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  1. @Seams - very nice catch with the Q based characters serving as teacher figures. Audibly, the word has some interesting puns. To "queue" is to wait in line for something - mentor figures could be said to be waiting for their apprentice to develop. Another way to look at this would be a DJ "queuing" up records and progressively moving the music along, similar to a sensei The term "cue" also has a mentor like quality to it, think of an actor having a "cue to speak". Also, as out of place as the reference may seem, James Bond's Gadget Man is known as "Q" - short for "Quartermaster". This feels like a very important piece of the puzzle. Great work, Detective! That Molten anagram is very thought provoking, while the Lamentation anagram feels like something which could hint at serious business, considering the sword belongs to the myth heavy, runic Royces. Impressive work linking the "pits" material. I suppose one could say that Dany somewhat "attained her lemon (tree)" in the fighting pits - The Blood of The Dragon is most at home in the air, with a dragon, after all. Do you have any further theories regarding your lemon-based catches?
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