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  1. Absolutely. And btw I don't buy for one second whatever they said in interviews (things like "we've known for three years that Bran would become the King"). At some point, still to be defined, they learned that Bran was to become King and that Daenerys would go mad; from then on they improvised, probably "between pear and cheese" as we say in French, meaning "between two events/when then they could find 5 minutes".
  2. Sure. Someone on the "Freefolk" Reddit, wrote that this butchery will eventually be taught in screenwriting classes, film schools, etc. and I have no doubt about it: EVERYTHING you shouldn't do is there!
  3. I'm starting to think they understood absolutely nothing of certain characters, to a point that we hadn't even imagined. I believe they're only interested in the characters they think they can understand immediately: very gendered girls, smart mates who get drunk and make jokes, devious, sadists villains, etc. Clichés. People like Stannis or Doran Martell are beyond their capacity to understand, so they're perceived as boring, there was no way they could be portrayed decently.
  4. Exactly. And Jeyne Poole is not "pretending" to be Arya Stark, she's forced to corroborate the Lannister/Baelish subterfuge.
  5. English writing obviously not your strong point. Your post is incomprehensible. <quote> Of course, Rickon isn't there in the books to be Ramsay's plaything - that's Theon, whom Ramsay thinks is named Reek </quote> WTF???
  6. That's such a good point; hats off! Let's play a game: If they had cast Sean Connery for, say, the Blackfish or Robett Glover they would have him do some James Bond-like stuff - or other things they knew or liked him doing in some of the great movies he was in.
  7. Agreed. Example: The Witcher, highly praised by so many people when it's average at best…
  8. That's precisely the point. I believe they didn't take 5 mn of reflection on the whole picture. Like Preston Jacobs (I think) said, these guys were convinced that everything they touched or imagined was pure gold. Rewatch Cogman reading the script of the Long Night in the lecture room, in the documentary. They ALL, writers and actors, react as if the finger of God has touched them...
  9. Ah ah ah nice career development https://youtu.be/5VBet-8UdMo?t=70
  10. Nowy Tends

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    btw, I watched S3 of The Crown on Netflix (excellent series IMHO), there are at least 3 GoT actors – Tobias Menzies, Charles Dance, Rupert Vansittart. All very good as usual.
  11. Nowy Tends

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    And he's also in an extremely dispensable Netflix film, The Great Wall.
  12. Explication: amateurism, couldn't-care-less attitude. (in French it's "je-m'en-foutisme", literally "don't-give-a-shit-isme") Remember the first encounter with Children of the Forest; they're completely different from Leaf and her posse, and Jochen is killed by skeletons that are completely different from the wights we see in the seasons to come… What happened to the Bolton hounds who were barking furiously at Sansa when she and Theon were intercepted on their escape from Winterfell? Were they and their kennel master so frightened by Brienne that they went through a tear in the space-time continuum? There are so many such inconsistencies that people (including me) have given up giving too much importance to them… until it became systematic, like in S7…
  13. IMHO Yara's quote was much less shocking because it was uttered by a character one might think is drunk and occurred in a credible context, at the end of a coherent dialogue… "Bad pussy" is the cherry on top of a dreadful industrial cake made of the worst ingredients, a toxic horror the size of an episode.
  14. Post a link to your channel - I watched it (about deleted scenes) – as if I needed another reason to despise them 2D