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  1. So far, PSG have extended Neymar's contract and it looks like they are appointing Galtier. While the former is considered deadwood by a lot of people (you've got to admit Brazilian forwards aren't always very good past 30), the latter is a good coach no doubt, but well below the PSG /QSI standards. So they aren't doing a very good transfer window minus Mbappé. Of course, it's nothing compared with United
  2. I know we can't draw conclusions from these stupid Nations League games but England are so shit. Despite being the better team, Germany weren't great either. It looks like most of the European sides are in a patch of transition / rebuild. Guess it could open the way for Argentina or Brazil to win it in Qatar.
  3. This sucks so much man. I mean Casemiro still has a few good years in him, and they already signed Camavinga last summer. So they are basically stacked at that position. A midfield of Tchouaméni, Pogba and Modric would be great stuff though ETA: OK, I've just seen that Pogba's heading back to Juve
  4. yeah just like BT said, you can't make a better run to the trophy also that Keita appearance was hilarious
  5. lucky cause that was a massive fuck up from Alisson / Konaté
  6. @polishgenius @Consigliere my memory might be flawed but I'm pretty sure that I've seen De Jong doing well at DM for the Netherlands, and for Ajax back then.
  7. Thing is, De Jong is like exactly the profile we need at DM, so that's even more annoying that he apparently doesn't want to come. It's understandable that he doesn't want to leave Barca though, as they are bouncing their way back and he's probably going to inherit the Busquets spot one day. Re: Timber, everyone look very positive about him and he's a profile we don't have right now, so I think we really shouldn't be really concerned about that "old club = fine" thing
  8. And Tchouaméni is apparently going to join either Real or PSG. I mean FFS. There's probably a curse going on that we cannot sign a talented DM. (in fact, I don't remember us doing that since... Carrick ?) we'll probably end up throwing our money at someone like Brozovic
  9. Apparently Bouba Kamara, who is a great talent amongst French young midfielders, is signing to Aston Villa as a free agent. That's yet another potentially very good DM missed out by United, albeit Atletico pulled off because of doubts regarding Kamara's professionalism. (it's been reported by Daniel Riolo that Kamara received the Atletico DoF wearing a short and being barefoot, thus the DoF left and said that this guy could never play for Atletico )
  10. Richarlison to a top 6 /top 8 PL club is a no-brainer if Everton go down. Well, even if they don't.
  11. Vini, Mbappé and Rodrygo are competing for the same spot though. Of course with Benzema that's a hell of a front line, but you would prefer each of these players to play in his best position. Very naive from the french media to believe he could stay at PSG
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