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  1. History. That's part of the feudal contract.
  2. And the message is “This is how you taint a House name for centuries, and get your kin killed in horrible ways”. What an achievement!
  3. Nowy Tends

    Danys campaign

    And it would take MONTHS to get her army gathered… Anyway I suggest you take a look to the Crusades history: you'll learn that medieval navigation (before invention of the magnetic compass) wasn't exactly reliable; delays and forced landings far from the original goal were commonplace. Not to mention that each small contingent landed would be in an extremely vulnerable position…
  4. Nowy Tends

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

  5. Nowy Tends

    Danys campaign

    This has been debated in deep in an old thread. Taking 8000+ Unsullieds, plus ?0000 Dothrakis warriors, each with 2 or 3 horses (minimum!) would take thousands of ships – based on the Mongol invasions of Japan (about 30 warriors with their horses in one boat). Logistics is simply out of Danaerys' reach.
  6. Nowy Tends

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

  7. Nowy Tends

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    This is activism (for a reason that completely escapes me), not debate. and "if" the Starks are "savages", what about the little girl who wants to burn half of the known world with her dragons and kill the survivors with an army of stone age rapists?
  8. Nowy Tends

    Danys campaign

    Besieging a castle requires skills (building siege towers and projectile launchers, searching for a weak point of a wall, digging mines, etc.) that the Unsullieds do not master. Anyway if Winter is on Westeros no one will besiege anyone. Medieval wars were paused during winter for a reason…
  9. Nowy Tends

    Greywater Watch

    Errr… no.
  10. Nowy Tends

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    Good point! Makes sense.
  11. Nowy Tends

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    Which could very well be a narwhale horn… (actually a defense, a teeth)
  12. Nowy Tends

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    How would you know? The Pink Letter is not exactly a reliable document. Your assertion isn't based on anything.
  13. Nowy Tends

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Only in your dreams. There's no way he's going after Sansa. Robin likes Sansa and and trusts her.
  14. Nowy Tends

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    I don't get it…
  15. Nowy Tends

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Oh please, this has been discussed before and again your obsession with Ramsay/Boltons is irrelevant, sick and to be honest quite repugnant. Please don't try again to explain us that Ramsay is the good guy in this plot. Marsh and his pathetic bunch of insurgents could have locked Jon, but they chose the coward's way: the stabbing by surprise. Obviously showing appreciation for the vilest characters is the latest fashion on this forum, but I will never get used to it.