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  1. Honestly, Christopher was in his 90s and starting to look it when the Amazon deals were going on. I find it unlikely he had a particular change of heart, and more than likely he just didn't have the energy left to put up much objection to the will of the younger Tolkiens.
  2. It's pretty odd since Tolkien's own overview of the Second Age gave it pretty distinct tonal and thematic identities across its period. I feel very little we've heard about Rings of Power so far seems at all aligned with how Tolkien himself described the era. Also am I the only one thinking Galadriel, Tar-Miriel and what looks possibly like Bronwyn in this new video all being sword-wielding warriors looks... a bit lacking imagination for what powerful women can be?
  3. Someone has uploaded Total Film's article on the show
  4. Both of those sound hilariously bad. Second Age is probably the better option, though what Payne & McKay will do with it remains to be seen. So far it's looking like a mixed bag. Something I'm wondering: what exactly is the Rights situation? So far the promotional material has suggested they've got some rights to Unfinished Tales/Silmarillion - yet they only ever speak of having LOTR/Hobbit/Appendices. So is this really First Age Material they're using (e.g the possible Oath of Feanor shot) or are they just dressing up their own new ideas with First Age evocations (the 'Hill of Slain' type shot in the newest trailer suggests this)?
  5. I think Tom's interesting, but his characterisation is a bit off. I think Tolkien should have leaned more on the mystery rather than having him skip through the wood hey-dolling. He's genuinely fascinating as a mystery figure. Also the Barrow-Downs chapter is awesome.
  6. Some are claiming that figure is not Sauron now, but may be a Sauron Cultist. There's also claims that Morgoth destroying the Trees was seen in an extended look at the show.
  7. That's kind of what I've been wondering about the show in general for awhile now. With all these plots, characters and flashbacks, it seems to be there's a risk of this being really overstuffed with material.
  8. Rumour was Mawle was playing Adar the Father of Orcs.
  9. That's a good point. Kinda makes me wonder if the timeline squishing might really bite Payne & McKay in the rump. But then I don't understand why they wouldn't start with Annatar as a mystery figure, friendly and the creation of the Rings being the big close with his true identity being revealed.
  10. I believe he's meant to be Finrod. I don't know who the kid is. The blue-eyed elf is, I believe, Annatar. (And he just reminds me of Satan in Gibson's film).
  11. Another trailer .... Why does Sauron look like the Satan from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ?
  12. I'll say. I re-read it in 2020 and honestly came away wishing we'd had full novel-length treatments of the stories.
  13. My thing with the story is I'm wondering if the show might be overly busy. Based on the teaser, the posters and some of the leaks, it looks like they might be covering a dozen storylines, plus First Age flashbacks, with two dozen characters. It might be a bit much for 8 episodes.
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