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  1. Oooh Paris said that? Ok that is interesting…
  2. I know, all that’s been posted in this thread already, but the 1 in 100 seems like an exaggeration. Did “God” even say it or was just the poster paraphrasing? I skimmed through your link a couple times and didn’t find the RLJ stuff
  3. I don’t think only 1 in 100 readers came up with R+L=J, that can’t be right can it? I thought of it half way into my first reading of AGoT so I may be biased, but it all seems pretty standard Luke Skywalker stuff to me…
  4. Mostly agree, although I didn’t love her acting S4-7 (I blame D&D) but I was actually impressed with her in the final season. Stupid as the writing was, if you ignore everything but her face you can buy it.
  5. What a badass. I liked Knight’s Tale guy but I woulda been down for King Super Troopers FOR SURE
  6. Sorry but it’s obvious the true answer here- the lemon tree Dany remembers outside of her room in “Bravos” is actually Lem Lemoncloak. Clearly Willem Darry and Viserys hired him as a guard to protect Dany, but she had dyslexia (just like her half-brother Jaime) and mistook “Lem” for “Elm”. Even though he wasn’t as tall back then, he was still taller than young Dany, so the nickname stuck, and it’s been a long time so now she just remembers him as a literal tree. So no, she didn’t grow up in Dorme, but the Riverlands! It’s just a double fake-out that lemons don’t grow there either.
  7. Not crazy at all! This occurred to me as well, though not as fully as a certain YouTuber who discusses this quite explicitly in a number of his "tinfoily" videos...
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