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  1. The synopsis does sound very... LOTRsingy, to be honest. I still have no idea what to think of the show. The second age was expected, and it is a potentially interesting setting, but how good it'll be remains unanswerable until we start getting some footage and some sense of how it's being done. "Unlikely heroes" really beats me. I guess they might introduce some hobbits, or it could be the Druedain, or they'll re-characterise some of the Elves and Men.
  2. I guess B&W figured if they threw in enough spectacle they could get away with reducing the Others to one bloated episode. In truth, the magical plot lines were always pretty lacking in the show and I always felt they seemed underdeveloped/underwritten. Still no one had failed to heap praise on them for spectacle before, at least until the Wight Hunt, and there they just dismissed the criticisms outright it seems. So I guess they figured that was an anomaly, perhaps. But it's remarkable watching professional writers quite literally undermine the entire premise/central themes of the show.
  3. I looked up D.B Weiss' first novel Lucky Wander Boy recently. Some of the reviews have a pretty striking similarity to GOT:
  4. Not exactly Tolkien, though related in a sense, but I came across a pretty cool live rendition of Beowulf: Beowulf: The Epic in Performance - Benjamin Bagby, voice and medieval harp - YouTube
  5. Watched Hitchcock's Notorious and Spellbound. First time in a few years and I still like both very much. Some really inventive visual ideas (the crane shot of the key in Ingrid Bergman's hand in Notorious is still incredible, the POV shot through the milk glass and of the gun in Spellbound, especially come to mind). The psychological aspects of Spellbound are silly, but as a thriller it works quite well still. Watched Bergman's The Virgin Spring. Haunting, sad, moving, beautifully shot and lit. And Kurosawa's 'Drunken Angel' which is a lovely picture. I especially love the visual symbolism of the stagnant pool, in particular the recurring shots of the the town reflected in it.
  6. Watched Akira Kurosawa's 1945 film The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail. It's only an hour long but I liked it quite a lot. The scene at the barrier was fantastic and the film was very smoothly paced.
  7. I've seen the reality of the project being pointed out to people around the web and it doesn't seem to deter support for it at all. Most still seem to endorse it. Which is... odd.
  8. I won't be donating. The project doesn't appear to have any real interest in advancing Tolkien literary appreciation and the 'connection' just looks to be a front for them to raise funds. That and the 'Smaug's Lair' in the garden or whatever makes it sound like a cheap and lame theme park.
  9. Good point. It could be there's a lot of delicious new Middle-Earth material in there, possibly. I wonder if we'll get the one about Gollum's appearance?
  10. The battles in the films tend to get a bit silly when thought about. I think the Hornburg narrative suffers from the framing of the Fellowship as in the Right when Jackson has them urge open battle against going to the fortress (which, the film notes, has never fallen). Especially when they don't even know how strong Isengard is, and the revealed numbers would result in a slaughter even with Eomer's aid. Also, given that this new book is coming out, do you think we'll ever see more of Tolkien's unpublished works and lectures being available somewhere down the line? I was disappointed the Fall of Gondolin book didn't contain the Lay version. I'm also curious about his notes/lectures/essays on stuff like the Eagles and Ents or his lecture on the Goths. Plus, his essay on James Joyce could be fascinating.
  11. Yup. Orcs are actually pretty okay with sunlight in the film adaptation. The worst part of the literal Eye is seeing it on top of the tower moving around like an actual light house. I wonder if the Amazon show will play around with his shapeshifting abilities. At the very least, I assume, we'll see a Usual Sauron and his Annatar form (unless Annatar becomes his regular form).
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