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  1. Ser Drewy

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    And it's very likely Robb and Blackfish tear into him so hard over the Tywin situation because they need it as a cover for Robb's own major blunder: betraying his marriage promise to the Freys. Edmure is an easy target, and it takes the spotlight of Robb's much more serious political mistakes.
  2. I mean, he told them to keep Stoneheart in and they didn't listen. They did away with his plans for Varys because they didn't want to keep him off-screen for a bit. They ignored what he told them about the Tyrells. I imagine he would have argued for Aegon as well. Stoneheart and Aegon, I'm amazed they cut. Honestly.
  3. Ser Drewy

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    Some endpoints may be the same, but the journey and context will be radically different. Sansa ruling the North might come to pass. But King Bran's smallcouncil is absurd as is the whole election thing. Jon having to kill Dany would reflect the Azor Ahai prophecy where he has to kill Nissa Nissa, his wife, so I could see this being in there somewhere. It actually has some connection to Martin's short story In the Lost Lands, where Grey Alys must slay a man-werewolf she falls in love with. I feel that likely Dany may have to sacrifice herself, or be sacrificed, to help defeat the Others, who I strongly suspect will be a greater and more prolonged threat in the books. There'll be no east out with the Night King, I suspect if there is a way to stop them in totality, it'll reflect Tolkien more: in LOTR dropping the ring into the fires of Orodruin is no easy feat, it is a long arduous journey, that injures Frodo several times, and which he ultimately fails. Frodo is psychologically traumatized by his task; Show Arya is just BADASS and fine: all those murders, cruelty and what not are just fine, apparently. In any case, I imagine they'll make it down to the Harrenhal-area at least, with King's Landing having already been destroyed, or badly damaged up, in the war with Aegon and Dany. Cersei and Jaime will die, but I suspect Cersei at Jaime's hands.
  4. Thinking back over the show... in particular the last few seasons, I thought the writing was often really juvenile with a strong taste for meme-ing up characters, relying on swear words and repetitive jokes (Tyrion drinks, Varys is a ennuch, Jon's 5'7"). Everything that was layered and subtle about the books, the well-thoughout plots and characters dealing with political situations alongside their inner turmoils, everything that had that undercurrent of romanticism and mysticism, was excised in favour of banal grimdark. It was depressing to watch at times, and became hilariously attached to 'shock' and sudden deaths that often made no contextual sense (Roose, Doran, Littlefinger). Established world building, such as kinslaying being a major crime, was dropped for convenience and characters suddenly did 180s on their established natures for Plot. It felt like they took the most base interpretation of the books and ran with it. Shock and gore and nihilistic cruelty, with some empty spectacle tossed in. By the end, there was no heart. The characters felt inconsistent and flat. The plot full of holes. The strengths of those stories were excised in the translation. And now it's over... thank god.
  5. Looking back at Visery's death in Vaes Dothrak, Dany's reaction appears one of shock to me, not indifference or cruelty. Much like Melisandre's comment on the eyes Arya will close, this seems like B&W retroactively trying use this stuff to excuse/explain away their dreck and poor choices.
  6. The Night King is an unsung hero, trying to save us from this dreadful resolution. Victory for ice! The Others! No King but the Night King!
  7. I like how Dany, much like Hotah, is slayed by a single stab wound, relatively quickly. But Arya gets multiple stomach wounds, falls into a dirty river, and is healed on the morrow. Heck, this is after Dany herself has fallen off Drogon, onto hard winter ground, without a bruise.
  8. It's hard to imagine TWOW and ADOS being anything like this. I can honestly say, there's nothing good about this. It feels like B&W developled real contempt for the material somewhere along the line.
  9. I can't take the Dany stuff seriously. It reeks of B&W authorial favouritism and hypocrisy. These being the guys who framed Arya exterminating House Frey and feeding Walder's sons to him in a pie as 'heroic' and 'triumphant' and with no repercussions what so ever. Same with Sansa feeding Ramsay to his dogs. Or Jon hanging Olly. We're meant to cheer this stuff, revel in it as 'just deserts' and it has no lasting impact on any of those characters. But now Dany is too far? What?
  10. It's weird to think GOT is ending. You know, for as long as I've loved ASOIAF, it never really occurred to me that the "I'll cut off your cunny and feed it to you!" type stuff was the main attraction for anyone. But on the whole, it seems to have been for B&W. Huh.
  11. I feel bad for the cast having to perform the garbage B&W give them.
  12. Boy was this storyline well done: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6b-yrzX4AA3NWI?format=jpg&name=medium
  13. Cersei is wearing red, Dany is wearing black. Is this to signal to us who the bad guy is now? Teehee. B&W are amazingly awful.
  14. So the image of Drogon's shadow over King's Landing has been there since S4. They've known this would be part of the ending since S4. And they utterly failed to build up to it in any meaningful way. lmfao, David and Dan really suck.