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  1. I've never really understood the complaints about LOTR being 'slow' (or Tolkien being tediously descriptive, for that matter) since the book has always read as very on-the-move to me. We're always going somewhere, experiencing something, or being told interesting things. And compared to many contemporary fantasy series' Rings is downright accelerated in its pacing. I think the only arguably 'filler' part is Tom Bombadil, and even he at least serves some function in the text. For me, the weirdest bit in the book is when Gildor is told about the Nazgul and Gandalf's unexplained absence at the Woody End, but for some reason is like “Oh my God! You must flee, Frodo! Run away! Run to the hills, don't let them catch you! Anyway, I've got stuff to do, hope you and your friends don't die! Bye!” it's just a bit... odd considering the graveness of the situation.
  2. A preview from the Nature of Middle Earth has been released and there's some pages on GoogleBooks
  3. I find it interesting how much Vera Farmiga's Livia resembles Carmella. I'm guessing there's some intentionality there. Another interesting thing I've read, from critic Matt Zoller Seitz on Twitter (who wrote a book about Sopranos a couple of years back), is the film will apparently be quite colourful in the 60s scenes, but colder looking during the 70s passages.
  4. The Many Saints of Newark's trailer has dropped:
  5. Giving Zaddy's "Army of the Dead" a spin. I've made the mistake of pausing it about 30 minutes in, as I am now certain I won't be coming back to it. I don't like not finishing films but... eh. The opening was dumb as hell, but the schlocky title sequence was about 5 minutes too long, and now I'm being introduced, slowly, to boring characters I can't see myself ever caring about. And for some reason, Snyder has chosen to shoot just about every scene in hand-held with the camera frequently going in-and-out of focus. Just... why? It might be aesthetically effective in some sequences, but not every single scene. It's just bothersome. Two people chatting at a table and we're getting all tight angles, shaky cam and the focus going haywire. It's just unpleasant. Otherwise, I rewatched Close Encounters of the Third Kind the other day and it remains an expertly crafted and engaging film with a great sense of wonder and magic.
  6. In fairness, the story of Helm offers an interesting enough plot. It'll come down to the presentation - which is a similar position to the Amazon Show: the Second Age is teeming with intriguing stuff, it comes down to whether or not the show does a good job dramatising and presenting it, especially in a way that engages with Tolkien's tone and theme. As for this, personally I think I'd prefer live action. I'm just not a big follower of anime. But we'll see.
  7. Helm Hammerhand is apparently getting an anime
  8. Also, goddamit, but I'd willingly join with Mordor to see Tolkien's notes on James Joyce.
  9. Yeah, Carpenter does not come out of it looking good. I had never heard that Christopher was enraged by the first draft, or that Carpenter had said he wanted to portray Tolkien as a slapstick fuddy duddy. Really gives you a lot to think about.
  10. An interesting interview with an author of a new book on Tolkien's reputation as a luddite and her findings that he did engage with more contemporary works of fiction.
  11. Kinda funny that a new independence party gets the pronunciation of 'Alba' wrong. Guess Salmond doesn't like Runrig much.
  12. The Project Northmoor campaign has failed. Can't say I feel particularly sorry for them.
  13. Um... the Snyder Cut has apparently leaked on HBO Max, it's playing instead of the Tom & Jerry movie: That's.... kinda hilarious.
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