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  1. Stannis is played by Stephen Dillane, Frank is his son (in real life lol)
  2. And the legendary swordsman who owns the legendary sword uses it in duet with another sword and delivers a completely irrelevant juggling act!
  3. In French The Hound is "le limier", (= bloodhound but the word is generally used for "detective", rarely for dogs) which is stupid when we have "le molosse", a big, scary dog, the word sounds great in French and really fits Sandor Clegane.
  4. the French translation has been severely criticized for being "overtranslated" (like Blackfyre translated to “Feunoyr”); as a matter of fact even when names/places are perfectly translated, the english version always sounds better.
  5. I agree and imho the same can be said about Lyanna Stark.
  6. They were hired for the The Three Body Problem adaptation, and then the main producer was killed by poison given to him by his assistant… Since then, the project has not been heard from again.
  7. The script is so bad that even my toilet bowl would reject it but we could hope that the actors would "take it upon themselves"… Alas no… I've seen high school plays in which the tragic scenes with the death of the loved one were far more believable and moving.
  8. It seems like the "Three Body Problem" project has a problem: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/china-producer-on-netflixs-three-body-problem-poisoned-in-alleged-murder-plot
  9. I'm a bit surprised, as I thought the "Is Arya 18 when she has sex" thing was mostly a North America thing. Age of consent is 14 in Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. It's 15 in France, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Romania, etc. It's 16 in the UK, Russia, Spain, etc. Arya's age in this scene/context is the last thing that could be of concern to an average European. That been said I'm glad your video was widely googled and watched.
  10. Dumb&Dumber ran a huge, successfull show like they'd run some group project in college - a bit of work, tons of beer, weed, dick jokes, etc. I'm sure all the cast and the tech crew would hate having to work with them again…
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