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    Football: Steve the Bruce King of Geordies

    On CBs: I can see Tuanzebe being loaned again, Bailly is injured as always and perhaps Rojo's gonna be more a back up at LB than a CB... so it only leaves our iconic fellas of Jones & Smalling as back up CBs. One of the last three has to leave though. On Dybala: the new Di Maria /Alexis. It's written all over the place. Woodward just want shirt sales.
  2. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: Steve the Bruce King of Geordies

    I can recall an interview where Sarri said he expects Ronaldo to outscore the goalscoring record of one season in Serie A, so, I think he'll be more used as a 9. So, Lukaku on the right and Costa on the left ? If anything, Dybala moving to Utd makes a bit more sense that the Lukaku stuff I think. Dybala will probably not be used by Sarri, and we do need a creative to work alongside Pogba. A 4-4-2 with Pogba & McTo in midfield, with Dybala & Rashford on the front line would be mad... except it doesn't make sense that we are trying to sign Fernandes then. So in the end it is just a merry-go-round to find the better wage really. Maybe there's no real tactical approach anywhere. I just kinda hope that if Dybala do come, he's not gonna be the Di Maria 2.0.
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    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    Yeah, the more things go, the more I think we're gonna start the season with a CP pairing of Lindelof & Tuanzebe. (or Issa Diop?)
  4. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    What I really wonder about Sarri at Juve is how he's gonna use Ronaldo and Dybala. Sarri is a die hard adept of the 433, and whether Ronaldo is open to play as a sole 9, and Dybala can play as RW, remains a question mark.
  5. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Hi guys, just finished ASOS yesterday, so this book was full of multiple interesting storylines. But, some characters who don't have a POV still have a big role in this part of the story. So i'm just asking which ones of them mostly catches you ? There are amazing schemers (Littlefinger, Varys), mad rulers (Joff, Lysa), strange elders (Olenna, Qyburn), cool warriors (Barristan, Daario, Oberyn). Not to mention the Brotherhood and the Night's Watch and the Wildlings... trying to list them may be difficult. (PS: if my english is bad, please inform me ^^)
  6. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    For how long Origi is gonna be considered as a "guy who's sometimes at the right place at the right time" then ? :p
  7. Ser Glendon Fireball

    So where would you live ?

    As a random commoner, in which Westerossi city/kingdom would you settle ? Of course you're free to imagine being a hedge knight, a wandering merchant, a simple peasant, a respectable lord, or what you want.
  8. Emilia Clarke's been overall great this season. Especially this imperial speech in Dothraki... oh my god. I think Peter Dinklage started a bit clumsy (remember that line about Varys's balls in ep1 ??), but grew very moving, heartbroken, and shaded during the season. His moments with Varys in ep4 & 5 were very well handled IMHO, as were most of his scenes in the Finale. I'd give him the Actor of the Season award, if it wasn't for Emilia. What are your thoughts about it ?
  9. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Also, I didn't think to mention it when starting the thread, but I believe Alfie Allen absolutely deserves credit. I mean, usually I am not sensible when watching movies /TV shows. Like, really not. Not often am I moved when important characters die (of course the Red Wedding did mark me), and I actually tend to find some death scenes a bit boring and lengthy. But this season, Theon's death definitely moved me. As predicted as it was, I was sad it had to happen. Man's had a painful and brutal path, but beautifully and heroically ended. A redemption if there has ever been. And wonderfully acted by A.Allen, especially since season two. "you're a good man, Theon".
  10. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Now that is Over - Let's rank best and worst!

    Top Pretty much everyone's acting, esp. Alfie, Peter, Lena, Emilia, Sophie, Charles, Nicolaj, Jack. Seasons 3 & 4: Thrones in the sheer way: schemes, battles, character developments, fights, drama, treason, love, duty, friendship Secondary book characters that turned out to really light up the screen in the show: Oberyn, Tywin, Jorah, Joffrey, Varys, and others. CGI Ed Sheeran Flop almost everything since S5EP1 these plots in particular: Meereen, Dorne, the "Long Night", R+L=J Jaime's arc -NCW was so good though! some characters were more relevant in the books: Baelish, Mance, Catelyn... Euron deserved better!
  11. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    But @snow is the man you're basically replying as if it was about him being a good father and husband. Which he was certainly not, I agree, but as a king, was he that awful ? IIRC some maesters called Robert's reign a golden age, especially the part when Jon Arryn was his Hand of course. Just have a look at what Arryn & Robert accomplished. They rebuilt a country which suffered a massive civil war and the overthrow of the major dynasty. They dealt with Balon's rebellion with the Iron Islands ending up as a part of the Seven Kingdoms. They had a non-independent North (essentially thanks to Ned, ofc), and every region was basically fine with being a part of the Crown. Sure, the bottom line is the massive debt he produced. Which is actually also on Littlefinger's fault (Master of the Coins), so is the poisoning of Arryn, which led to the massive chaos we knew. Littlefinger has caused way more trouble to the realm that Robert IMO.
  12. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I'd rather see the glass half empty. It's such a badly displayed ending that we can't even tell how it's to be interpreted. It's relevant to have an ending with several possible interpretation, when the facts are there and the discussion lies on how it fits the character's storyline. That's the instance with Arya. We know what she does (sailing west), and we know why she does that (after all she's had her lot of suffering and bloodshed), but we don't know what she expects to discover, and whether she'll be back or not. With Jon, that isn't the case. We don't exactly know what he does, thus we can't interpret his motive, purpose, etc.
  13. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Jon & Drogon

    Is there a precedent in History where a Targ was outright burnt alive by a dragon ?
  14. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    But according to Tyrion (and Dany herself in her speech), Dany wasn't going to simply rule Westeros from the capital. It looks like she was going to invade other lands, such as the Free Cities, or idk, Sothoryos ? Had she accept to stay in Westeros and rule, I don't even know if she'd dealt with a Smart Council, or gather all the power in her own hands. (remember at this point she doesn't even have a Hand of the Queen) And do you think she'd have been fine with the North being independent ? ...I agree that Bronn in ths Council is a bad & weird thing to do, though. u_u
  15. Ser Glendon Fireball

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Erm, ok... I won't pretend I've already seen a holocaust with my own eyes, but... It was very white ashes, wasn't it ? u_u Oh, and a supplement of thoughts: love how they landed a random guy with a Doran x Trystan look, so we get that "it's him the new Prince of Dorne", lol most crucially: I also like how Dany's fate match with some political aspects of our current world. As Charlie Chaplin said in "The Dictator": "Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people!". Autocrats appear because of people's desire of freedom, only for them to fall in different kind of chains. Well, that's deep complex stuff that would deserve a proper thread to be discussed, lol. If it's interesting to anyone, Dany's last scene also reminded me that last scene between Anakin & Padme in the Revenge of the Sith. "let's make things the way we want to", etc. Damn, Tyrion is a bit of the Obi-Wan of this story!
  16. Ser Glendon Fireball

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    Well, it depends. If we are rating this ep as the conclusion of a show which identity and brand have been long devoid of what it used to be, and considering this finale makes no effort of reuniting with this brand (complex storylines, political stakes, etc), I'd rate it 3. If we are rating this ep as an individual 75min piece, and we're talking just about acting, scenario and cosmectics in this single ep... then I think I can give it a 7. If you absolutely need an average between these two POV, then it's going to be 5. Overall, I'm fine with the way they drove the major characters's plotlines (except Jaime ffs). Almost every single conclusion that every character has, makes sense in the big picture. (it makes sense for Tyrion ending Hand, for Jon heading North, for Arya heading West, etc.) Only Bran was really unexpected (apart from bookmakers I see??), but I'm surprisingly of with it. Too bad they had to rush the details, some dialogues, R+L=J was just a reason do divide Dany's squad... and, obvisouly, too bad how they dealt with the WWs.
  17. Ser Glendon Fireball

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Some random thoughts: so those bookmakers saw right about Bran ending up king... ah, well played to them, how did they do ?? so happy for my man Davos. Dude kinda took the social elevator ...and so did Bronn actually. But I actually dislike Bronn since that crossbow moment that Frodo-like ending for Arya was long predicted, but was still delightful to watch how did Drogon not burn Jon to the ground after he killed his mom?? Ah, well, Targ blood etc I guess... how did they handle weather in this ep ?? At the beginning it's clear, then there's snow everywhere, then a few "weeks" later it's summer again ?? And wasn't the WW extinction meant to bring back some balance to the rythm of seasons ? isn't Davos aware of the Unsullied being eunuch? His proposal of them filling an empty Reach with new generations of Unsullied babies felt so nonsensical lol why do they think they'll absolutely need a Master of Whisperers though? Not sure this function actually helps the regime, not to mention it leds to the MoW being an absolute schemer lol Jon basically brokes his NW vows for the 2nd time, what a champion. this Sansa ending isn't going to please our resident anti-Sansa activists lol so Brienne really thought it was outright necessary to mention that Jaime was rock wrecked by Robb at the Whispering Wood ? lol so the Unsullied are heading to Naath... are they aware that there are foreigners-killing butterflies out there ? this vision Dany had at the House of Undying back in S2, was so perfectly fullfiled. Reach the throne, but instead reach her gone Khal & baby in the fields of death. Jon's storyline, as much criticized as he may be, makes sense IMO. He's in eternal conflict between love & duty... as is everyone in this story. I think it's one of the rare GRRM elements of writing that D&D successfully implemented in their show. Tyrion throwing his Hand badge down the stairs was so badass. Even more badass that Ned doing so with Robert back in S1. I hope Tyrion will experience less difficulties with Bran in the future lol (at least this King is a bit less adventurous than Robert & Dany, if anything) so those Northerners just can't stop yelling " [something] IN THE NORTH !!!" ,right ?
  18. Ser Glendon Fireball

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    It's to be 1. Didn't think they could do worse than ep3. Meantime ep4 gave me a bit of hope. In the end they did do worse. Everything was so dumb, and so conveniently handed, and so predictable, in this ep. Really it's about time we get to the end. The only appreciable thing in this ep was Maisie's acting. And the CGI, for what it's worth.
  19. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Yeah that's another step into the direction of being the new Arsenal. Fred could be a decent replacement for Herrera though. He's younger, as good as him when it comes to get the ball back, and I think their passing abilities are quite similar.. ? On another topic: Bayern dropped 2pts at Leipzig today, while BVB won against Fortuna. It probably isn't going to be enough of good fortune for BVB to hope for a title though. With one matchday to go, there is a margin of 2pts and +17 of GA in favor of Bayern. But who knows !
  20. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    Levy wouldn't even sell us a stadium gardener, but yeah, surely he was going to let Poch leave to us.
  21. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    What a 2nd half from Spurs. Then again you may wonder why Llorente hasn't started more games for them since Kane is injured. Poch's half time speech was probably very inspiring though -would love to know what he told em.
  22. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    Would be fun if they provoke the transfer ban by buying too much players trying to anticipate a ban. Anyway, I still don't get how Semedo isn't a starter for this Barca team.
  23. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    Being the only top6 side that managed to take all 3pts against Pep's band, yeah, I think there are postive points you can take away from Chelsea's sesason. In fact, every top6 "chasing pack" side has had a bit of an erratic PL campaign. Spurs appeared like they would be able to sustain (if not improve) their form from previous seasons, but their pace has been sunk by injuries since February, and by now it doesn't seem like they've recovered. It again shew how flat is this Spurs squad, which at least gives credit to Poch for keeping them in CL level these years. (he even improved their record in CL) If he isn't backed to drive an ambitious transfer window this summer, I can see him packing his luggages the following summer though. Arsenal have never looked like they could sustain a great run of form, albeit Emery's done well with the squad he has at his disposal. It's a bit of a failure for them to not clinch this 4th spot, but I can see them win the EL. They're basically on a Mourinho-1st-Utd-season scheme. Solskjaer really brought some fresh air to Man Utd' season. But this squad has lacks that we fans have been complaining about for years without them to be fixed. Asking Solskjaer to mask them in a few months -never mind fix them- was a bit of a hard task.
  24. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Name of the battle?

    The Battle for the Living, considering most of the characters (the human ones, at least) are "fighting for the living" ? or the Battle for the Dawn, because of the Long night lore etc
  25. Gave it a solid 3. Slow, underwhelming, and quite anticlimatic. The Jenny of Oldstones' song and Tormund Giantsbane make this episode worth watching. Let that apart, there's nothing to relish, it's basically a filler. I understand the "moving" statements, but I think those moving scenes could have been handled far better. Remember that "you would by my lady" scene between Arya & Gendry, back in season 3 ? Well, I recall it even more moving that this topless scene we had today.