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  1. OMG Lanzini. This Spurs team indeed looks a bit like United in 17/18. Great spells and players in exciting form, but not so much of actual good build-up play and in the end it always gets bitter.
  2. Caught Germany v Switzerland at HT. Gotta think not all the international games are boring. Currently the Swiss are 3-2 ahead, following a 2 goal comeback from Germany.
  3. England are dull. Was that pen their only shot so far? Sorry if I missed something, but why Kane & Sancho aren't starting in this side?
  4. Don't those LFC-Arsenal games tend to actually follow the same pattern every year, though? An early Arsenal opener, and now one could suppose that it's probably going to end up 4-1 or 5-1.
  5. I was preparing to moan about how it's tactically inept to play Brandon Williams at LB considering he's right-footed, but he actually ended quite well his 1st half, producing a penalty. Still skeptical about his positioning though. Juan Mata looks pretty much finished also.
  6. Yeah, I thought it's a case where we can say that Leipzig is played off the park? Mad to see Ander Herrera climbing his way into a CL final, never mind starting it.
  7. Disappointed but not surprised. As soon as we stepped back after our penalty, and as we started the 2nd half strong but didn't make it concrete, the end of it was quite predictable. The positive take-aways, are that we played some lapses of good football, and the team is on holidays, so perhaps our fucking board can be concentrated on landing some attackers. (that last sentence sounded a bit Arsenalish, though)
  8. With a bit more composure from Martial & Rashford, we would probably be leading at the break. We are not as outplayed as expected though, and EL is some kind of bonus to our season, so, I guess I won't burn down a car if we don't get through.
  9. I would like to add, not only did Pep overthink his tactical approach, but what was he thinking when keeping Foden & Bernardo on the bench for the whole game ? I mean, dude has 5 substitutions at his disposal, he brings Mahrez on at 55", then fuck all until the 83" ?? Whilst the game is still 1-1 ??
  10. Maxwell Cornet loves a game against City. Lyon has had the better tactical approach so far, but if they keep defending like that, I suspect Bernardo, Sterling or Mahrez will find a way through.
  11. Not having to play again against Wolves is a relief. I hope some of our players are gonna have a "revenge spirit" against Sevilla, though I wouldn't be suprised if we just get burst.
  12. Yup, though I remember the Coutinho-Firmino-Mané front line being quite efficient back then. Obviously you needed one good winger, but at that time the problem was more in defence than in attack IIRC. But yeah, Salah definitely wasn't a luxury signing. And I think Sancho wouldn't be either, because just as someone pointed out on previous page, we lack a proper winger.
  13. How difficult is it to reckon that the guy just has us playing better this season than the previous one ? and that's partly because of 1) his tactical choices 2) his signings and how he integrate them into the team 3) the way he makes individuals progress ? I'm not saying he's a very good manager, like the Pep-Klopp tier. But it's an outrageous assertion to pretend that the guy is an obstacle to success, especially when you reckon in the same post that he "improved the club environment", which is kinda the basis to build something solid. And no, those players aren't more than enough to create lots. We are one injury away from seeing Lingard or James in the starting XI. Would Pep have succeeded with one decent XI, rather than signing Mahrez & B.Silva ? I don't think so. Same story with Klopp & Salah.
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