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  1. Maguire wasn't the only one at fault for that goal. Henderson would simply have yelled and caught that in the air. But De Gea's never been capable of doing that. Martial wanted to play #9 ever since he's been at United (and most of the fans wanted him to play there), and has been shaped as a #9 as well (or as a secondary striker at least) so I wouldn't feel so bad for him. I mean, I want him to be back to his last season form, but it's only up to him. No one else is responsible for his form this season.
  2. Between 15/16 and 16/17 Leicester fell from 1st (81pts) to 12th (44pts). We could recall Chelsea following their 14/15 title as well, but that was José's 3rd season so not sure whether it counts!
  3. That's never a penalty even by VAR standards. I mean DCL just came crashing himself on TAA.
  4. That was comfortable because Sociedad set up exactly the way our forwards could score. Our forwards are essentially good when there's space to run into, so that was a madness to set up like that against us. Ask Leeds, Leipzig (1st leg)... I think the only game so far this season where we thrived against a low block was Southampton really. Apart from that:
  5. Well PSG always look much better without Neymar in big games so who knows. I mean, it's always going to be bad to lose Messi. But it will be particularly bad if their board keep being donkeys. I mean they had Suarez and their number 9 is now Martin Braithwaite.
  6. Bayern are losing 0-2 to Arminia Bielefeld and I don't even know who they fucking are.
  7. Yeah, I miss Pogba when Bruno has an average game. And I miss Bailly when Lindelof is playing.
  8. Every time Liverpool has disappointed this season so far we've been embarassing too so that's really not a positive signal for tomorrow
  9. In France news (PSG news): Mad to believe Pochettino started Neymar, whose record of missing big CL encounters through injury is unmatched, in a Coupe de France round of 64 against second division side Caen. Guess who's gonna miss the Barcelona game then.
  10. Jesus we can't score a clear cut chance to save our lifes. We have like 10+ decent chances per game but we always score the least easy of them. Now it would be cool if Dean Henderson could start the PL games.
  11. Smart from Sterling to score at Anfield now that nobody can boo him.
  12. We have a Spanish GK who is entering his prime for you if you want.
  13. That wasn't a very spectacular game. I might be obsessed, but still don't get the point of Bergwijn in big games.
  14. That Philipps charge on Son, is a red card and a penalty. Also, I would like to know why Bergwijn always starts in big games.
  15. That's a lucky but deserved goal for Pogba. Man ran the show with a typical box-to-box peformance. Shame he hasn't done that more often in 4 years. He's had many moments of brillance for us in that period but there are very few games where you can say he was the MOTM. Martial was also quite good today... but still can't score.
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