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  1. Nowy Tends

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Except that it sounds like a bad joke. The first Lord who will be able to assemble an army will seize power, piece of cake, that is, if Bron hasn't already killed the King and the whole council…
  2. I know nothing about these "Comic Con" things (and it sounds really weird in French ); can anyone just buy a ticket and attend? In this case, can we reasonably expect that someone in the audience will have the courage to ring a bell of shame when D&D appears? I would be happy to do so if I lived in California…
  3. Magna cum laude, without a doubt.
  4. Nowy Tends

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    I have to check but I think we had this subtitle ("elle parle en valyrian") in the French broadcast. French audience have no problems with subtitles.
  5. Nowy Tends

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    I guess the Dothakis are going to take over the Westerosi market for sports riding centers…
  6. Nowy Tends

    The Best Fighters in the Series

    Ouch, I must rewatch the Blackwater episode then, or at least the battle…
  7. Nowy Tends

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    btw, I can't remember if she was speaking Valyrian or Dothraki, but I'm sure half of the audience couldn't understand one word! (I doubt the Unsullieds or the Dothrakis can speak both languages)
  8. Nowy Tends

    Ask D&D

    Jacob Anderson said so in an interview. Q. Which one of you had the idea to show the pimply cock of the young actor of Izembaro's troupe in Braavos? What is the hidden meaning of this scene? Anyway, somewhere in the USA a writing teacher must be proud...
  9. Nowy Tends

    The Best Fighters in the Series

    So any guy who's carried even a single blow with a sword/axe/dagger at any point in the series is now a "top fighter"? Even thugs like Meryn "fucking" Trant and Mandon Moore who would never have the guts to face anyone in a fair fight? Not to mention the fact that without a specific context all this makes little sense. SmallJon Umber stuck in an alley with his huge sword wouldn't be better than Karl Tanner on a horseman's battlefield...
  10. "tolerance of cold" means "surviving a prolonged bath in freezing water, covered with heavy furs, leather clothing, large boots, etc."? If you had ever sailed in cold water (let say North Atlantic in winter) you'd know better. Life expectancy in icy water is a few minutes, if you are strong enough to withstand 1/ the initial shock and 2/ the lack of prompt treatment for hypothermia.
  11. Come on, it's not an arc, It's a waterslide towards the exit. Good run and bye bye, baddy Stannis.
  12. All of this is clearly visible (if you have a bit of experience and are able to read between the lines and hear the unsaid) in "The Last Watch" documentary (made by an independent director). Technicians, stuntmen, artists working like HELL while the showrunners are... God knows where, probably working on Star Wars…
  13. Nowy Tends

    The Dothraki that Daenerys brought into Westeros

    and with a wave of a magic wand turns the Insullieds into sailors... the number of implausibilities in the episode is staggering; one every 5 minutes?.... If Season 1 had contained so many stupid shortcuts the show wouldn't even have had a Season 2.