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  1. Yeah I'm actually a defendor of Ligue 1 being a better (or at least, less predictable) league than the Bundesliga. But this year, I think it's pretty clear that PSG will be champions. They have had a strong start to the season, and generally don't collapse mid season (they do collapse in their CL games though). In Germany, OTOH, the main team are 5th at the moment, and will struggle to replace the output of RL9, so it might as well be a year for BVB or any outsider.
  2. At least Serie A and Bundesliga are there to deliver some uncertainty about the title race
  3. Bayern have won it 10 in a row. I think they don't give a damn and care more about the CL
  4. I'm no Barca expert but surely there is a better LB option than Marcos Alonso?
  5. That Inter result makes the Bayern - Barca game even more interesting (it already was)
  6. yeah Inter very careless. If Bayern high up their game it could get ugly I do hope Inter do like Juve yesterday and put a good fight though
  7. Vlahovic looked so fed up with his team lol. Gotta expect him to be on the market soon if Allegri stays.
  8. We were quite good at playing from the back at some point in 20/21 though. I don't know what happened next. Also, I think I saw a stat going that in ~25 PL games where we've scored first, we've been defeated only once. Does anyone remember against which team we conceded a comeback? (I genuinely don't)
  9. you've got to wonder which one of the big fish will sign Leao, and how much they will splash on him. World class and turns up in the big games as well Also, it's funny that despite both Milan clubs being less competitive since ~10 years, than in the 2000s, the Milan derby's still very often a cracking game.
  10. still early but it looks like a season for the underdogs / cursed giants, with Arsenal on top of the PL, plus Roma and Marseille joint-top of their respective league.
  11. pretty much like the Southampton game. Very good in 1st half, panic in 2nd. After Ronaldo wasted that chance at 90 + something, I thought we were definitely going to concede the equalizer. It's probably going to take a couple months before we're able to play the Ten Hag style for 90. When Ole took over, we did start to play a different football that prior to his arrival, but we could play at high tempo only for 30' or 40' per game. So, nothing worrying there so long as we can make this spell of high tempo longer and longer every game.
  12. Let me translate that for you: France has an habit for fucking up in the World Cup big time (when they don't win it). So, the Pogba stuff is a solid basement for something marvellous
  13. it's confusing that Sancho is supposed to be better on the left but looks lazier there and takes a million touches. I'd much rather play him at RW, if it spares us the sight of Elanga being there.
  14. I swear Inter get the impossible group every year
  15. the words "he's a bastard, but he's our bastard" were probably designed for Bruno Fernandes
  16. not a bad XI but if we want to be serious we can't rely on Elanga / Dalot long term
  17. man Ten Hag's reaction after that Elanga miss is hilarious
  18. there's no way that's our best XI with Elanga and Dalot in it ok for Eriksen's passing but he's probably the worst midfielder we have at pressing /winning the ball
  19. 1) why does he consistently picks Eriksen 2) anyone else thinking that this game has been scheduled to avoid the troubles against Glazers, like it happened in the 20/21 season
  20. Also, it might just be a coincidence, but both BB and BCS penultimate episode end with a guy leaving a place in hurry
  21. Having a look at players who left Real Madrid after being (sometimes very) successfull in Spain. Ramos left to PSG at 34. Barely made in impact so far Di Maria left at 25. After a terrible year with us, he's been excellent for PSG K. Navas left (again, to PSG) at 31. He did well but GK is another stuff Varane joined us at 28 and has been quite good when fit, thing is, he's injury prone Ronaldo... we know James Rodriguez left to Everton (says it all) at 29, after a two years loan at Bayern where he didn't play a lot IIRC Bale is now playing golf in the US -- Now Casemiro is joining us at 30. He's going to improve us for sure. But considering the above, let's not raise our expectations too high... unless I'm forgeting someone?
  22. Re: the overall ending. I disagree with people saying that it's out of character from him to fuck up his 7 years sentence. Remember he's Slipping Jimmy. His plans never go as expected. It's totally Jimmy to lure the prosecutors with his "I am the victim" stuff, then to tame the court to believe he's the danger man. (not to mention the audience could hardly swallow Saul escaping with 7 years while Kim is apparently going to face hell) Also, that line when Saul says he knows the law better than the high judge, and she doesn't even deny or protest, that's great stuff
  23. Re: the bus scene. To me, it sounded a bit Monty Python. Like "always look at the bright side of life", etc. But yes, there were other ways to tell us that Saul is gonna get along with prisoners. As an example, when Saul walks out of the kitchen, he could interact with other prisoners in many ways. We would understand he's the boss, and this would make the ending a bit funnier. He could even have a shot with the prisoners playing basketball, in the last scene. This wouldn't have been very Jimmy, but still better as a last picture, than the farewell he bids to Kim.
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