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  1. I suppose that even with a quality front three already in place, 120M for Sancho would be a much lesser cost than missing on him and watching him join another big club, especially a rival English club.
  2. Are the Liverpool players disturbed by a title-party hangover? It feels very unusual from this Liverpool team to be so physically and tactically beaten. Plus, Klopp & others looks quite calm...
  3. From a Man Utd POV, thinking about that Sterling chance is really heart-breaking.
  4. Arsenal fans must have done something really outrageous to the Football Gods in the recent times, I suppose?
  5. I've seen many people being worried for Papa Varga. But am I the only one who felt that Lalo's anger could be more aimed at Gus & co. than at Nacho? I mean, if we are to imagine what he does straight at the end of the episode, IMO it's more likely that he goes to Eladio's villa to confront him about Gus (& Bolsa?) so he has allies in his upcoming war, than driving alone right to Albuquerque in search of Nacho or whatever... (Ofc I guess he can do both)
  6. Can anyone explain how the Chicken Bomb works out, I mean, chemically ? And what's the point for Nacho to tear the sofas and break one or two objects if the whole place is gonna burn anyway ? Whether we'll learn about Gus's background with the Madrigal boss in BCS or in another show, it'll be interesting.
  7. Huge performance from Chelsea. You would feel Liverpool couldn't score even if the game was to last 90min more. I wonder how those Willian & Kovacic injuries are gonna impact Chelsea's league form.
  8. Real Madrid take a narrow lead in La Liga as they win El Clasico with two lucky but deserved goals. Barca created themselves the better chances in 1st half but disappeared in 2nd. You can see the dip in quality in the finishing since Suarez's injury. Great performance from Madrid midfielders anyway.
  9. Well we were beaten at Vicarage fucking Road as well so you cant' expect any mockery from Utd fans at least.
  10. Is this the time our resident Scousers have a real reason to moan? :p 3-0 !!!!
  11. He was incredible for Monaco in the 16/17 season. Before that, he was a strong link for Marseille too. But yeah, it's really that season when Monaco got the spark with their CL campaign, that inflated his price so heavily. Hadn't been City, I actually think that another PL side would have gladly thrown the 50M for him.
  12. Could be quite hyped if I wasn't expecting an usual ultra-conservative away from home Mourinho display.
  13. He was vital to Lyon's midfield for a couple of seasons though, you can see the clear drop in quality that followed his departure. But yeah, I agree he's still to adapt to to PL, especially in the physical department. But thing is, if he does prove himself to be a strong and regular link for Spurs, will Levy & co. listen to any offer, particularly from other PL sides?
  14. Class from Ndombele. Don't get why he isn't a starter atm. I actually know a Manchester side that would gladly use a good CM, especially if another french CM was to leave. Apart from that, is it still a concern that Spurs had to wait until City were down to 10 men to actually start playing?
  15. It's a bit of a surprise to see an Arsenal fan worrying about Xhaka's departure. I'm aware you've watched much more Arsenal games than me in the recent years, and that midfielders not decently surrounded often underperform, but hasn't Xhaka been one of the weakest link in your team since his arrival, at least in midfield ? Also, who the fuck is LK? Laurent Koscielny ?
  16. Well, we scored one, so, so long for Woodward triggering our transfer window I guess. As hard as I want us to sign midfielders, I'm actually not bought on Can at all. Apart from him, I suppose we could target many players from up-mid to low-mid table... heck, I'd even take Longstaff or Rice, (both of them if we can) despite that being terrible buisness.
  17. I hope the display is at least going to convince Woodward to pull off the check book. (is it worrying that I'm not even annoyed by being stomped by the rival, at home ?)
  18. My point was less about his ablity as a manager that about the fact that when you play Manchester City on a cup semi-final, you basically don't play the reserve, independently of whether your squad is thin or whether you are a good manager. But yeah, it became less relevant when our squad is so flat that playing these games actually put our league campaign, thus our season, in danger. And I actually think OGS wants to emulate Klopp's tenure. Refreshing the squad by margin, rather than by a big single turn-over. Spending big in the areas where the team blatantly lacks, and less where youth are else can be used. Developing the young, talented players, especially in attack, while using more medium-to-aged players with high workrate, in midfield. That's partly the Klopp schedule, and I believe Ole wants to do that. Whether he'll be given time remains to be seen. But perhaps some people should remember that Klopp did struggle in his first seasons, and was put into doubt at some point.
  19. Nah, I definitely can't see him playing the reserves in a cup semi-final against Manchester City. (not to mention the cups are our only shot at winning a trophy) I agree with the point about the squad depth, though.
  20. Fair play to Arsenal, huge impact from them in 1st half. We need at least two midfielders. Like, now.
  21. Very weird game. Good to see Greenwood hitting the net. His first goal was a bit dubious though, as I thought Garner's effort was closer to the foul than to the regular ball-winning challenge. Hopefully we won't see Mata & Matic starting together very often this season.
  22. Delighting first 30' from United but we've been a lot on the back foot, and if City accelerate that clearly won't be sustainable. I'm not a VAR specialist but wasn't that late call on Fred a bit dubious ?
  23. Throwing Phil Jones in that XI is an even more weird tactical move taking into account that the relationship between him and OGS is (apparently) quite bad.
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