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  1. Well I would not but all my eggs in the bucket that says the Blackfish believed everything that Cat told him. Sure that is what he told Jamie, but notice he did not say what Rob told him. I am pretty sure that the Blackfish knows of Rob's letter either from Rob directly (Possibly discussed it together) or from the assorted people that Rob made sign and carry the letter. As was said earlier - even in AFfC the Blackfish was flying the Direwolf banner. That would normally be pointless at this point, UNLESS he knows SOMETHING! It is not impossible that he knows something about Bran or Rickon but it is very unlikely. We know that both Sansa and Arya are both unlikely. So that pretty much leaves Rob's letter about Jon as to the reason that Blackfish was being so stuborn. Then again maybe Blackfish just likes lost causes --- but I prefer to think that he has a head on his shoulders and has a plan. Part of that plan was Jamie's misdirection. All the loose ends seem to fit better this way. However, if he goes to Jon and Jon refuses because of his committment to the NW, Blackfish could easily turn into one of those "smiling faces" that Mel was talking about.
  2. [quote name='The Fat Man' post='1328590' date='Apr 24 2008, 15.18']After months of torture, when he's having trouble remembering his own name and figuring out what year it's supposed to be? No, I would not.[/quote] Agreed - Not to mention the starvation and having the infections of his assorted digits rot off.
  3. Actually, it does not even take much of a plot - just do in Dead old Dad. Say - give him a set of 5 pound leeches for his daily leeching.
  4. [quote name='The Fat Man' post='1323251' date='Apr 21 2008, 13.39']B's M & wvlr: Why would it matter to Ramsay whether or not his bride was really Arya Stark or not? She serves the same purpose either way.[/quote] TFM, I would say that there could be any number of reasons. One could be personal pride. Being a bastard he might want a "real" Arya due to a personal pride issue. Also, if she is real vs/ not real it effects how he reacts to others. A. If she is fake and KL knows this, then they hold something over his head. B. The same with his "allies" that know the truth. c. Also, a real Arya, is more usable in court where he is entertaining "questionable" lords that might use the "False" Arya knowledge against him. A fake Arya would have to be kept "out of view" where as a real Arya would be "Flaunted". A fake Arya would need to die early, where as a Real Arya that he was able to "Turn" to his cause could become an even more usefull tool. These are all reasonably rational reasons that Ramsy might have. I musy however submit that above and beyond the "rational", Ramsey might have some un-rational reasons for this. Because I really do not see either Ramsey or Roose as necessarily being all that sane. They might be quite sane, but I am not completely convinced of it.
  5. I like the idea that Ramsey wants Theon to verify Arya's identity for his own reasons. He is no stranger to inentity duplicity - he once wore the name "Reek" himself and he was responsible for substituting the two innkeepers? boys for Bran and Rickon. We also do not know just how much he trusts his father. Who better for him to verify Arya than a "disposable" Theon. I am not saying that he would refuse a fake Arya, but he would surely want to know how far he could go with her.
  6. [quote name='Besselfunction' post='1322912' date='Apr 21 2008, 12.00']What if Ramsay himself doesnt know whether he's marrying the real Arya Stark?[/quote] Actually, that would work! Maybe Roose knows, but he gets killed before telling Ramsey.
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