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  1. The leaks make me wonder if there was some truth to the "Tom Shippey left due to actively disliking the direction of the show" speculations. But it's very strange to have a supposedly flag-shop project and we've only got one image from it, no title, and a bunch of increasingly bizarre leaks. I genuinely wonder why Payne and McKay got the project, what made Amazon pick them of all people especially for something this huge? It's bizarre to me to think that we've been waiting multiple years for this project and there's barely anything official on it.
  2. I find it a bit strange how Amazon shelled out so much money for material that is basically the Akallabeth, a few drafts, a timeline and some notes. And also decided they wanted almost 50 hours of TV from it.
  3. My thinking was the Fall of Numenor would be a huge finale in like the third or fourth season of the show, with the Last Alliance stuff following it. I mean, I figured they'd easily make the Forging the main storyline of season one, with the war of Elves and Sauron kicking off at the end and being a big focus in season 2. I imagined Numenor would be weaved throughout the show taking a more central role as we move towards the Fall. But Isildur and Elendil are apparently the main characters here. The forging of the Rings possibly being a flashback during a show about the Second Age is just so weird to me. It's just so important. It's one of the events of that Age. I'm just not following the thinking with some of this stuff at all.
  4. A leak claims that a character will arrive in Middle-Earth via a crashing meteorite and will land near an early Hobbit village. They will apparently suffer from amnesia. The top candidate seems to be Gandalf.
  5. It's also weird that they're supposedly doing prologue episodes with the Sil & Forging stuff and adding storylines with hobbits, somebody arriving via meteor, Father Orcs, Khazad-Dum, all kinds of new characters etc. All in 8 episodes, supposedly. Makes me wonder if the show itself might feel overstuffed.
  6. Honestly, some of the leaks have dropped my interest a fair bit. I'm not exactly enthused by a lot of what I'm hearing, frankly. And what makes things even more concerning is that, with the showrunners having nothing under their belts but rejected scripts, there's no real way to gauge their abilities with this material.
  7. Yeah it's an odd blend of really good ideas and a often mixed bag of execution. There's definitely parts of it that are evocative, but sometimes the other elements of the story or presentation don't live up to the promise. My most recent glitch involved a quest character finishing their dialogue only to turn and run straight off a cliff...
  8. BBC Archive uploaded a bit of an interview with Tolkien:
  9. I've been playing the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. The game is still compelling and it's great fun to just wander about in, especially with the travelling music. Plus, being a werewolf is fun. I also don't think I ever played the expansions, so that's something new. But there's some seriously noticeable flaws. The amount of glitches is pretty ridiculous. Half the time I've set off with a companion they've inevitably gotten caught on a wall or something and remained there running whilst I clear out everybody. I've seen flying mammoths, a guy trying to walk his horse into a house, using a light attack and having the enemies zoom away spinning and flying upwards, and a plot conversation where the NPC got stuck repeating the same phrase over and over and over. Way too many times, during a conversation, the music is far too loud; or, even worse, several people will start speaking at once. The dragon fights get a bit boring and repetitive after awhile, even if the Dragonborn powers are cool. The main quest plot and the characters are pretty much nothings. Compared to stuff like Horizon: Zero Dawn or Witcher III, Skyrim's story is just... boring. And the dungeon/burial mound levels get samey fast. But it's still really pretty entertaining to play through.
  10. I haven't really followed this series for years now. Has Rothfuss just released the only part of the book he's written?
  11. Leaks claim Ar-Pharazon has been cast, apparently, plus some details of his role in S1.
  12. Honestly, it'll be interesting when Winds comes out to see just how divergent the next books and the second half of the show are. I sometimes wonder that, aside from some overlapping plot points, there may not actually be much in common.
  13. Interestingly two people close to GRRM have interviews released today where they describe the second half of the show as a distortion, going against the books plans: His agent: https://www.westeros.org/News/Entry/New_Book_Gives_Insights_on_HBOs_Game_of_Thrones Outlander author: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/nov/23/outlander-tv-series-author-diana-gabaldon
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