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  1. Good point. It could be there's a lot of delicious new Middle-Earth material in there, possibly. I wonder if we'll get the one about Gollum's appearance?
  2. The battles in the films tend to get a bit silly when thought about. I think the Hornburg narrative suffers from the framing of the Fellowship as in the Right when Jackson has them urge open battle against going to the fortress (which, the film notes, has never fallen). Especially when they don't even know how strong Isengard is, and the revealed numbers would result in a slaughter even with Eomer's aid. Also, given that this new book is coming out, do you think we'll ever see more of Tolkien's unpublished works and lectures being available somewhere down the line? I was disappointed the Fall of Gondolin book didn't contain the Lay version. I'm also curious about his notes/lectures/essays on stuff like the Eagles and Ents or his lecture on the Goths. Plus, his essay on James Joyce could be fascinating.
  3. Yup. Orcs are actually pretty okay with sunlight in the film adaptation. The worst part of the literal Eye is seeing it on top of the tower moving around like an actual light house. I wonder if the Amazon show will play around with his shapeshifting abilities. At the very least, I assume, we'll see a Usual Sauron and his Annatar form (unless Annatar becomes his regular form).
  4. I admit I miss the Shadow-Sauron image as well. Also the apocalyptic darkness Sauron sets during the assault on Minas Tirith. The film sort of 'includes' it, at least in the extended cut Gandalf references it as an unnatural dark of the enemy's design, but whether due to limited budget or technology it mostly just looks like a rainy day. That said, if I were to pick an image in the ROTK adaptation to reallt grumble about, it'd be the offensive image of Denethor running a good mile whilst on fire and jumping from the top of Minas Tirith. It's goofy enough to belong on an episode of The Simpsons and reeks of tastelessness given that this is supposed to be a grief-stricken suicidal man's death. I get Jackson portrays him as more of a pantomime baddie than a nuanced character, but still. (Especially since we lose the haunting one of him laying himself, defeated, on the pyre and clasping onto the palantir as the flames engulf him).
  5. I think we've heard this before, but Entertainment Weekly have a bit of information about the upcoming book Nature of Middle-Earth: https://ew.com/books/new-collection-previously-unseen-j-r-r-tolkien-writing-coming-next-year/ Pretty incredible that we're still getting more material. Information on the lands and animals of Numenor, new writing about Elvish immortality and reincarnation amongst other things. Very interesting.
  6. WIRED have done a video with Tolkien expert answering questions:
  7. More victory memes: https://gfycat.com/merryenergeticamericanavocet The shameful, sordid embarrassment that is Trump sure has brought the drama.
  8. Having a good time with some of these memes, lol:
  9. Comeback, you say? Now seems the ideal time to claim I invented time-travel and went back, and wrote all the good ones.
  10. She's married to very renowned hack Paul W.S Anderson. So I guess wherever he goes, she goes.
  11. Weird quotes. The 'point' of Tywin is Martin exploring a morally rotten man who is a very good administrator. A 'good person doesn't necessarily make a good ruler' discussion. Of course, in the books, Tywin's brutal nature and narcissism is his downfall. Martin does an interesting job contrasting the (moving) response to Lord Eddard - a fair and just ruler - with the chaos that Tywin leaves behind. Which they cut out... So no Northmen rallying to save 'The Ned's Girl' from the beastly Ramsay, or his loyal subjects conspiring to restore his family to their seat, a testament to the legacy of his leadership. Really this just made the storyline feel devoid of hope and more an exercise in nihilism.
  12. I think Tolkien's position was that reading Shakespeare was a bit of a pointless exercise without watching the plays performed. I've met a fair few people who disliked reading some of the plays, but liked watching them, so I do think there's an important value in seeing them rather than just reading them. Also is it me or is judging the adult Tolkien's views on an author based on his possible teenage opinions a bit odd? As if someone's tastes and views don't develop, deepen and potentially change with time.
  13. What's odd is back in S2 they had Sam find a horn on the Fist of the First Men. And then dropped it, and never made any mention of the tale of the Horn of Joramun. Almost like that might be important...
  14. Jackson did give us some pretty bizarre nudity in the extended cut of The Hobbit.
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