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  1. Yeah, that was so cheap TV, I couldn't believe it… A Brazilian soap would have done it better…
  2. ????? Does he run a PowerPoint presentation explaining the plan?
  3. If the trend against them continues, I wouldn't be surprised if the stunt men, assistants, technicians, etc. start to tell terrible things about their incompetence… Incompetence = danger when you work with weapons, horses, fire, boats, etc.
  4. “Untouched by Benioff nor Weiss” is soon to be the new quality label in Hollywood.
  5. I'm pleased to see that recent events show that your analyses were accurate since the beginning of the disaster… Je vous tire mon chapeau, Monsieur!
  6. I don't have an educated answer to this question, but again: WHY DID GRRM SELL THE RIGHTS OF HIS CHEF D'ŒUVRE TO THESE TWO STUPID RICH KIDS?
  7. Nowy Tends

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Except that it sounds like a bad joke. The first Lord who will be able to assemble an army will seize power, piece of cake, that is, if Bron hasn't already killed the King and the whole council…
  8. I know nothing about these "Comic Con" things (and it sounds really weird in French ); can anyone just buy a ticket and attend? In this case, can we reasonably expect that someone in the audience will have the courage to ring a bell of shame when D&D appears? I would be happy to do so if I lived in California…
  9. Magna cum laude, without a doubt.
  10. Nowy Tends

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    I have to check but I think we had this subtitle ("elle parle en valyrian") in the French broadcast. French audience have no problems with subtitles.
  11. Nowy Tends

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    I guess the Dothakis are going to take over the Westerosi market for sports riding centers…