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  1. No. They're a army. It's more akin to the barbarian invasions than whatever immigration issue your country is facing now.
  2. I don't think so. They have higher living standards as slaves than as freemen
  3. But that was because Bloodraven(as the HotK) tainted the throne's reputation with betrayal
  4. Kingship is not his duty. He's bastard. Eddard's or Rhaegar's he's still a bastard.
  5. My headcanon is that Jon Arryn is not the honourable man people think he is. He promised a royal marriage to Tywin in exchange of killing Rhaegar's children
  6. The nobility's profession is war. They're supposed to train and equip soldiers even in times of peace, and knights own their own horses.
  7. This really depends on what GRRM intends to do in the situation. It's said that it takes a long time to build a host in the North(remember how the North only joined the Dance with Dragons when the war was basicaly over?) and yet Robb created one in what, half a year? And this including levies from distant lands like Bear Island and Karhold. I suppose Tywin's strenght wasnt much greater than during the RR. Living on a pile of gold allows you to buy provisions and equipments for a large host in a short time.
  8. Yes, that must be why she was kept in a tiny tower in the mountains instead of Dragonstone or some other luxurious palace.
  9. He assumed the obvious. Lyanna was kept in Dorne, far from family and friends. Why would that be? Lady Barbrey wasnt bethroted at the time. In fact, her father was actively trying to get her married with a Stark.
  10. Not him, but yes he should've known. Raping highborn ladies that are already bethroted to another great lord which also happened to be the ward of another great lord is bound to have consequences. Maybe Brandon was a bit rash, but defiance should have been expected.
  11. The fool ruined everything when he kidnapped Lyanna. All he need to do now is avoid facing Robert in single combat.
  12. I think thralls are not considered slaves because they cannot be sold or bought
  13. Lack of farmlands is why they're poor, not the old way
  14. I think the iron price is more of an ideal than a reality. We know that the ironborn trade with the mainland because there are merchant ships on Lordsport at the beggining of Balon's second rebellion. I think the iron price is just a extra prejudice(which exists in most of Westeros as well) agains't merchants
  15. I always supposed that moon tea had other uses as well, and Cersei cutting Pycelle prevented him from explaining why Margaery requested it.
  16. I suppose this only applies to the lowest strata of slaves, not the learned and skilled. We've seem that some of these slaves even petitioned to be sold to slavery again.
  17. Why would Dany grant CR to him? He's a kinslayer, a kingslayer and a traitor. Besides, he has nothing that could benefit her cause.
  18. Robert was hoping that they would rebel again. War is funnier than "counting coopers".
  19. Magic is really just a highly ritualised prayer. Magicians asking gods, spirits, demons or whatever to help them. If magic works but there's no god, then who's answering the sorcerer's prayers?
  20. Because he didn't dreamed about it himself, he read about it in a book
  21. Cities. The largest cities in our world were all built around rivers.
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