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  1. Leo of House Cartel

    What is the Bastard of Driftmarks plans?

    He's working with Salla - both of whom are in the pocket of the Spider. He might even have some Saan blood. While my evidence for such a scenario may be rather lacking, the fact that both headed to the Stepstones around the same time (each with a stolen Royal Fleet, no less) has always seemed like a red flag to me.
  2. Leo of House Cartel

    We're missing Flints and Dustins from the story

    @Frey Kings I'd really dig meeting a few new members of the Flints, Dustins and Ryswells - something I expect to happen in the next book. Considering Winter has arrived, it would be fascinating to meet some more descendants of the Barrow Kings of old. The top northern houses each have some gimmick attached to their lore, such as the Starks being the wolf/ice family, the Boltons being the skinners, Reeds as the swamp dwelling eco family - from the sounds of it, House Dustin might have been the death/zombie family, as crude as that may sound. With the coming cold sure to bring a whole heap of death, it would be fascinating to hear a Dustin perspective on the situation. The Flints - being an old mountain clan which has spread around the North - are sure to have some interesting lore. Same goes for the Ryswells, who have that Brandon Stark connection.
  3. Leo of House Cartel

    If Dunk was a member of Aerys' kingsguard?

    I'd buy this PPV! And you know that if it's Dunk Hogan, there's no chance in hell he's putting his opponent over
  4. Leo of House Cartel

    If Dunk was a member of Aerys' kingsguard?

    I reckon an 86 year old Dunk wouldn't have stood idly by and watched Aerys abuse his wife, nor would young Duncan. Old man Duncan would, by that point, have been around Egg and his family for many moons - I just can't see him being cool with Egg's grandson raping Egg's granddaughter. In such a situation, his thoughts would more-than-likely have gone to Baelor Breakspear - who had once put himself at risk to protect an innocent. Young Dunk would probably have suplexed the shit out of the Mad King.
  5. Leo of House Cartel

    So Stannis has literally no good reason for thinking himself king right?

    Fine points you make, nice analogy with Arya and Ramsay. Do you think there's a chance Stannis actually knows this and is simply persevering with his claim through sheer bitterness? Couldn't agree more - Robert pushing his claim was pretty heinous. His pretensions of "the kids could grow up to be like mad Aerys" were ridiculous. If anything, Baratheon, an alcoholic, aggressive, dragon blooded war veteran might have one day ended up with similar mental health issues to those of "King Scab". Yeah, Viserys was a prick, but there's always the chance he could have been another Jaehaerys I - if he wasn't, you know, living a life of exile and fear for no other reason than the sins of his father. Also, the fact that Robert didn't have Clegane and Lorch hanged - out of respect to his grandmother, if nothing else - was bonkers. I see. This is very interesting and I appreciate the heads up! Reading this, I can't help wonder what will happen should Stannis meet Mance. Rayder, along with other Free Folk in the Winterfell area, clearly have plenty reasons to want to kill him.
  6. Leo of House Cartel

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    @Azarial I like the idea of the Jade Compendium being the book that Varys and Illyrio were referring to. Let's not forget that Aemon does leave a copy of the tome for Jon, with a specific passage marked as important - did we ever get another mention of this? Mormont or Aemon would probably be the most likely candidates for a Wall based "He".
  7. Leo of House Cartel

    So Stannis has literally no good reason for thinking himself king right?

    @Lord Varys Interesting points - certainly changes my view on Robert's Kingship, and his brother's claim. While I have always been of the opinion that the crown should have gone to Viserys, I just assumed Robert's victory would have been considered as lawful conquest - sort of an "Aegon I did it, so I guess you Targaryens reap what you sow" type situation. If it's not lawful conquest then I guess the OP is correct and Stannis does indeed have no good reason to think himself King Just so I'm clear, would the Lannister victory on the Blackwater or Mance's defeat to Stannis be considered lawful conquest?
  8. Leo of House Cartel

    Theory: Why did Tywin send Gregor and Amory.

    Yeah, I'd imagine he knew they were the "right kind of wrong". The whole scenario with Loch and Gregor scaling the Walls certainly sounds like the type of thing that would require a good deal of planning, making me think Tywin knew exactly what he was doing. One could argue that if The Lord of Casterly Rock really just wanted to detain Elia and the Blood Royals, he would have sent smaller, faster men up the walls to quickly get in and secure the captives- sending an eight foot tall man and a burly chap like Loch on a climbing mission in the middle of a battlezone seems like it would be asking for one of them to get shot down by some loyalist. I reckon Tywin sent his physically-unsuited-for-the-task men up the wall because he wanted two of his most ruthless killers to do some nasty work.
  9. Leo of House Cartel

    Tyrells and skinchanging

    @Pukisbaisals an interesting idea, and certainly a unique take on ol' Luthor's passing. I would really dig something like this playing out - the Tyrells potentially having such abilities would open up a whole heap of possibilities. Good shout with the Merry Crane association - a Crane marriage in the family tree of the Rose would certainly be fun, I've always wanted to read more about them. Let's not forget the Tyrells have a blood link to Garth the Greenhand, who many postulate had both greensight and skinchanging abilities. If one can go into the Weirwood net and more-or-less skinchange a tree, might they also be able to take control of floral life? Like someone skinchanging a rose in a field?
  10. Leo of House Cartel

    So Stannis has literally no good reason for thinking himself king right?

    @Varysblackfyre321 By right of birth I guess Stannis would count as the lawful heir to Robert - however, the situation gets muddled up by the presence of Dany and Aegon, both known to the players at court in KL to some degree. Although Robert apparently knew of Dany and Viserys for a long time, he still considered himself the rightful king, due to the right of conquest. If we go by such rights in the current timeline, one could argue that Stannis' claim to the Iron Throne was ruined when his fleet was smashed at the Blackwater - meaning Cersei's bastards won the rule of the 7K due to right of conquest. Things get more confusing when one applies such logic to the situation at the Wall. Stannis arrived and smashed Mance Rayder - a man only considered King Beyond The Wall because he had essentially defeated all the other Free Folk leaders, more right of conquest if you will. Would The Mannis then be able to claim himself King Beyond The Wall, due to conquering the previous figurehead's army?
  11. Leo of House Cartel

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    I'm all for the scenario you laid out - gifting Dany, Aegon and Viserys with eggs (and seeing who's hatches first) might very well have been in Illyrio's plans. Might as well maximise the chances of succeeding in an endeavour that many others have failed to do. If we go by this, I assume Viserys would have displayed to much arrogance for a shrewd businessman like Mopatis to gift him an egg of his own, although I guess he could have attempted to claim one of his sister's, anyway. This leaves Aegon. While we have not seen the perfect prince with an egg of his own, their is still a strong chance he already has one/several. Illyrio could also make a gift of a few eggs upon Aegon's coronation, or some other big event. Young Griff might have had eggs stashed in his cabin on the Shy Maid all along - although to be fair, such a risk seems a bit too much for the likes of Illyrio and Varys. I like that term Targaryen Insiders - makes me think of how much TPTWP fable differs from that kooky Azor Ahai tale. I wouldn't be surprised if The Prince That Was Promised story is perhaps more focused on dragons. Tagaryen Insiders over the years would probably include the likes of Aegon V, Maester Aemon and Brynden Rivers - men with Access to old prophecies and multiple works of historical and mythological literature. If Varys and Illyrio do have a few drops of dragon blood, they might have access to the same documents and scrolls as their previously mentioned ancestors. Even if they have no relation to the Targaryens, researching the likes of Aegon V couldn't hurt - they are backing a "Dragon", why not research as much as one can about the people who actually had fire breathing companions, as well as those who tried to bring them back? As far as what we know about Varys and his knowledge of magic, he has that famous story about "getting cut" - in my estimations, the Varys we know (or think we know) is an incredibly studious plotter, and would want to find out as much as he could about this power which had bested him, lest someone tries something similar in his later life. I guess such a sentiment would extend to many other forms of magic, including dragons. I really like that idea about Varys and Illyrio refering to Jon whilst talking beneath the Red Keep I guess the question would then be who exactly were they referring to when they said "he has the boy and the book"? Aemon? Bloodraven?
  12. Leo of House Cartel

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    It's certainly a confusing deal. I'm of the opinion that Illyrio and Varys have spent the last 13 odd years obtaining as many dragon eggs as they could. As two architects of a "Dragon Restoration", why wouldn't they? Being gifted thieves and men of high stature (one a powerful merchant, the other a royal spymaster), I reckon these two would not only have the resources, connections and skills to obtain many eggs, but also the incentive to attempt such a madcap feat - after all, what better way to solidify their "perfect prince" as a real scion of House Targaryen than having an actual dragon? Of course, no eggs have hatched since the infamous "stunted dragon", but I just can't see the Spider and Cheesemonger letting this put them off such an idea. I can't quite say why Illyrio would gift three eggs to a 13 year old orphan, but I think some prophecy might be involved. If Mopatis and the Eunuch have indeed spent the last decade preparing to restore Dragons, it might be worth considering that they have also been obtaining as many old sorcery/dragon lore related texts and manuscripts as they could. Perhaps the conspirators have read some version of the Azor Ahai tale, which talks about a young, silver haired orphan, waking dragons from stone. Varys has that old claim about hating magic, but c'mon, why would a puppeteer such as the Spider not want to learn such arcane skills, after all, magic can be a very useful tool for deception. Same goes for an apparently money obsessed individual like Illyrio.
  13. Leo of House Cartel

    Walder Frey versus Stoneheart's Merrymen

    Hire a priest of the Red God who is good at the whole resurrection thing.
  14. Leo of House Cartel

    a request to the "Melders"

    Where does the term Melders come from? Also, cool avatar.
  15. Leo of House Cartel

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Yeah, the soul of Drogo's horse being responsible for one of the dragons would no doubt open up a whole can of hokey worms. I agree - love that direwolf comparison too.