed that Valyrian steel can kill them too. And it makes sence, if you look at the timeline. The last long night was more than 8000 years ago. Then you pass forward 3000 years and you get the Valyrian Freehold. They develop a new kind of steel: Valyrian steel. I simply don't see the need for lightbringer, especialy because our hero Jon has already a Valyrian steel sword. And at the end of the day lightbringer is only one sword.
  2. aventador577

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    Robert Baratheon Randyll Tarly Stannis Baratheon Robb Stark
  3. I mean they basically owe them everything. It was the Targaryen who liberated them from the Ironborn. It was Aegon, who gave the Tully's the riverlands. It was the Tagaryas who kept the peace more or less. If it is a kingdom who desperately needs peace in westeros, it's the riverland. So in conclusion, I think that it's difficult to find a house and a region that has profited more from the Targaryens than them. And I do not really believe, that killing the betrothed from Cat is a good enough reason.
  4. aventador577

    SWOT Analysis: Team Stannis

    Team Name: Stannis Team: Stannis, Davos, Mellisandre, Selys, Shireen, Tycho Nestoris. (List any other person that I could have forgotten to include). Team Objective: Win the iron throne. Time: Analyze the team during the time period before Stannis leaves the wall. This is the time right after Stannis crushed the wildlings. S: Experienced comander, Melisandre, backed by the iron bank W: too few men, the location at the wall O: to win the northmen to his side T: the Boltons and Freys, the winter
  5. How would she change the seven Kingdoms and would she be successful? I believe, she would try to centralize more power to insure that something like the rebellion does not happen again. But I'm not sure if she could be successful. It all depends on the dragons.
  6. aventador577

    Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Yeah, I think you are right. But that doesn't mean that there is no way for Jon to become king in the north or warden. There's just no straight forward way.
  7. aventador577

    Stannis will still be King

    He is dead on the show. And even if he comes back to live, he has no support anymore. He has failed miserably.
  8. aventador577

    Where does Danny land?

    Most likely on Dragonstone, but I think that's is a stupid idea. Her army is to large. And she should land the Dothraki on the continent maybe in the Stormlands.
  9. aventador577

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I don't really care about (f)Aegon, he just appeared to late at the party. I wouldn't lose sleep over it, if he dies. But he is an interesting side character.