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  1. The Clarke quote about advanced science being effectively magic goes double for superhero powers vs. traditional magic tropes.
  2. Where's my trailer for 'Nine Princes in Amber', Robert Kirkman? Walking Dead is wrapping up - get the fuck on with this already.
  3. The show becoming more popular or certainly more widely regarded as an all time great kids show is to the credit of the creative team but nothing to do with Nick. The creators were pretty down on Nick when they finished Korra - that's why I'm wondering why they returned and if there was an IP issue. If they owned the IP, I thought they'd want to work directly with Paramount or something.
  4. Bennett did a good job of blending stuff that was pretty familiar in terms of how people live/act/behave in the real world with some very fantastical elements.
  5. Just blew through all three over the last few weeks - very engaging books. As noted, Sigrud gets his time to shine. I'll hold off on saying more about Miracles since you've not read it yet but I enjoyed all three. The breezy but interesting plotting reminds me a bit of Zelazny, where you're on a voyage of discovery in a weird world, right along with the novel's protagonists.
  6. Once Apple buys both Marvel and Sony, all this will be no problem.
  7. Imagine thinking that Halo is a better starting point for a TV show that Star Trek. Mind boggling. I want a show about a Vulcan spy in the Romulus of the TNG "The Neutral Zone" era. Some real North Korea / 80s Albania unknown enemy stuff.
  8. They should have just gone with Black Frasier as seen on '30 Rock'
  9. Arsenal is a Schröndingers cat type team - check the score once and there's no way to predict if it held up when you check back 40 minutes later.
  10. My bad, I am comics illiterate. I doubt Marvel or Sony are hung up on the specific actors as the whole MCU will need to reset sooner rather than later. Given the production times, pretty much all of the current cast will age out within a movie or three. Thor ages way, way slower than Chris Hemsworth, etc... Given the vast cast of characters they have though, I assumed that the content would just shift away from the Avengers core pretty quickly vs. endlessly resetting like X-men / Spider-man.
  11. Also isn't later this year super fast turnaround time for animation?
  12. The presence of the original creators is great but it's interesting that they're back with Nick considering how badly the network fucked around with the release and production of Korra. My guess is that Nick retained the rights to elements of the IP so it was easier to work with them again vs. some other place.
  13. I think a Far From Home made without Happy or Fury/Hill would have been possible with some creativity. The core cast carries the film and while Mysterio is MCU, that character isn't iconic to the general public so easily replaced with an equivalent.
  14. Can the MCU keep Zendaya and Marisa Tomei at least?
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