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  1. This is the edition I have (though not my copy, found online). I like the Old Forest and think Tom & Goldberry are interesting... aside from the 'hey-dol' parts.
  2. Honestly, no matter how hard you try to make throwing something into an active, broiling volcano boring... it's not.
  3. Perhaps a good book requires several on-screen rapes as well as endless death?
  4. Being influenced by something isn't the same thing as plagiarism. Reminds me of a Twitter thread where someone accused Martin of "ripping off" Memory, Sorrow and Thorn and Tad Williams himself showed up to tell them that's ridiculous.
  5. Lobelia changes a bit too, I'd say, from the trauma of the Shire takeover. Perceptions of her from other hobbits change as well: she's respected as one of the few who really stood up to the invaders. And, of course, Bilbo and Thorin undergo changes in The Hobbit. Denethor changes as well, going from a competent and strong-willed military leader to a man so shattered by despair he comes to suicide. Oh, and Gollum has a tragic inner conflict with redemption and change, but ultimately falls back into his evil ways.
  6. On Spielberg: I think Lincoln is a very strong film, with a generally very subdued tone, and of course, great performances. Munich I also really like. There's also a lot of his excellent classics: Jaws, E.T, Close Encounters, Raiders, Color Purple etc. Minority Report is very good, from memory. I remember liking Catch Me If You Can as well. His earliest films - Duel and Sugarland Express - are also solid. Duel in particular works well for a film that's mainly about a poor guy being chased around by an evil truck driver. For fun, here's the short film he made in 1968 that got him attention from TV studios:
  7. Wrong. Many characters change their garments several times.
  8. For the first time in years I rewatched Peter Weir's Master & Commander film. I liked it quite a bit and think Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany are very good in it.
  9. I honestly still don't think he's properly read it. Last time I saw him being interviewed, he was calling Tolkien "a crypto-fascist" and arguing "nothing changes" in LOTR and that we go on a huge adventure and simply come back to how things started.
  10. Ser Drewy

    Tolkien 3.0

    Actually, it has hobbit holes.
  11. Ser Drewy

    Tolkien 3.0

    On that note, author and literary critic Christine Brooke-Rose wrote a scathing essay on LOTR as well. One where she gets plot points wrong, makes up stuff that didn't happen, and misspells names like Gamgee and Edoras.
  12. Ser Drewy

    Tolkien 3.0

    We need BloodyJollyRoger's opinion on Watership Down to fuel the conspiracy that it's Moorcock trolling.
  13. You mean the Benioff comment? IIRC it was from an "Inside the Episode" interview from the S6 finale. He's talking about the sept explosion and how all this weird stuff is happening and the audience is wondering "what the hell is this plot?" as it comes together. People meme'd it because the whole plot makes no real sense (why does the High Sparrow send his thugs to get Cersei when last time he did that a few episodes ago, she had Gregor kill one, why does Lancel chase a random boy into wildfire chamber etc) and it was a funny summary of their writing that season: so many of the plots just didn't make any sense. It was just making fun of Benioff for lacking self-awareness.
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