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  1. This is one of the best reviews/analysis/denunciations of the GoT disaster I've ever read. My hat's off to you, Ser.
  2. The scene was so stupid… Unfortunately this is not the only scene showing a retarded Brienne…
  3. You think we will have book 7? Let's see if WOW is ready by July 29… Not really: we never see Varys riding (not even in the books, I believe) and tbh he's the type of person who travels in a cosy carriage… Tyrion has to be with him to make the dick jokes he could hardly make if he were riding near the Queen or Greyworm…
  4. Agreed on all points. I doubt DD would be able to explain why the North would seek independence, what benefits would accrue to it…
  5. Are you serious? What about the "GRRM asking D&D if they'd guessed who Jon's mother was" anecdote?
  6. A khan is a chief, a leader in different languages/cultures (Mongols, Tatars, Turkoman, Persian…)
  7. You kind of forgot - drinking a lot of alcohol is cool; - spending time with a rapist torturer makes you stronger, if you're a woman.
  8. Absolutely. And btw I don't buy for one second whatever they said in interviews (things like "we've known for three years that Bran would become the King"). At some point, still to be defined, they learned that Bran was to become King and that Daenerys would go mad; from then on they improvised, probably "between pear and cheese" as we say in French, meaning "between two events/when then they could find 5 minutes".
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