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  1. I became a "Florence and the Machine" fan since season 2 when they sang the "Seven Devils" song in the trailer. I was so pleased that we saw them again in GoT! And yes I agree the song of Jenny is very nice and hunting as it should be although I would like to know why they specifically chose this song. Is it because the episodes name was "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" which refers to Brienne becoming a knight which in turn that's somewhat symbolic since Dunk is probably one of her ancestors and his story is called "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" as well. And seeing how we are gonna probably meet Jenny if the Dunk and Egg novellas are finished (I hope so) and since they will probably make a prequel about them at some point...maybe that's the reason they choose it? I don't know if it means something else I have heard people saying that the song was chosen as to foreshadow Jon abandoning his rights for the throne for Dany but I'm not so sure.... Anyway yes, it was very nice indeed.
  2. For some strange reason, I would really like to see him again as well. I found him quite interesting. Maybe because he is the first blackfyre we meet (and I hope that GRRM will write more Dunk and Egg novellas so that he won't be the last). Also with him being Daemon's son, we could learn more things about his legendary father, fireball and bittersteel and many other interesting characters through his personal experiences. Lastly, there is the matter of how he died as it was mentioned before: I neither believe that we will actually see him again since we will follow D&E journeys which will probably not take place in Kings Landing but I would appreciate it if we were informed of how he died at least. (I have a feeling that his death will be because of a stupid mishap and that he will be the one to cause it accidentally). And since you talked about him being in Kings Landing I don't think that we will see him cursing I believe the exact opposite to be honest. He may initially be angry about his imprisonment but the boy was born to be entertained in the high court surrounded by handsome young lordlings not living in ESSOS with angry war thirsty men like bittersteel and having to carry the burden of taking revenge for his father. I think some part of him will feel somewhat free despite him being a prisoner.
  3. The Exiled Septa

    ASoIaF character poll

    I'm 21 years old I'm female I love Arya and Arianne Martell but I will choose Aya. Victarion and Davos because I find their POV's extremely boring. But I will choose Victarion.