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  1. TormundSexyEyes

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Overall, 7/10. Felt very rushed, but I expected that, with only 6 episodes and too much material to cover. Didnt expect Jon-O to find out about his past or ride a dragon today, so that was a surprise.
  2. TormundSexyEyes

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I agree that killing off an entire house in one swoop is a bit OP. I blame the doubt of her abilities on D&D completely. I agree with others that say her storyline was fairly ruined. Could have spent much less time with her being a blind pincushion and actually showed the art of wearing faces, etc etc etc. I used to never be able to find plot-holes/irritations in the early seasons, now its getting more and more difficult for D&D to not make me go "Wait a goddamn minute".
  3. TormundSexyEyes

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Holy cow. Bravo on this post, sir. Was laughing my ass off the whole way through it.
  4. TormundSexyEyes

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Bro. That's kind of what Faceless men do.... I just wish we got some actual training scene of Arya changing identities, because she was just sort of able to do it all of a sudden. Other than that, it's par for the course of faceless man abilities. Usually faceless men just don't go around killing randoms. So I'm wondering if that won't play into the demise of Arya somehow.
  5. TormundSexyEyes

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    I'm obviously 1 year late to this party, but I gave it a 9. Only because Battle of the Bastards was FAR better. Obviously the R+L=J hype is super great and the confirmation was such a great moment.
  6. TormundSexyEyes


    New here! Have watched the show 3 times through. Just starting the books. Very excited!