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  1. Also, goddamit, but I'd willingly join with Mordor to see Tolkien's notes on James Joyce.
  2. Yeah, Carpenter does not come out of it looking good. I had never heard that Christopher was enraged by the first draft, or that Carpenter had said he wanted to portray Tolkien as a slapstick fuddy duddy. Really gives you a lot to think about.
  3. An interesting interview with an author of a new book on Tolkien's reputation as a luddite and her findings that he did engage with more contemporary works of fiction.
  4. Kinda funny that a new independence party gets the pronunciation of 'Alba' wrong. Guess Salmond doesn't like Runrig much.
  5. The Project Northmoor campaign has failed. Can't say I feel particularly sorry for them.
  6. Um... the Snyder Cut has apparently leaked on HBO Max, it's playing instead of the Tom & Jerry movie: That's.... kinda hilarious.
  7. The synopsis does sound very... LOTRsingy, to be honest. I still have no idea what to think of the show. The second age was expected, and it is a potentially interesting setting, but how good it'll be remains unanswerable until we start getting some footage and some sense of how it's being done. "Unlikely heroes" really beats me. I guess they might introduce some hobbits, or it could be the Druedain, or they'll re-characterise some of the Elves and Men.
  8. I guess B&W figured if they threw in enough spectacle they could get away with reducing the Others to one bloated episode. In truth, the magical plot lines were always pretty lacking in the show and I always felt they seemed underdeveloped/underwritten. Still no one had failed to heap praise on them for spectacle before, at least until the Wight Hunt, and there they just dismissed the criticisms outright it seems. So I guess they figured that was an anomaly, perhaps. But it's remarkable watching professional writers quite literally undermine the entire premise/central themes of the show.
  9. I looked up D.B Weiss' first novel Lucky Wander Boy recently. Some of the reviews have a pretty striking similarity to GOT:
  10. Not exactly Tolkien, though related in a sense, but I came across a pretty cool live rendition of Beowulf: Beowulf: The Epic in Performance - Benjamin Bagby, voice and medieval harp - YouTube
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