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  1. aventador577

    The two big endgame prices

    I've always taken the view that, there are two big endgame prices. The iron throne and the hero who defeats the others (azor ahai). And I have always taken the position that they shouldn’t be at the end of the story in the same hand. In my opinion, it makes for a better story if at the end it doesn’t center around one person. It would be, if in the lord of the rings aragon and frodo are the same person. What do you think?
  2. aventador577

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    The iron bank has lent a lot of money to the iron throne and the rest of westeros. And the direction of the story doesn’t make it likely that the IT will pay back the money. Stannis is stuck in the north and would need a miracle to win the IT. The investment in the IT should be the biggest of the iron bank at the moment. (I can't think of anything else on this scale) And the war of the five king should have increased it even more. Westeros and Essos are in financial turmoil. Westeros is a total mess at the moment and it will only get worse. The riverlands are a total disaster, the north is secured too. And it looks like the war is coming to the reach. I don’t think any monarch will be able to repay the iron bank anytime soon even if he wanted. And I don’t think Dany or Faegon would even consider it. And on top of all of this is the problem of the long winter. And in Essos is Dany on a crusade against slavery, which will lead to the collapse of the economic system of the free cities, if she is successful. Especially if she moves on to Volantis, Lys and Tyrosh. This will lead to bankruptcy for many braavosi merchants. These traders can't repay any loans to the iron bank. It's the perfect storm to bring down the iron bank. A giant amount of money loaned to the IT, that they will probably never see back and lots of smaller investments that also won't show any revenue because of Dany. And it makes sense, if you lock at real medieval history. The two richest banking clans in Europe the Fuggers and Medici's went bankrupt because of bad investments in wars. The Medici were lending to Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses and the Fuggers because of the thirty years' war.