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  1. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Great stuff from United so far. Could easily be 5-0 at HT with a bit more composure from our front line. Greenwood had one thing to do but did it well. Of course I'll remain cautious because we aren't exactly a Second Half FC.
  2. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: same old, same old

    Those United fans who died in 2013 were definitely the luckiests.
  3. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: same old, same old

    I thought it was a very tight offside and that the linesmen weren't particularly guilty of not calling it immediately. In the end they are human beings and I think the German attacker was on the same line as the Dutch defenders. IMHO those cases should always benefit to the attacking side. Regarding the handball, where on earth do you wave at the referee while the ball is still at play? I know it happens frequently but it shouldn't. Players sometimes get booked for stopping the ball with their hands when fouled. It's the same thing for players talking to the ref before he whistles. They simply don't have to do that.
  4. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: A New Hope

    New game, same shit. I guess he take them well at training ? I can recall Mourinho talking about Rashford scoring screamers at training... Everyone in this team have been shit so far anyway, bar AWB and James.
  5. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: A New Hope

    Unsure whether it's wise to get rid of Alexis now though. Lukaku's gone, Greenwood & Chong are youth, Mata's old and Lingard is Lingard, so we are incredibly short in our forward options. Apparently we aren't gonna sign anyone until next summer, so even if we keep him one more season, he isn't gonna poison anything, right ?
  6. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: Steve the Bruce King of Geordies

    On CBs: I can see Tuanzebe being loaned again, Bailly is injured as always and perhaps Rojo's gonna be more a back up at LB than a CB... so it only leaves our iconic fellas of Jones & Smalling as back up CBs. One of the last three has to leave though. On Dybala: the new Di Maria /Alexis. It's written all over the place. Woodward just want shirt sales.
  7. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: Steve the Bruce King of Geordies

    I can recall an interview where Sarri said he expects Ronaldo to outscore the goalscoring record of one season in Serie A, so, I think he'll be more used as a 9. So, Lukaku on the right and Costa on the left ? If anything, Dybala moving to Utd makes a bit more sense that the Lukaku stuff I think. Dybala will probably not be used by Sarri, and we do need a creative to work alongside Pogba. A 4-4-2 with Pogba & McTo in midfield, with Dybala & Rashford on the front line would be mad... except it doesn't make sense that we are trying to sign Fernandes then. So in the end it is just a merry-go-round to find the better wage really. Maybe there's no real tactical approach anywhere. I just kinda hope that if Dybala do come, he's not gonna be the Di Maria 2.0.
  8. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    Yeah, the more things go, the more I think we're gonna start the season with a CP pairing of Lindelof & Tuanzebe. (or Issa Diop?)
  9. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    What I really wonder about Sarri at Juve is how he's gonna use Ronaldo and Dybala. Sarri is a die hard adept of the 433, and whether Ronaldo is open to play as a sole 9, and Dybala can play as RW, remains a question mark.
  10. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    For how long Origi is gonna be considered as a "guy who's sometimes at the right place at the right time" then ? :p
  11. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Also, I didn't think to mention it when starting the thread, but I believe Alfie Allen absolutely deserves credit. I mean, usually I am not sensible when watching movies /TV shows. Like, really not. Not often am I moved when important characters die (of course the Red Wedding did mark me), and I actually tend to find some death scenes a bit boring and lengthy. But this season, Theon's death definitely moved me. As predicted as it was, I was sad it had to happen. Man's had a painful and brutal path, but beautifully and heroically ended. A redemption if there has ever been. And wonderfully acted by A.Allen, especially since season two. "you're a good man, Theon".
  12. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Now that is Over - Let's rank best and worst!

    Top Pretty much everyone's acting, esp. Alfie, Peter, Lena, Emilia, Sophie, Charles, Nicolaj, Jack. Seasons 3 & 4: Thrones in the sheer way: schemes, battles, character developments, fights, drama, treason, love, duty, friendship Secondary book characters that turned out to really light up the screen in the show: Oberyn, Tywin, Jorah, Joffrey, Varys, and others. CGI Ed Sheeran Flop almost everything since S5EP1 these plots in particular: Meereen, Dorne, the "Long Night", R+L=J Jaime's arc -NCW was so good though! some characters were more relevant in the books: Baelish, Mance, Catelyn... Euron deserved better!
  13. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    But @snow is the man you're basically replying as if it was about him being a good father and husband. Which he was certainly not, I agree, but as a king, was he that awful ? IIRC some maesters called Robert's reign a golden age, especially the part when Jon Arryn was his Hand of course. Just have a look at what Arryn & Robert accomplished. They rebuilt a country which suffered a massive civil war and the overthrow of the major dynasty. They dealt with Balon's rebellion with the Iron Islands ending up as a part of the Seven Kingdoms. They had a non-independent North (essentially thanks to Ned, ofc), and every region was basically fine with being a part of the Crown. Sure, the bottom line is the massive debt he produced. Which is actually also on Littlefinger's fault (Master of the Coins), so is the poisoning of Arryn, which led to the massive chaos we knew. Littlefinger has caused way more trouble to the realm that Robert IMO.
  14. Emilia Clarke's been overall great this season. Especially this imperial speech in Dothraki... oh my god. I think Peter Dinklage started a bit clumsy (remember that line about Varys's balls in ep1 ??), but grew very moving, heartbroken, and shaded during the season. His moments with Varys in ep4 & 5 were very well handled IMHO, as were most of his scenes in the Finale. I'd give him the Actor of the Season award, if it wasn't for Emilia. What are your thoughts about it ?
  15. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I'd rather see the glass half empty. It's such a badly displayed ending that we can't even tell how it's to be interpreted. It's relevant to have an ending with several possible interpretation, when the facts are there and the discussion lies on how it fits the character's storyline. That's the instance with Arya. We know what she does (sailing west), and we know why she does that (after all she's had her lot of suffering and bloodshed), but we don't know what she expects to discover, and whether she'll be back or not. With Jon, that isn't the case. We don't exactly know what he does, thus we can't interpret his motive, purpose, etc.