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  1. I especially love the "eighth grade" and "FUCK STANNIS AMIRITE" refrains. Just recently found out that a member of D&D was responsible for the adaption of "Troy", which explains quite a bit. Even when they had the completed original (and 2000 years of fanlores around it) that is universally acknowledged to be one of the best stories ever told, they *still* decided to write their own retarded storyline because fuck-them-we're-better.
  2. omegaxx

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Especially as Tyrion just reminded us that Dany has a temper at the beginning of the episode. I've seriously seen more emotional from people when others stole their pizza.
  3. omegaxx

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Amen. Especially when you compare it to what Jon and Ygritte had. I mean, the script was cringeworthy, but it was still really fun to watch her tease him and him being uncomfortable but clearly turned on. This episode really highlights Emilia Clark's terrible acting. I mean, the dragons are her children, and when Viserion was struck from the sky was really the opportunity to give it all she's got (think Michelle Fairley at the Red Wedding). Instead, all we got was the same dumb blank look. Every other person, even Tormund, looked more pained than she did.
  4. omegaxx

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Janos Slynt was Jon's direct underling. Not only was he insubordinate, but he was active fomenting dissent and insubordination amongst others. This is pretty different from the Tarlys who were not Danaerys' subjects, but subjects of her opponent. That's a pretty big false equivalence you're making.
  5. omegaxx

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    We'll just have to agree to disagree here You're right though that it's the manner that is most troubling to me, given the whole past about the Mad King and how important it is for her (and she knows it) to not come across as the Mad King's daughter. I also quite like Randyll Tarly from the book, and feel he deserved better than what the show gave him (complete asshole to his son, turn cloak against the Tyrells, and an inexplicable devotion to Lannister--none of which was in the book). Part of my irritation with this scene also comes from that.
  6. omegaxx

    A Wight for Cersei? Seriously?

    Teleportation devices south of the Wall. Reverse teleportation north of the Wall. Because magic... or something.
  7. omegaxx

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Taken Randyll as a prisoner (well-treated) and hostage, release Dickon as Lord of Hornhill on condition of good behavior. Just a guess. I also doubt that Eddard Stark would have taken an army of Dothrakis across the Narrow Sea to start a foreign invasion just to claim something called "birthright". He's never seemed that keen about being Warden of the North, which in his mind belonged to his older brother Brandon, just as the Iron Throne, even by Targaryean loyalists, rightfully belonged to Danaerys' older brother Rhaegar. But that's neither here nor there.
  8. omegaxx

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Nope. In the context of Westeros her actions were idiotic. "Hey, I'm not like the Mad King at all. I just like to burn people!" Especially considering that she was trying to earn the support of the North. Way to ingratiate yourself with the King of the North, but showing people you execute honorable men just as your father executed his grandfather. What she did seems like a perfect way to rouse resentment and give Cersei propaganda material. And no, Eddark Stark would not have acted this way. He and Jon are the sort to put Duty before Right, and he would not have seen it his Duty or Right to punish Tarly for not siding with him.
  9. omegaxx

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Danaerys burning the Tarlys seems like the worst political move: just in case you forgot that I'm the Mad King's daughter, here's your proof for why you should never join my cause. One would think that the Hand of the Queen would have pointed that out. The idea of convincing Cersei--which cretin thought that one up? I did enjoy the Gendry/Jon bonding. And the boner pills.
  10. omegaxx

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    Daenerys' speech was all about her right and entitlement: born to rule, yada yada. Jon's speech was all about his responsibility: need to protect the realm, the people, yada yada. Jeez, I wonder whom I would choose as my leader...
  11. omegaxx

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Hahaha, that link was better than this episode. This show doesn't have enough time to show how Highgarden, one of the most important cities in Westeros and seat of the richest house with the largest army at this time, but somehow has time to show torture porn.
  12. omegaxx

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Gave it a 4/10. Very choppy and no rhythm, as mentioned by prior posters. Red Toast makes no sense (how did Arya make it work logistically?), but I will let that one slide. Cringe-worthy dialogue with Jon-Sansa and Cersei-Jaime. Cersei-Jaime is actually one of the deepest and best-written relationships in the book that D&D just butchers. Inexcusable. The Hound and BWB scene, heavy-handed but at least respectful. I also appreciate the gravedigger shoutout. The closing scene on Dragonstone is, well, what you'd expect with Emilia Perpetually-Constipated Clarke.
  13. You're not the only one. I miss him too, along with Nimble Dick and Septon Meribald. I also wish Randyll Tarly got more screentime and is shown to be more than a cranky dad. I can see how the AFFC Brienne storyline wouldn't translate well into TV, but it was amazing to read.
  14. omegaxx

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I just read that chapter today and can't agree more. The key Lannister trait is narcissism: the belief that Lannisters are somehow superior to all other great families just by virtue of their name. The Twincest and its offsprings were nothing but an extreme manifestation of this narcissism, the desire to keep the Lannister bloodline absolutely pure. Jaime's turning his back on Cersei signifies his (much more mature and less sociopathic) understanding that the Lannister superiority complex is completely false. It is his coming to terms with his father's war crimes that will lead the Riverlands to starvation in the winter and his sister's complete self-absorbness and lack of any aspiration in life other than power for herself. The scene was beautifully understated and yet positive. There's hope for you yet, Kingslayer!