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  1. Vaughn

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I enjoyed it. Cool sets, net designs, good cast, good action pieces, etc... Overall though, Kylo Ren has it right regarding the future of Star Wars - let the past die! New characters, new places, new ideas. It's such a great, evocative world - I really hope the future series from Johnson, Favreau, etc... explore this. I'll never understand the obsessive need to revisit endlessly the same details and minor characters. I'd be delighted if 3Po and R2D2 were never seen on screen again for starters - just pandering throwbacks who were tired by the time RotJ came out. Same w/ a Boba Fett movie.
  2. Still enjoying the show but there's just too much plot now. It's getting unfocused. Is it a cost cutting measure to only have 3-4 main characters per episode or in the service of story telling? Last week, no Kady or Penny. This week, no Quentin or Eliot.
  3. Really who among us hasn't reeked of non-dairy creamer and despair at one point or another.
  4. oh sure, this only would have worked with the much rumored time jump / FBI plot. Funnily enough, 'Terriers' basically was an 'adult' version of Veronica Mars - navigating small town coastal CA dynamics between rich and poor, powerful and marginalized etc... Californoir-lite
  5. I thought it was perfect entertainment right to the end but I'm fine with it ending. I've never gotten into Sneaky Pete in spite of all the overlap with Justified in terms of actors, show runner, etc... Anyone gotten into that. Most of the classic too longs have been covered. Parks & Rec was great, but too long. Never bought the Ben Leslie romance, loved Ron but he got pretty Fonzie towards the end. TNG, way too long. X Files, too long. Great call on Chuck - such a bubble gum show where it was fun to start but lost flavor pretty quickly. Too short: Terriers, one more season of Reaper would have been fun, Terriers, Party Down should still be running with different casts which is exactly how a Hollywood catering company staffing would work. Also Terriers. I want to say Veronica Mars but then they're making more and the movie was .... ok.
  6. What's your excitement level for Dune, Star War 9 or Avengers: End Game? If you could buy one on Blu-ray (or whatever format) (B), only see one once in the theater (T) and skip the third (S)? I think for me it's Dune (B) Endgame (T) Star Wars (S) I've liked the new Star Wars a lot but flipping back to Abrams put that one at skip. Disclaimer- I'm of course going to see all three of these.
  7. Margo and Josh cage sex isn't entertaining? Stoppard another one from the Penny school of character reimagining. I think we're getting the magic carpet fight this year if they can get the budget. Among the many, many changes, one huge one is that in the book getting to Fillory or thrown out of it is a big deal. There have been some wrinkles but traveling seems to have resolved that whole thing in the show.
  8. The central themes of the book are gone gone gone though and I'm fine with that. I get the disappointment with making Eliot a worse person in his back story but he was never a noble character in the books really, although certainly not a murderer. I don't recall - was he in control of his powers at that point or wasn't that more the idea from the books/show that you learn about your magic power due to unexplained events (or is that only HP). I.e. you can't hold a 15 yo. kid responsible for magic misdeeds of their subconscious. Also, making the rejection of someone's offer of love a worse personal failing than, you know, murder, might be what's really off the rails here. Still no Kady last night, still don't miss her. Is she off the show? I think the show really nailed the Alice character because I didn't find her that interesting in the books and same here. She's the 'Her?' of the Magicians. Marina seems like she crossed over from the Buffyverse.
  9. Vaughn

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    No, I missed that. I didn't realize you can get them through trainer battles, I guess I'll try that avenue.
  10. Vaughn

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    It's way, way, way too slow to get Sinnoh Stones.
  11. Vaughn

    Popular shows you quit on

    GOT is a one of those shows where I've seen a few episodes, but not been interested in paying for HBO. But now that they've moved past the books, I read the recaps to see what is happening. Orphan Black seems great from the episodes I've watched, but from what I have read, they don't really stick the landing so I'm not super invested in watching more than I have, which is most of Season 1.
  12. Vaughn

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    There's simply no way this film series is more than the first book so Duncan is a fairly meteoric part. Momoa will be fine.
  13. Didn't miss Kady this episode. She's the least interesting character and the actress always seems very 'acting' vs the rest of the cast. Did not see the Josh / Margo thing coming. That was funny.
  14. What exactly did Kady do with the bad news bear to take Marina's apartment? I liked that whole idea that in order to have a great luck, someone else had to take the terrible luck.
  15. Vaughn

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    I think the movie should be cast broadly without too much concern about ethnicity at all. I see how my previous post didn't really make that point but my objection is more that I'd say the Fremen should be a fairly pan-ethnic vs. mono-ethnic. Zendaya is a good start. If this was the story of the Siege of Vienna or something and you wanted to cast some white actor to play Sulieman then yes, that's a problem. But that's not where we are.