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  1. This is bullshit. In a world where everyone threatens everyone using violent metaphors ("I'll rape your corpses" - the Hound) but when a 14 year old blond flanked by 3 baby dragons and an exhausted micro-horde threatens to burn Qarth to the ground you seriously think she's going to come back to do so when she's Queen in Westeros?
  2. It seems like the "Three Body Problem" project has a problem: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/china-producer-on-netflixs-three-body-problem-poisoned-in-alleged-murder-plot
  3. I'm a bit surprised, as I thought the "Is Arya 18 when she has sex" thing was mostly a North America thing. Age of consent is 14 in Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. It's 15 in France, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Romania, etc. It's 16 in the UK, Russia, Spain, etc. Arya's age in this scene/context is the last thing that could be of concern to an average European. That been said I'm glad your video was widely googled and watched.
  4. Dumb&Dumber ran a huge, successfull show like they'd run some group project in college - a bit of work, tons of beer, weed, dick jokes, etc. I'm sure all the cast and the tech crew would hate having to work with them again…
  5. I always thought it was extremely strange that a stag, and a large one with spectacular antlers, came to be gutted right next to the set of a scene including a large stag gutted by a giant wolf.
  6. Would the show runners have had a second chance if they had been two middle-class offspring, children of teachers or accountants or engineers? Is it possible that they were "protected" by Benioff's father position/influence?
  7. You don't remember correctly. D&D insisted that they wanted it very dark. Listen to the Blue Ray commentaries: they refused to listen to the staff.
  8. Do you know this quote from Jean Cocteau*: "Puisque ces mystères me dépassent, feignons d'en être l'organisateur"? (roughly translates into: Since these mysteries are beyond me, let's pretend to be the organizer.) imho, that's exactly what HBO did. Through Hibberd's book they're trying to make us believe that they knew D&D weren't qualified for the job, but they showed so muuuuch talent and a great instinct, we decided to trust them. [The quote is often used in French politics, I'd be curious to know if it's used in other countries/cultures…] * in Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel, a "satiric ballet" created in 1921 with music of Darius Milhaud, Arthur Honegger, Francis Poulenc, Georges Auric, Germaine Taillefer… Typical "Belle Époque" creation.
  9. Not in my world. I learned the first notions in elementary school and then more in depth in middle school. At age 13/14 I could tell the difference between a catapult, a trebuchet or a scorpion Throughout my childhood the chateau fort was the most popular toy for boys. At school, the teachers would show us gigantic painted canvases showing the evolution of the castle from Motte-and-Bailey to Norman Castle, etc. I am sure that millions of Europeans had the same education.
  10. Says the person who has posted 0.61 messages per month in the last ten years.
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