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  1. OMG I'm absolutely ready for this! I've written a review of it and basically call dany bag dany and johnny huffing johnny (canisters near his empty beer. But based on the newest trailer it wouldn't surprise me if Johnny didn't kill his student.....
  2. Thanks RT, I was wondering if there had been a specific reference somewhere like a So Spake GRRM but I never paid attention to that because I didn't think it would be taken down. I guess it was just originally assumed and then unassumed.
  3. So, I'm ridiculously excited about this!!!
  4. Okay, so let me preface by saying I'm a huge geek, and I spend a lot of time on GoT Wiki. I see that on January 03, 2018 the Ethan Glover page was modified and (because I'm a geek), I noticed something was taken out regarding freeing him from the black cells. I know this is going to sound SUPER stupid, but that particular piece of information was of interest to me. Is there any history on the why of it being taken out? http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ethan_Glover
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