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  1. In theory no plants(and certainly no crops) could survive the weird seasons of Planetos, but they magically do
  2. It's not really that weird, clocks aren't really a recent invention. Perhaps they use sundials or water clocks.
  3. If Roose decides to attack, all the hostages that the ironborn took would be killed. How would these northern lords react if all of their families were being murdered because Roose decided to start a war? Why would the ironborn face a northern army in the open field? And we have no reason to believe that the ironborn are less disciplined than any mainlander. To maintain a defensible position you don't really need a a especially strong castle. Just somewhere where you can prevent the knights from attacking. Would they truly risk so much starting a war soo close to the winter? Roose do not have the advantage of home ground there, the Dreadfort is on the other side of the North. The ironborn already conquered and took hostages from the major houses that actualy know the land.
  4. They would. Why the hell would the King allow two of his main loyal vassals to wage war agains't each other? Irrelevant. The North only accept Roose because the IT had hostages and the ironborn kept hostages too. The ironborn would never be able to stand agains't Rodrik anyway. They were being attacked on two front by Torrhen's Square garrison and Rodrik's soldiers. Asha was right, which was why conquering Winterfell was a stupidity. The ironborn have the advantage in any place with navigable rivers or the sea, which was why they made sure to not conquer any castle far from the sea. None of these "strong northmen" are going to care about fighting the ironborn. Karstark(where many died in battle anyway) and Manderly are on the east coast, and more concerned with their own schemings than to any ironborn threat that would never affect their own lands. Lord Bolton would be more concerned with the threat that Stannis posed, as the Lannisters are the source of his power, than to a bunch of ironmen settling in some sparsely populated plot of land. Even if Roose wanted to go into open war agains't the ironborn, it would take weeks to unite a host with enough men to face the ironborn, and during this time the ironborn would surely fortify their position.
  5. My entire point was that Balon shouldn't have declared himself king. After the Red Wedding the North had lost any coin to bargain. It was either accept whatever Tywin decided or die. That's why they accepted the Boltons as their overlords. Famously? Who said that? We have no reason to believe in that. The vikings never fought like that either. Rodrik had much more soldiers than Dagmer. Pretty much like the current North. Only green boys survived Robb's stupidity.
  6. What do you mean with "force of law"? Even the power of the King itself resides on tradition instead of written laws.
  7. This would never happen. With the Crown's support the North would be obligated to accept whatever the King decided. And what do you mean with lack of discipline? The ironborn of old used to rule the entire of the Riverlands and most of the current Crownlands.
  8. All of it not, but the west coast could be theirs if they accepted Joffrey as their king. Only if Robb decided to make peace with the IT, and only if Balon kept claiming kingship. After Stannis's defeat the northern cause was clearly over.
  9. They would never be able to hold the Westerlands. The ironborn probably though Robb would be a terrible military commander, considering his age. Balon's only mistake was declaring himself King. He should've attacked the North and declare his allegiance to either Joffrey or Renly, perhaps Stannis after Renly's death.
  10. He wouldn't start a war agains't the lannisters, he would just put Robert's children under the "guidance" of a Baratheon ally. Tywin wouldn't be able to do anything. If Renly decided to make Eddard the regent, who really would stand agains't it? Everyone knew Eddard was Robert's friend and a loyal vassal after all.
  11. To be fair, the ironborn have been abandoned there.
  12. I wouldn't say that. From what we know is happening in the east, it's more likely that he would die in the voyage than actually meet Dany. And Tyrion was right, it's the perfect timing for a invasion, the Seven Kingdoms are on chaos, the Tyrells are being attacked by the IB, the North is divided, the Riverlands are ruined, the Westerlands are virtually leaderless and a opportunist rules the Vale.
  13. This depends on who actualy "owns" the High Septon. When Maegor tried to take another wife the Hightower High Septon condemned him as a abomination and a false king. After the HS died, a weaker HS took his place and suddenly decided to recognize Maegor's many wives and even anointed him as the King.
  14. Obviously. Joffrey dismiss Ser Barristan even though the KG used to be for life.
  15. By default, the King can't break his own laws.
  16. Ha, even the most despicable of lords would accept these duties. Or when he didn't told Robert that Cersei's sons weren't his...
  17. You're right. But it still grants a prestige that didn't had before
  18. Not only the castle, but also the lands that come with it. The Reynes were not wealthy because they had a nice castle, but because their lands were filled with gold and silver. Besides, even if they never had the wealth to rebuild it, the lordship would grant them more prestige. Why would Roose want vengeance agains't Robb?
  19. And that's exactly why he would no allow the Imp's abduction. He would know well that Tywin would not take it kindly. Why risk the wellbeing of your family for nothing?
  20. And why does mothers produce it if parenthood isn't a biological? It isn't produced only by women from a few cultures, but by all of them. I don't see how this is relevant. No one has ever claimed that all cultures raise their children equallly, but that there's a biological back for it, much like drinking and eating. Different cultures may cook different kind of food, but the act of eating itself is not culturally learned, but instinctive. There's exceptions for everything. There are people that themselves on fire, even though survival instincts are the most ancient of instincts.
  21. This is the exception that confirm the rule. Why would a mother produce milk if parenthood was solely culturally dependent?
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