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  1. Bobity.

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    "All along the south coast of Cape Wrath rose crumbling stone watchtowers, raised in ancient days to give warning of Dornish raiders stealing in across the sea. Villages had grown up about the towers. A few had flowered into towns." TWOW - Aianne ll It may not have been an organized navy, but Dornish were a genuine navy threat at one point in history to warrant the Stormland construction of a series of watchtowers. I suspect that this predates the arrival of Nymeria, when Dorne was still divided between the Stony and Sandy Dornish cultural groups. Possibly even older than the Long Night considering the crumbling description and evolution into towns. Castle Wyl is my guess on where the the ancient Dornish naval power called its home port.
  2. Exactly. Question is, whom are the sacrifices being made to? My thinking is that the Old Gods and demons like the Black Goat are one in the same. I for one believe that Varys was being candidly truthful with Tyrion when describing the demonic aspects of his castration.
  3. Bobity.

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    Agreed. The cyclical reappearance of a Vulture King figure throughout history leaves it open to an appearance in the books. Their is currently a Dornish army sitting in the Red Mountains and if Arianne stumbles into an alliance with Connington between ravens to papa.....expect the ancient (unexplained) animosity between Stony Dornish and Marcher lords to rise to the surface. Stony Dornish Vulture King figures in the past always battled Marcher lords, and at this point their are few introduced Stony Dornish figures to fit the Vulture King role, expect for maybe Darkstar.
  4. Bobity.

    Summerhall is central to the series

    I think the events of Summerhall are being saved for the final Dunk and Egg novella.
  5. Bobity.

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Not to mention that Dragonstone is composed entirely of dragon constructed fused stone. Those walls will never break, though they could obviously be scaled and overwhelmed with a weak defending force.
  6. Bobity.

    Dragonlords & the Valyrian Freehold

    Considering the size and importance of Volantis to the Valyrian empire, the lack of any dragonlords had always puzzled me. I've observed a link between dragons and volcanoes and have theories that volcanic environments are natural dragon habitats. The only wild dragons observed have been around the Dragonstone volcano and it is noted that dragons kept in Kings Landing were stunted in growth. If these habitat preferences for dragons pan through then it could be a reason for the extreme centralization of Valyrian dragonlord families among the 14 flames. Aside from Targ dragons the other three dragons to survive the Doom were all established to have been visiting their destination when the event occurred. This places only two locations that dragons were kept as a residence during the Valyrian empire, both have volcanoes.
  7. Bobity.

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    Their seems to be some consensus that sacrificing and magic are strongly, but probably not exclusively linked. I got a theory that generational sacrificing is also part of the unexplained phenomenon of certain cultures and families having animal traits passed down. Here are a couple observations I had drafted up. Ghiscari In the absence of an actual description of a harpy, this is the best we will get I think. Fleshy, broad nose and queer wiry punky hair. While the Sons of the Harpy nightly killings are clearly acts of resistance to Dany’s rule, I propose that there is more to it, and that these killings were performed as blood sacrifices with the blood drawn hapries part of the ritual. Considering that the Ghiscari have been slavers since Grazdan the Great, victim availability would not have been an issue. The use of “dawn of days” to describe Grazdan The Great’s history raises a flag for me. The phrase is often used to describe ancient times, with a figure of 10,000 provided by Darkstar. “My House goes back ten thousand years, unto the dawn of days,”. I dispute the maester narrative that Essos was a blank slate with the end of the Long Night, and that the empires of Valyria and Old Ghis do not have histories during the Age of Heroes. Sister Islanders I absolutely love rereading ADWD Davos l, everyone gets in a tizzy about the rumor of Jon’s patronage at the end, but it's everything before that Lord Godric Borrell tells abouty of the Sister Islands that fascinates me. While big and fleshy are ambiguous, webbed hand and mysterious marks are genetic trait passed along by family. There is some type of marine animal affinity going on. Any evidence of sacrificing? Ok, history of sacrificing to old gods, and a dismay in the banning of the practice by the Andals. But did they really stop? Grisley, not direct evidence of current sacrificing, but a long history (possibly continuing) of Sister Islander sacrificing are I believe the source of their physical peculiarities of marks and webbed hands. Dothraki Would it be a stretch to say that a Dothraki resembled a horse? Well, you are what you eat I suppose. Aside from the daily slaughter for their diet of horse, I can find two sacrificial rituals including horses. - Ritually sacrifice a horse so a pregnant women may consume its heart. - Sacrificing a horse to be used as the core of a ritualistic funeral pyre. I believe that these sacrificial rituals and preferred diet have been deeply woven into Dothraki society and are not perceived to be blood magic, but are passively contributing to the Dothraki physiological affinity to horses.
  8. Bobity.

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    I believe that sacrifices are the magic currency, with the scale of return being proportional to the sacrifice. Small self sacrifices like bleeding one's finger to grant an omen, vs 1,000 butchered First Men before the Isle of Faces weirwoods so the COTF could break the Dorne land bridge. Not all sacrifices are equal, Mel gets regular sacrifices via the night fires to perform her glamours and feats of fire, but it's kings blood she seeks for shadowbinding. I also suspect that infant sacrifices brings a greater return, there are Qohor and COTF references to infant sacrifices being done in desperation, not to mention Caster fueling the Others. I also believe that an act of self sacrifice carries weight. Where a sacrificed lion failed, Nissa Nissas bare breasted self sacrifice successfully created Lightbringer. I also suspect that the House of Black and White poison pool is a passive self sacrifice assembly line, enabling the rather ghoulish face shifting capability in the deep basement.
  9. Bobity.

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    Agreed. The Vulture King phenomenon has occurred over multiple generations and Martin has confirmed that people holding the title have come from different houses within the Red Mountains. Its not hereditary, but cultural within the Red Mountain Stony Dornish. My personal tinfoil is that their is a vulture flavored Old God up in the mountains able to convince worshipers to lead a mob in battle every couple generations. I see parallels between the face slicing and limb chopping of the Vulture King to that of Vargo Hoat who wore a goat helm in the fashion of the Black Goat which is worshiped in his home town of Qohor. I would also consider Myrcella as having kings blood, so if Darkstar was drawing blood as a sacrifice, then he may have an idea of how to use it. With Areo Hotah heading into the Red Mountains looking for Darkstar, I am one of the few who is looking forwards to those chapters in Winds.
  10. Bobity.

    Errors in the WOIAF

    Which is it, did Valyrian dragonlord sightings above Blackwater Bay become more frequent as time passed....or did the dragonlords feel that their outpost was secure and returned to Essos to scheme? Seems to be a contradiction. Change "more" to "less" in the first sentence and the second sentence makes more sense.