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    Colony [spoilers]

    I mean, surely Will isn't going to kill Snyder and yet, why wouldn't he? This last episode also tricked my into thinking the Snyder scenes were flashbacks until he showed up at the end. I had thought the doctor was a double agent but I'm starting to think she's for real. It is definitely grimmer now that Charlie's dead although the Bram moves out plot seems a bit quick. Then again, I'm not sure if this is a month later or like 6 at this point.
  2. My reaction is not meant to be trolling but I think I have the opposite take away - the complexity and excessive detail are in aggregate things which degrade the author's ability to actually tell a complete set of stories. I enjoy the books well enough but honestly I skim read through the endless descriptions of the gore or the mud or food or whatever other thing Martin has fixated on at that time. Some characters are great and carry me through reading the chapters with characters like Cersei which have devolved to mustache twirling villain status. This is my basic complaint about so much modern fantasy writing really - it would all be better if you cut 30% out and the authors could learn to live with a slightly slimmer book. For example, what makes 'Dune' so great is that there are copious details of the things which are unique to that story and setting but Herbert will throw in a description of the smell and close quarters of the sietch in one paragraph instead of padding it out to a full chapter with repetitive descriptions. And for me it's just as evocative without having to detail a character having to use the bathroom, etc... like Martin would. The story told in that one (fat) book is just as epic and sweeping as whatever it is that Martin is trying to land.
  3. Vaughn

    Colony [spoilers]

    Also stark that the most harrowing, grimmest episode is all human on human violence, nothing to do with the aliens really. I mean, I'm sure that was the point the writers were going for damn was it underlined. The show went right up the classic 'kids in peril' tension line a la Spielberg and then just went way, way over it. What's tricky in a way is that I think once someone has killed your 11 year old, you have to be a fundamentally more vengeful, damaged character - I wonder if they can pull that off with these characters without this becoming relentlessly grim.
  4. Vaughn

    Colony [spoilers]

    That was a very dark episode of 'Colony'. The Russian roulette bit was hard to watch. I did like Synder's matter of fact presentation of his motives, etc... though - he's a better character when given some agency beyond seeming duplicitous. Was the Occupation going to wipe out the camp regardless or did Snyder give Vince the wrong code word to wipe out the camp? He had given him the line about how different resolutions could be negotiated but it was a bloodbath. I'm also surprised to the extent that they seem to have resolved most of the plot from the start of the season.
  5. Vaughn

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Ah, so perhaps Rothfuss is afraid to write anymore out of self-preservation. Makes sense.
  6. Vaughn

    Am I Ready, Player One?

    I can't imagine the movie would give me more entertainment than this satire of the book. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/excerpts-from-my-upcoming-novel-ready-player-two-girl-stuff
  7. It's funny seeing which plot lines and characters the books have kept but also how thoroughly scrambled the timing of those plots have been. Stuff like Alice as a niffin (for obvious reasons) was dealt with in the first two season vs waiting until the end of the book 3, etc... That got me to thinking - what are major plot stories or scenes are left? Quentin getting kicked out of Fillory so Julia can stay is the biggest one. Many of the bigger scenes left from the book which have't made it into the show stem from this. I wonder if we'll see it in the season finale. The problem I see is that travel between Fillory and Earth is currently super easy so it wouldn't have the same stakes as in the book. The flying carpet/ house raid. I bet we see this but in service of some totally different plot seeing as the god killing knife was recovered in season 1. Margot getting her axes. The giant battle at the end of Fillory. Probably too expensive to film. Josh's palazzo in Venice - I wish they'd kept this but again, probably a budget thing. Dragons fight the gods. Quentin creating the new land which is a failure, the ending where he creates a 'real' new land to end the series. Quentin restoring FIllory while he is a temporary god. I find the show entertaining but I think (like so much serialized fantasy shows) having a set end date would great for the quality of the story. However, I can't fault the people making the show for wanting to keep the show going for as long as Syfy let them do it.
  8. I don't know, there's been many good documentaries about stuff like D-Day which are almost impossible in scale to comprehend. Would also be interested in an alternative historical viewpoint which is just other Noldor talking crap about what jerks FeƤnor and his sons were and how they wrecked everything.
  9. Vaughn

    A Growing indifference To Cinema Going

    I like going the theaters but I don't get the food anymore. I can go 2 hours without a snack or a drink as it turns out.
  10. Side note - I would kind of love to watch an hour long 'documentary' just outlining the major movements and wars of the Simarillion like it was WW II or something. With maps, talking heads, infographics.
  11. Partly? Tolkein repeatedly describes how's there's basically no-one living between Bree and Rohan other than a few wildings. That's why Aragorn is so surprised to find pipe leaf at Orthanc when they meet back up with Merry + Pippin. Same for where Beorn lives in the hobbit, etc... The whole work is shot through with the idea that civilization is in massive decline compared to the past extent - the entire kingdom of Arnor gone, the bad realms like Angmar also gone, Eregion gone, etc... The whole story takes place in a world probably similar to what Europe was like after the Black Death killed off 50% of the population. Ruins and abandoned realms all over the place.
  12. Vaughn

    Rothfuss XIII: Fan Angst Live Stream

    I'm just mad that he's trying to horn in on Scott Lynch's well earned 'my mental health has impacted my work output' position. Get your own thing buddy.
  13. Vaughn

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    Better yet - Count Fenring.
  14. Vaughn

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    It's been interesting to see when the show runners drop in chunks of book plot remixed into the larger season story arcs. It's not really fan service but they could easily just tell the story they want in the TV show at this point so it's funny that they bother. I do find myself thinking about major book scenes that are left and if they'll be showing up as some point.
  15. Vaughn

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    As for this point, I do think it's important that Paul is a teen, not a young man, when everything goes sideways. His youth is a repeated plot theme throughout the book really until the final third. For practical and marketing reasons, I think they will age him up a bit